The Connection

A place to be, a real place to be. Be yourself, be loved, be loving, be accepted, be kind, be patient, be the one you were meant to be, be, just be.

But what are you? Who are you? You have to be. There is a Creator, who had a specific design, for you to be. Now, our world is a broken world, a hurting world, a lost world. You may be unlike anything or anyone out there, but you can still be good, and loved, and pure, and set apart, different. The One Who Is, is the greatest recreator, giver of second chances, rejuvenator, catalyst for change. He will take who you are, no matter where you come from and what has happened and help you be. The fixer of broken dreams, the One Who loves you and me. The One that lets us be unique... He will also let you be good. There's no other place I'd rather be.

So, a place to be. That's what i want. Let's you and I be together and in God's presence, safe, free from harm, in perfect love, just be.