There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the story of Jonah…

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the story of Jonah…

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the story of Jonah and it’s validity. From people saying the throat of a whale isn’t large enough to swallow a man, to the objection of the idea a man can survive in the belly of a fish for 3 days and 3 nights…

To begin, the Bible uses the word “fish”, though a sperm whale is capable of swallowing a human whole, There are also fish capable of swallowing humans whole as well, one being a “whale shark”.

Let’s hypothetically say one of these sea creatures swallowed Jonah, how could Jonah Survive? I personally believe without miraculous disruption of physics by God, Jonah wouldn’t have. I believe Jonah’s life was preserved by God, now why would God do this to Jonah?

To punish him… Many people which grew up watching Christian kid shows like Veggie tells have this misconception Jonah was sitting in the whales Belly like it was an empty room.
I believe Jonah was suffering. I believe the stomach acid of the whale was eating his skin, and the fluids within the creatures belly suffocated him to where he couldn’t breath. I believe he was in an immense, unfathomable amount of pain for three days and three nights, so much he wished he’d die but couldn’t..
Why? Perhaps because God was giving him a small taste of the eternal punishment the Ninevites would receive if they didn’t repent so he’d be more appreciative of his duty.

There’s layers to the possibilities of why God would use this event as a means of teaching Jonah a harsh lesson and preserving his life simultaneously. Nonetheless: the objection to the story of Jonah is founded on narrow minded, pre conceived conclusions which object the miraculous power of God out of dogmatic ignorance. I believe the story of Jonah is 100% logical under the premise of an all powerful God capable of defying physics.

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