The NON Testimony

I am the first to admit my life has not been a GREAT testimony for HIS Kingdom. One stands out very much. Once aboard ship my side-job was as Mail Petty Officer. That designation was given to the shipmate in a Division to pick up and deliver the mail. That is an important time, Mail-call!

If you have been in the military or assigned miles from your family you can understand that.

I had a shipmate that no-one cared for. He was a Baptist and anyone who crossed 'his line' of belief was told in no uncertain terms 'You are going to Hell!' Well I delivered his mail and lo and behold one of the items was, "The Sword of The Lord", if you are familiar it was published by John R Rice. My dad subscribed to that one along with others. Dad respected Rice's stand in some areas.

Seeing a common thing to discuss I tried to start a conversation. "I have read that at times, my dad really liked Brother Rice."

Retort as he turned away, "I hope it did you dad some good, it sure didn't do you any good, you are headed for hell!"

Even if a person tells the truth, methinks they should not burn the bridges that allow conversation that could lead to conversion.
This man had no friends, and he became more bitter.

I hope I do not turn folks away from a conversation. At that time I needed that Christian fellowship, I did not get it then. Have you been disappointed in a fellow Christian at times?

I am thinking of this today because we are parked in a town where a close friend, Wayne Carter used to live, he has passed on now and I miss his fellowship and advice.

My wife and I are facing a tough problem in the family at present I consider you here on Acts, close, and I do appreciate your support of prayers.

Before Wayne passed last year, he led my son back to Jesus, our son now serves the Lord but is facing a lot of legal problems caused by a sinful life. Comments not necessary, but we do need prayers. God Bless you all....

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