You may have seen the announcement of the Pursuit Conference on social media and online via LIKE, FOLLOW, SHARE AT: FacebookInstagramTwitter: @mypursuitconf
Through this conference we hope and desire to see a generation pursue His presence, pursue His heart, and pursue His mission. 

We desire to accomplish 3 goals through Pursuit Conference in 2015:
1. Raise Awareness of Opportunities for Local & Foreign Missions
2. Equip This Generation for Local & Foreign Missions
3. Empower and Release This Generation to Live on Mission

To answer a few questions that have come up from folks, I have captured a snippet of a powerful conversation I had with a college student recently about the Pursuit Conference. This individual asked some pointed questions which you may be asking as well. I believe sharing this may help you understand the "WHY" behind the Pursuit Conference.

(Some parts are paraphrased to fix all the online chat grammatical and spelling mistakes)

STUDENT: What inspired you to put this together?

We desire to reach the groups of people. 
1. The person who doesn't know Jesus and get them connected to Him.
2. The person who knows Him and wants to do something for Him but doesn't know what to do and how to do it. 
3.  The person who knows Jesus, the "what" and the "how" but is stuck in fear to inspire them to take a leap of faith and go live out their calling.

Also, we believe in keeping missions as a top priority for lives and the church.
We see this as a tremendous opportunity for informing, equipping, empowering, and releasing people to live on mission.

STUDENTNo. That's why you want to do it. For other people to receive and understand how to do all those things. But what inspired you to put this all together? Like when did you see a need for this? Why have this when there are other local and national para-church conferences?

We saw it as a need at the end of last year after we took 12 people on our first missions trip. We said to ourselves, "why limit the impact of missions to a trip for 12 people?" Can we multiply that by hosting a gathering like a missions conference and sharing our experiences and teaching and showing people it can be done in our hometown or across the globe.

STUDENT: One last thing: is there a cost?

Yes, a minimal investment into your lives.
Individual - $20 (Full Event); $10 (Friday only); $15 (Saturday only)
Group of 5 or more $15 per (Full Event)
Group of 10 or more $10 per (Full Event)