This Day, July 29, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L

July 29

1099:  Pope Urban II, the man behind the First Crusade, passed away.  Considering the impact of the Crusades on the Jews of Europe, his impact on Jewish history is self-obvious.

1108: Philip I, King of France one of whose subjects Rashi and who was not allowed to participate in the Crusade because Pope Urban II had excommunicated him which may account, to some extent, why the Jews of France did not suffer in the same as did their Germanic co-religionist during what turned out to be the start of one of the deadliest periods of Jewish history passed away today.

1108: Louis VI, during whose reign “jurisdiction over the Jews and their revenues gradually passed from royal control to the hands of the Catholic Church” began his reign as King of the Franks.

1336: Led by John Zimberlin, a self-proclaimed prophet, a group of peasants in Germany known as the Armleder (for their leather straps warn on their arms) attacked Jewish communities in Franconia and the Alsace region. They also destroyed Jewish communities in Bohemia, Moravia and elsewhere along the Rhine. Roughly 1500 Jews were murdered. Eventually when the Armleder began to attack non-Jews, they were opposed by local Lords.

1567: James VI is crowned King of Scotland. Scotland’s King James VI will enter history as King James I of Great Britain, the monarch who gave his name to the King James Bible, the English translation of the holy book whose text most Americans (including many Jews) will think of as the real words of God.

1569: Isaac ben Aaron Prositz who had successfully “petitioned King Sigismund II Augustus for the right to establish a Hebrew press” that would “print the Talmud and other Hebrew books for fifty years” began operating today.

1588: English naval forces under command of Lord Charles Howard and Sir Francis Drake defeats the Spanish Armada off the coast of Gravelines, France. The defeat of the Spanish Armada meant that the Catholics and their Inquisition would not take control of the British Islesor re-take the Netherlands, the Protestant nation that was haven for European Jews.  Morrano spies reportedly provided information to the English which helped them to know when and where to expect the arrival of the Armada.

1612(29th of Tammuz, 5372): Abraham Portaleone, the Italian physician who studied under Jacob Fano and who was granted special dispensation so he could treat such prominent Christians as the Dukes Guglielmo and Vincenzo of Mantua and Pope Gregory IV passed away today.

1644: Urban VIII, the Pope who issued an edict in 1625 forbidding Jews in Rome from erecting gravestones, passed away.

1654(Av, 5414): Miriam Lucerna, “the daughter of a well-known rabbi and physician, Leo Lucerna” and the wife of Meshullam Solomon Fischhof-Auerbach passed away today in Vienna.

1768(15th of Av, 5528): Tu B’Av

1773(9th of Av, 5533): Tish’a B’Av observed on the same day that the Santa Marta earthquake hit in Guatemala.

1784: Birthdate of Allentown, PA native Barnett Jones the son on Nathan Barmett and wife of Miriam Marks who served as paymaster in the U.S. Navy.

1785: Birthdate of Isabella (Bella) Lazarus, the daughter of Marks Lazarus and the wife of Aaron Philips whom she married in 1821l

1792(10th of Av, 5551): Fast of Tish’a B’Av observed on the same day that President George Washington wrote to Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton on the problems present by the federal debt.

1801: Catherine Manuel, the daughter of David Manuel married Levy Solomons today.

1806: Two days after he had passed away, Samson Gompertz, the son of Barent Gompertz and Rachel Benjamin Isaac was buried today in the United Kingdom

1808: As he prepared for surgery, Rothschild drew up his last will and testament.

1814: One day after he passed away “Moshe ben Eliezer” was buried today at the Brady Street Jewish Cemetery.

1816: “Abraham Wolf was ordered” by a justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court “to pay a fine of $4 for doing business on a Sunday” in violation of what were known as “Blue Laws.”  (As reported by Abraham P. Bloch)

1827: In Strasbourg, “banker Adolphe Ratisbonne and his wife Charlotte Oppenheim” gave birth to French author Louis Raisbornne whose uncles had converted to Catholicism and become priests.

1819: David Moses Dyte and Hannah Lazarus gave birth to Charles Dyte, who married Evelina Nathan and with whom he had five children.

1821: In London, Hyam and Fanny Ansell gave birth to Joseph Ansell.

1830: Abdication of Charles X of France. Charles abdicated in favor of his grandson.  But the Chamber of Deputies rejected this move and chose Louis-Philippe, duc d'Orleans, to fill the vacant throne.  This proved to be a good thing for the French Jews since Louis would ratify a motion putting Judaism on a par with Christianity, granting State support to Synagogues and their Minister of Religion. This meant that France extended financial support to Jewish religious institutions on par with Christian institutions.

1832(2nd of Av, 5592): Seventy-three year old Isaac Levy “of Bevis Marks, the faithful servant for 44 years to the family of Aaron Solomon”, passed away today and was buried this evening and was buried this evening at the Lauriston Road Jewish Cemetery.

1832: Moses Levy, who had died on Shabbat, was buried today at the Canterbury Jewish Cemetery.

1836(15th of Av, 5596): Tu B’Av celebrated for the last time during the Presidency of Andrew Jackson.

1836: In Canterbury, Kent, Nathan Jacobs and Hannah Barnard gave birth to Israel Jacobs.

1840: Benjamin Samuel Phillips and Rachel Faudel gave birth to Sir George Faudel-Phillips, the husband of the former Helen Levy whose father was Joseph Moses Levy, the owner of The Daily Telegraph, the father of Benjamin, Beatrice, Lionel, Stella and Nellie Fauduel-Phillips and the Lord Mayor of London.

1840: Birthdate of Simon Baruch, a physician, who was born in Schwersen, Germany (now part of Poland). He attended German schools and received a degree from the Medical College of Virginia (1862); was surgeon for the Confederate Army (1862-1865); and practiced in Camden, South Carolina, until 1881, then in New York. He was the Chairman of the South Carolina Board of Health (1880) and was the author of books on the use of hydrotherapy. He married Isabel Wolfe in 1867. His greatest claim to fame was that he was the father of Bernard Baruch, the famed financier and advisor to Presidents.

1844: One day after he had passed away, Meyer Tobias Levy Keeling, the son of Sophia and Henry Levy Keeling was buried at the “Brompton (Fulham Road) Cemetery” today.

1845(24th of Tammuz, 5605): Sixty-five year old Sallie Salomon, the Philadelphia born daughter of Hyam Solomon and the wife of Joseph Andrews to whom she had been married since 1794 passed away today in New York City.

1847: Grace Aguilar made her last entry in her Frankfort Journal, a 34,000 word long effort that recorded her family’s journey through Belgian and Germany.  It was also her last literary effort since she would pass away in September.

1849(10th of Av, 5609): Tish’a B’Av observed

1849: In Pest, Gabriel Südfeld, a Hebrew poet and his wife gave birth to Simon Maximilian Südfeld who gained fame as Max Nordau, the Zionist leader, physician, author, and social critic. He was a co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodor Herzl, and president or vice president of several Zionist congresses. Nordau died in Paris, France in 1923. In 1926 his remains were moved to Tel Aviv.

1850(20th of Av, 5610): Sarah Moses, the daughter of Abraham Moses and the wife of Lazarus Moses, passed away and was buried in Chatham, Kent, England.

1853: Levy Jacobs and Caroline Davis gave birth to Charles Jacobs.

1854(4th of Av, 5614): Parashat Devarim; Shabbat Chazon

1857(8th of Ave, 5617): Erev Tish’a B’Av

1858(17th of Tammuz, 5618): Tzom Tammuz observed on the same day that Japan and the United States signed the Treaty of Amity of Commerce on the “deck of the USS Powhatan” in Tokyo which was a key in opening Asian island kingdom to Western trade.

1860(10th of Av, 5620): Tish’a B’Av observed on the same day New York Herald reported that “James Valentine, a negro drayman” who was erroneously arrested under the Federal Fugitive Act has been freed after the case against him was dismissed.

1861: Philadelphian R.A. Schoneman began serving with the Keystone Battery.

1863: Birthdate of Max Schwarz, the Budapest native who in 1880 followed his father Austrian born chemist Anton Schwarz to the United States where he followed in his father’s footsteps and became editor of The American Brewer” and the “principal of the Brewer’s Academy”

1864: An article published today describing President Jefferson Davis' cabinet, the Richmond Sentinel reported that "The whole burden of the objections to the Secretary of State seems to have dwindled down to the fact that he is a Jew, for all admit his distinguished abilities. The time is at hand when his abilities will be needed, and we feel confident that when the occasion occurs, he will not be found wanting, but will ably sustain the dignity of his office and his already acquired high reputation. "

1865: In Washington, DC, “Joseph and Carrie (Friedenwald) Cahn gave birth to Sophie Cahn who, after marrying clothing merchant Charles David Axman, became Sophie Cahn Axman the name under which she became fighter for the improvement of less fortunate, especially newly arrived Jews on the Lower East Side.

 1866: In Germany, “Levi and Eva Regina Cohn” gave birth to Gustav Cohn, the “husband of Paula Cohn” and the father of Charlotte, Leo, Lore and Luise Cohn.

1866: Birthdate of New York native Solomon J. Wallach, the CCNY graduate and President of the Mendelssohn Benevolent Society who attended the organizations 100th anniversary celebration in 1941 where he read congratulatory letters from Governor Lehman and President Roosevelt.

1866: In Charleston, SC, Laura and Charles Ferdinand Levy gave birth to Laura Louise Hart, the wife of David Lopez Hart.

1868: Today, “Joseph Kirsh, Henry Walterstein and Isaac Hollander were named as trusteed to hold, manage and disposed of the of the property of Congregation Beth Israel” in Richmond, VA.

1870: Benjamin Nathan’s body was discovered at 5:50 a.m. in his New York mansion. “Mr. Nathan was found lying dead with his skull smashed in…A heavy iron instrument used by ship carpenters called a ‘dog’ was found near the body.”  This was the murder instrument. Apparently, Mr. Nathan was killed when he interrupted a robbery that was taking place at his home. (Despite the offering of a large reward and numerous arrests, the murder remains unsolved.)

1870: An “excitable weekly” called the Sunday Mercury published an unsigned article accusing Washington Nathan of murdering his father, Benjamin Nathan

1870: The New York Stock Exchange offered a $10,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the murder or murderers of Benjamin Nathan who had been a member of the Exchange for thirty years.

1872(23rd of Tammuz, 5632): Grace Labat, the daughter of David Labat and the wife of Isaac Davega whom she married in 1815 passed away today.

1872: In Cincinnati, Eva Levy and Morris Michaels gave birth to Chicago businessman Joseph Michaels, the husband of Belle Ettlinger and founder and president of Hyman Michaels Company, vice president of the North Shore Congregation and trustee of the Jewish Peoples Institute in Chicago.

1873: In Odessa, Russia, Isaac Stone and Rose Leviash gave birth to Nahum I. Stone, the husband of Bertha Esther Levinson who earned an M.A. from Columbia University and was he the author of several works including “Capitalism on Trial in Russia,” “Economic Resources of Siberia” and “A Study of Agricultural Statistics in the United States.”

1873: At Castle Garden (NY), the President of the Romania Society presented a letter at today’s meeting of the Commissioners of Emigration requesting “that the board take charge of five Rumanian emigrants and send them back home.”  The five are Orthodox Jews who could not exist on the food prepared at the commission’s Ward’s Island facility. The letter also stated that if the Commissioners would send the Jews home, the Society’s President would see to it “that the emigration” would be stopped in Roumania. The commission agreed to send them back and expressed “regret that the American Consul in Roumania had not stopped the emigration” in the first place.

1875: Suffering from the effects of his trip to Palestine, a fatigued Sir Moses Montefiore spends the day rest in bed.

1875: While visiting Palestine, Sir Moses Montefiore wrote a letter to Hayyim Guedalla in which he described the marked increase in the number of dwellings in Jerusalem, and, given the increasing density of the population, the need to start building “suitable dwellings” beyond the current city limits.

1876(8th of Av, 5636): Shabbat Chazon, Erev Tish'a B'Av

1877: It was reported today that the Jews have established Young Men’s Hebrew Associations in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Chicago and Cincinnati.  They are modeled after the YMCA’s. The Jewish Messenger “thinks the system should be extended to other cities” because they have the “power to mold American Judaism.”

1877: Seventy-eight year old Morris Abrahams who was born in 1799 and passed away on July 27 was interred today at the Bath Jewish Burial Ground.

1877: In New York city, Marx and Caroline Weill gave birth to Adelphi Academy trained painter and engraver Edmund Weill the husband of Carolyn Wenstock and a member of Temple Beth Emeth in Brooklyn.

1877: “Any Change in Turkey For the Better” published today relying on information from the Duke of Argyll that first appeared in the Contemporary Review, described conditions in the Ottoman Empire in which “Moslem tyranny” exercises control “over the whole non-Moslem population while the government “has been friendly to the Jews”  “this toleration is nothing” in reality “but equal and indiscriminate contempt.”

 1878: “Palestine” published today described “the model of the entire country” now on exhibit at on the grounds near the Round Lake Hotel built on a scale of “two and a half feet to the mile” that allow “visitors” to walk from Jaffa to Jerusalem to the Dead Sea and after having taken a dip in the Jordan River to visit Bethlehem and Mt. Hermon

1878: Five days after he has passed away, “Joseph Cohen, the eldest son of Minna and Leopold Cohen” was buried today at the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1878: Hans Magnus who had been born in 1867 to Samuel and Zerline Magnus was buried today at “the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.”

1879(9th of Av, 5639):Tish'a B'Av                                                                                    

1879: The Standard’s Constantinople dispatch reported today that the Jewish quarter at Orta Keui, a village on the Bosporus, has been destroyed by “a terrific fire.”

1881: Birthdate of San Francisco native, German trained thoracic surgeon Leo Eloesser a member of the Stanford Medical School Faculty whose fascinating life including serving with the Lincoln Brigade during the Spanish Civil War and being the 8th Route Army in China during WW II.

1881: Birthdate of Berlin native and University of Berlin Musicologist Dr. Curt Sachs, the husband of Irene Sachs and father of Gabriella, Judith and Ernest Sachs who after the rise of Hitler came to the United States where he taught at NYU and was a “music consultant to the Public Museum” in New York.

1881: The first ships containing large numbers of Russian Jews arrived in New York following pogroms in Russia. This was the beginning of mass immigration to the U.S. during that would change the face of the American Jewish Community.  The great waves of immigration would slow with World War I and come to a halt during the 1920's when an isolationism, nativism and racism closed the doors of America to most immigrants. 

1882: In Hungary, Solomon Schwarz, Abraham Buxbaum, Leopold Braun, and Hermann Wollner, were charged with murdering a Christian girl named Esther Solymosi . Josef Scharf, Adolf Jünger, Abraham Braun, Samuel Lustig, Lazar Weissstein, and Emanuel Taub, were charged with voluntarily assisting in the crime. Anselm Vogel, Jankel Smilovics, David Hersko, Martin Gross, and Ignaz Klein, were charged with abetting the crime and smuggling the body. This case which turned into a blood libel began in April and would rile the kingdom for at least another two years.

1883: “Scenes on the East Side” published a visitors account of what he saw when he visited this section of Manhattan including “a colony of foreign-born Jews of the lower classing inhabiting the southern end of Allen-Street” and polyglot neighborhoods on Essex, Ludlow and Hester Streets that included a poor immigrants of many nationalities including Jews from Russia.

1884: Birthdate of Kiev native Joseph Karr, the longtime president of the Mohawk Shirt Company, the husband of Betty Karr with whom he had two children, Babette and Peggy.

1884: It was reported today two of the rioters who participated in the anti-Jewish riots at Zaleszozuky, Hungary were sentenced to five years in prison and another was sentenced to four years in prison. This was the Hungarian town that was the home of Esther Solomossy, a Christian girl who was allegedly killed by Jews as part of their religious rituals.

1885: In Cincinnati, Ohio, Bernard Goodman and Pauline Louise de Coppetti gave birth to Theodosia Burr Goodman who gained fame as Theda Bara, the silent screen star known as “The Vamp.” (Please note, there is some confusion.  Everybody agrees she was born in July, 1885 but not on which day)

1885: The Chaplain of the British Embassy in Vienna has completed a census of the religious affiliations of Englishmen and Americans living in the Austrian capital.  The Anglo-American population of 1,316 included 111 Jews.

1885: The “majority of the shops” in Ramsgate are closed today because the town is in mourning over the death of Sir Moses Montefiore.  The Town Hall is draped as sign of mourning and the municipal authorities including the Mayor plan to at tend the funeral for the Jewish philanthropist.

1886: In St. Louis, Bertha Simon and Sigmond Platt gave birth to banker Edward George Platt the husband of Helen Waldheim and Preside of Waldheim Platt Company who was a member of YMHA, the Jewish Shelter Home and the Jewish Loan Association.

1886: At their meeting this afternoon, The Commissioners of Emigration listened to an appeal by several Jewish leaders including a representative of the Hebrew Immigration Society on behalf of eastern European immigrants being detained on Ward’s Island. The commissioners accepted the argument by the Jewish leaders that the immigrants had friends who would take care of them and were not therefore not indigent.  With the exception of a couple of the families in question, the rest were allowed to pass through Castle Garden on their way to a new life in the New World.

1887: in Gross-Kanizsa, which at that time as part of the Austro Hungarian Empire, Adam and Clara Rosenberg gave birth to Siegmund Rosenberg who gained fame as composer and conductor Sigmund Romberg.

1887: Isaac Ullmann, Jr. the secretary of the Utopia club obtained an injunction today restraining the club from keep him from exercising his rights a member.  The members of the Utopia Club are wealthy New Haven (Ct) Jews.  Ullmann had been banned for a year when it was discovered that he had not paid a fine levied against him.

1887: Adolph Reich, who had been convicted of murdering his wife is scheduled to be hung today.  When the Judge had pronounced the death penalty, he expressed his surprise at a Jew being brought before him on such a charge, “since they were, as a rule orderly, law-abiding citizens.” He could not remember ever sentencing a Jew to be hanged.

1888: In the UK, Tress Hart and Deborah Jacob gave birth to Henry Jacob Hart who died at the age of six months.

1888(21st of Av, 5648): Forty-five year old Amelia Stein, the German born daughter of “Moses and Elizabeth Keyser, the wife of Daniel Stein and the mother of Simon, Bertha, Leo, Michael and Gertrude Stein passed away today in Oakland, CA. (In one of those calendar oddities, art critic died exactly thirty five years later)

1888: In Mir, Russia Samuel and Anna Lubetsky Cooper gave birth  Leon Cooper, the 1910 graduate of CCNY, “president of the Cooper Safety Razor Corporation in Brooklyn and husband of Lucy Price Cooper with whom he had two children – George W. Cooper and Mrs. Arthur Kimelfield.

1889: A three story house owned on Main Street, Sing Sing, owned by David Ross which was home to numerous Jewish peddlers burned in a fire that started at three in the morning.  A machine shop owned by Abram Kipp then caught fire and, by the time it was over, only the walls remained.

1889(1st of Av, 5649): Rosh Chodesh Av

1890: “City and Suburban News” published today described plans for the upcoming benefit sponsored by B’nai B’rith as a fundraiser for the Home for old and Infirm Hebrews.

1890: “The Shatchen” by Charles S. Dickson, featuring M.B. Curtis who starred in “Sam’l of Posen” is scheduled to open today at the Grand Opera House in Los Angeles.

1890: Four Russian Jewish immigrants were stopped from going to work for Marcus Ullman, a peddler on New York’s east side when it was discovered that he was going to pay them $12 a month while the Labor Bureau had found work for them at salaries of $14 to $17 per month.

1891(23rd of Tammuz, 5651): Sixteen year old Louis Rabinowitz, a Russian Jew, passed away today at New Haven, CT.

1891(23rd of Tammuz, 5651): Jacob Levy, one of the suspects in the “Ripper Murders” passed away this evening at in the asylum for the mentally ill where had been confined.

1891: Birthdate of Bernhard Zondek, the German born Israeli gynecologist who developed the first reliable pregnancy test.

1891: Thirty Russian immigrants who sailed from Liverpool on the SS Norseman arrived in Boston today where they have been refused permission to land..

1891: “The Russian Jew Persecutions” published today described the burning of “a little farming settlement four Russian miles from Veile” where fourteen Jews were burned today and twenty more were seriously injured. “All the time the Russians were rushing wildly about shouting, ‘Kill the Jews!  Kill the Jews!’”

1892: Henry Heller, who had served as a Sergeant in Company A of the 66th Ohio Infantry during the Civil War was issued his Medal of Honor today for voluntary crossing into enemy lines under heavy fire to bring a Confederate officer who provided his superiors with “invaluable information” concerning the position of the enemy during the Battle of Chancellorsville, which was one of the worst defeats suffered by the Army of the Potomac.

1892: “Dr. Michael Singer, who was reported a few weeks ago to have absconded with $25,000 of the Baron Hirsch Fund at Budapest” today “denied the charge and said he had written to Dr. Alexander Klein…to bring a suit for libel against” the paper that had published the charge.

1893(16th of Av, 5653): Shabbat Nacahamu

1893(16th of Av, 5653): Sixty-two year old historian Julius Aronius who was working on Regesten zur Geschichte der Juden in Deutschland at the time of his death passed away today.

1894: Two days after she had passed away, 56 year old “Augusta Stock Levy…the wife of Samuel Levy” was buried today at the “West Ham Jewish Cemetery” on Buckingham Road.

1894: As of today, the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children has provided excursions for 2,647 children and 1,213 mothers free of charge.  In addition, 233 sick infants and children have been cared for at the Rockaway facility.

1894: Contributions needed for the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children to continue its work may be sent to its managers – Nathan Lewis, Hezekiah Kohn and Joseph Davis.

1894: “Germany In Earliest Times” published today provides a review of A History of Germany In The Middle Ages in which the author begins with a critical overview of the efforts of past historians including Josephus who he said “wrote of the same events in his Antiquities as in the War of the Jews and reported them differently.

1895(8th of Av, 5655): Less than a month before his 84th birthday Joseph Derenbourg, or Joseph Naftali Derenburg, a Franco-German orientalist, who wrote an Essai sur l'histoire ella geographie de la Palestine passed away today.

1895(8th of Av, 5655) Erev Tish'a B'Av

1895: Two days after she had passed away, forty year old Leah Brenner, the daughter of Rebecca and Jacob Roxas was buried today at the “West Ham Jewish Cemetery.”

1897: The Protective Musical Union Band will provide the entertainment at the second annual outing of the Brooklyn Hospital Society which is being held at Wissel’s Ridgewood Park.

1898: “The Russian Jew in America” by Abraham Cahan, the man who ran the Forverts for 40 years appeared in the Atlantic Monthly. This brought together one of those unlikely combinations – the immigrant Jew and the classical WASP intellectual journal.

1898: Birthdate of physicist Isidor Isaac Rabi whose exploration of the atom earned him a Nobel Prize in 1944.

1898: Birthdate of Pittsburg, PA native Irving Ralph “Red” Perlman” the WW I veteran who played guard for the undefeated 1917 U. of Pittsburgh “Panthers” and pursued a pro career in the 1920’s.

1898: Isaac F. Goldenhorn, the attorney for Michael Aaronberg, Abraham Hoffman, Mendal Bloomkey, Jacob Joseph and Adolph Horowitz, the Trustees of the Moses Montefiore Congregation in Hoboken, NJ, went into court today to seek an injunction to keep David Engler from removing the building from its location at 76 Grand Street.

1899: In describing his trip to Europe, John Ireland, the Archbishop of St. Paul, MN is reported to have told friends “that there is not so much turmoil over the Dreyfus Affiar as would appear from the press reports and that the decision of the court-martial whatever it may be will be accepted as final.” (Editor’s note – boy was he wrong)  He also said that the issue was no longer the guilt or innocence of Dreyfus but the honor of the army. (He was right about that)

1899: “The treaties, declarations and final acts of the Hague Peace Conference which Jan Bloch attended were signed today.”

1899: “Book News In London” published today described a English language translation of a monograph by Jules Huret on Sarah Bernhardt which has a preface by Edmond Rostand, the author of Cyrano de Bergerac.

1900: In El Paso, TX, “Albert and Hannah (Kirske) Kaplan gave birth to Golden Gate College trained attorney Walter Francis Kaplan the management consultant and President of Goodwill Industries of San Francisco who was the husband of the former Margaret Jacob and the father of Margery and Charles Kaplan.

1900” “Notes of the Labor World” published today reported that “The Brotherhood of Tailors will hold a mass meeting in the Hebrew Institute on August 1st to decide on whether or not they should go out on strike “for better conditions.”

1901(13th of Av,  5661): On the Jewish calendar, yahrzeit of Rabbi Mordecai b. Abraham Benet, the author of Biur Mordecai who died in 1829

1902(24th of Tammuz, 5662): “In accordance with the customs of the Orthodox Jews, prayers were said” tonight” for the reposed of the soul of Rabbi Jacob Joseph, whose funeral is scheduled to take place tomorrow morning followed by burial at the Jewish cemetery near Cypress Hill.

1903: “To Scrutinize Russian Travelers” published today described announcement by the Russian Charge de Affairs that it would limit the locations that Americans planning to travel to Russia could have their passports “vised” which was seen as an attempt to limit the ability of American Jewish citizens to go to the Czar’s kingdom.

1904: Mathew Nathan succeeded Sir Henry Arthur Blake as the Governor of Hong Kong.

1905: In Worcester, MA, Yetta Helen (née Jasspon) and Solomon Z. Kunitz gave birth to their third child, future Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress Stanley Jasspon Kunitz.

1906: Birthdate of New York native and youthful resident of Oakland, CA, Norman Frank Feldheym who majored in history at the University of Cincinnati while earning ordination from HUC in 1932 after which he served congregations in Panama City and San Bernardino and earning a Bronze Star and 6 battle stars while serving as a U.S. Army chaplain in WW II and Korea.

1906: Birthdate of New York City and attorney Gertrude Caesar who was the “Caeser” in the law firm of Feuer and Caesar founded “in the early 1930’s with her husband attorney Moses A. Feuer with whom she had two children Robert and Nancy, the future wife of attorney Milton Fischel.

1907: Lt. Col. Mathew Nathan completed his service as the 13th Governor of Hong Kong.

1908(1st of Av, 5668): Rosh Chodesh Av observed for the last time during the Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt.

1909: Birthdate of Plonsk, Poland native and historian Rabbi Moyshe-Avigdor Shulvas aka Moses A. Shulvass.

1909: “An Example of His Sympathy with Russian Jews” published today described how on the first anniversary of the Kishinev massacres when “thousands of Jews were marching up Broadway” approached Grace Church the late Reverend William Reed Huntington “appeared bareheaded at its portals and remained there until the people passed while the church bells tolled” showing “that the typical American Christian clergyman is of a different type to the priests whose bigotry is largely responsible for the persecuting spirit in Russia…”

1910: “Mrs. Henriette Seligman, who died on July 23, 1910, left a net estate in New York of $431,668, according to an appraisal fixed” today “in the Transfer Tax office.”

1911: In London, the First Universal Races Congress, an anti-racist organization which discussed the “Jewish Question” came to a close today.

1912(15th of Av, 5672): Tu B’Av was celebrated for the last time during the Presidency of William Howard Taft.

1912(15th of Av, 5672): Mayer Hahn, who on May 17, 1898, was nominated by William McKinley to serve as Collector of Customs for the District of Pamlico, in North Carolina and later approved by Congress, passed away today in Long Branch, NJ.

1913: Two days after she passed away, funeral services were held for Mrs. Lena Jonas of Waterloo, IA at Furth’s Chapel.

1913: Birthdate of Mankato, MN native Helen Barbara Kruger who gained fame as “Bobbie Nudie” Cohn the wife Nudie Cohn, the creator of outrageous clothing for such stars as Cher and Elvis Presley.

1913: Funeral services were held today for Mrs. Helena P. Monash, the mother of four sons and two married daughters at her home in Chicago.

1913: After having received a letter from Count von Bernstorff, the German Ambassador describing the Kaiser’s position on protecting the rights of Jew in Romania, Henry Green, the Executive Secretary of the American Rumanian Jewish Emancipation Committee, said today that he feels “certain that once the matter is properly brought to his Majesty’s attention – as the committee proposes to do by sending a delegation to lay the facts before him and the German Reichstag – the matter will be taken up with the Romanian Government in a manner that will leave King Charles no option but to do what we are working for.”

1914: Solomon “Sol” Tarlow, the Russian born son of Wolf and Odessa Tarlowski emigrated to the United States today under the sponsorship of his brother-in-law Sam Stolaroff the owner of the dry goods store in Roswell, NM where Sol was employed as a tailor while raising three children with his wife Audra.

1914: In “Whitechapel, London, photographer Joseph Gamse and the former Sarah Rosenberg, a seamstress, gave birth to Abraham Gamse, who gained fame as “graphic designer Abram Games” who designed patriotic posters during World War II.

1914: In one of those examples of too little too late, today, in a telegram to the Kaiser, Czar “Nicholas suggested submitting the Austro-Serbia problem to the Hague Conference or Tribunal on the same day that that the Austrians began shelling the Serbs.

1914: Birthdate of Brooklyn native Irwin Eli Cohen who gained fame as comedian Irwin Corey. (As reported by Ron Wertheimer)

1914(5th of Tammuz, 5674): Eight-four year old Esther Baum passed away today in Philadelphia, PA.

1915: It was reported today the Liberal MP, Josiah Wedgewood who had been wounded at Gallipoli where he served alongside the Zion Mule Corps and became “a devoted Zionist” spoke in favor of Parliament adopting legislation that would lead to conscription for the British military.

1916(28th of Tammuz, 5676): Parashat Masei; as Jews finish reading the Book of Numbers the latest Russian offensive ended in complete failure with the loss of 80,000 casualties.

1916(28th of Tammuz, 5676): Ninety-six-year-old Rabbi Leopold Freudenthal passed away today after which he was buried in Trinidad, CO.

1917(10th of Av, 5677): Tish’a B’Av observed on Sunday

1917: “In connection with the observance” of Tish’a B’Av, “special appeals have been sent to all rabbis throughout the city to ask their congregations to make contributions to the Joint Distribution Committee of Funds for Jewish War Sufferers.

1917: “In the…the east side Jewish schools…the rabbis with the children prayed and mourned over the fate of Palestine” and “chanted the songs of Judah Halevi, the ancient poet and especially the ode to Zion that brings to every heart…a real yearning for Palestine.”

1917:  It was reported today that in a statement celebrating Finland’s independence from Russia, the Diet issued a statement which provided assurances that “the rights of Russian citizens in Finland as well as those of the Jews will not undergo any modification.”

1917: In an unusual move, today the New York Times published a list provide by the Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society of American Jews whom thousands of Jews in Russia and Poland are seeking to reach along with instructions for anybody seeing their name on the list trying to contact these relatives.

1917: The Central Committee for the Relief of Jews Suffering Through the War of which Harry Fischel is the treasurer, as of today reported that it “had received new gifs totally more than $14,300.”

1917: “Wife Number Two” a silent movie filmed by cinematographer Joseph Ruttenberg was released in the United States today by Fox Film Corporation.

1917: Today, forty-five-year-old Yale and Sheffield Scientific School educated biochemist Lafayette Benedict Mendel, the Delhi, NY born son of Pauline Ullan and Bendect Mendel who was one of the cofounders of “the science of nutrition, and the Sterling Professor of Physiological Chemistry at Yale who was the only Jew among the first twenty professors to be “designated a Sterling professor married Alice R. Friend today.

1917: It was reported today that the Finnish Diet has adopted a resolution reassuring the Jews that their rights “will not undergo any modification” under the new government.

1918(20th of Av, 5678): Seventy-year-old Charles Henry Hart, a noted art expert and authority on historical portraiture, whose "discovery" of Gilbert Stuart's work years ago brought that artist posthumous fame passed away today.

1918: It was reported today that Minister of Foreign Affairs Constantin C. Arion “declared in an interview that the Rumanian Government…would grant rights to the Jews in accordance with the peace treaty, and even more fully, and would completely abolish Article 7 of the Rumanian Constitution which lays it down that Jews in Rumania are aliens, and that naturalization is only possible for them individually.” (The Rumanian government might hold a record for promising to grant full citizenship to Jews and then reneging on the promise – a pattern that began in the middle of the 19th century and continued through the Shoah when the issue became moot.)1919(2nd of Av, 5679): Twenty-eight year Jewish American racketeer Johnny Spanish, born John Weyler, was murdered by three unknown gunmen while entering a restaurant at 19 Second Avenue in Manhattan ending what was the “Second Labor Sluggers War.”

1919: Today, the Chicago Hebrew Institute is scheduled to host the International Gymnastic Union Track meet

1920: Today after 270 of the Templers who had been living at the Tel Aviv neighborhood of Sarona and interred in Egypt by the British during WW I “had been repatriated in April to Bad Mergentheim, Germany, the House of Lorder permitted the remaining” 580 “internees to return to Palestine” where they found colony at Sarona to have been “plundered and vandalize.”

1920: In Rochester, NY, Dr. Leo M. Franklin told the delegates attending the opening session of the 31st annual convention of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, “that in the abnormal situation in which the world finds itself, the Jew is being blamed as the scapegoat for the untoward condition” and that the Conference should devote its energies” to combat the spreading anti-Semitism and to foster a better understanding between Jew and non-Jew.”

1921: In Germany Hedwig Ehrenberg and Max Born gave birth to Gustav Victor Rudolf Born who served as the Sheild Professor of Professor of Pharmacology at Cambridge. He is the father of Professor Georgina Born and the uncle of singer Olivia Newton-John

1921: Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

1922: In Los Angeles, “Benjamin Lewis, a lawyer and pianist Pauline Kallin” gave birth to Flora Lewis “a correspondent and columnist who explained international politics to readers of The New York Times and other publications for nearly 60 years.” [editor’s note- Wiki shows the date as July 25 but quotes from the NYT obit that shows July 29] (As reported by Craig R. Whitney)

1923: A review of The Soul of Woman: A Reflection on a Life by Gina Lombroso, the Italian-Jewish sociologist was published today.

1923: In Bennington, VT, Congregation Beth El, which was founded in 1909 dedicated its new synagogue “at the corner of North and Adams Streets.”

1924: In London, working class Polish-Jewish immigrants Golda (née Schag) and Simon Weinstock gave birth to London School of Economics graduate Arnold Weinstock who rose to be Baron Weinstock, “ an English industrialist and businessman known for making General Electric Company one of Britain's most profitable companies.”

1925(8th of Av, 5685): Erev Tish’a B’Av

1925: In Lviv, Izzak Natali Botwin a Polish communist and “labor activist assassinated Josef Cechnowski an agent of the Polish secret police Defensywa who had infiltrated the Communist Party and worked as an informer.

1926: Jewish immigration to Palestine during the year 1926 will equal the volume of Jewish immigration for the preceding year according to figures made known today the Palestine Zionist Executive.”

1926: Birthdate of Baltimore native Harold Hill, who was an active member of the World Zionist Organization.

1927(29th of Tammuz, 5687): Sixty five year old Jacob Elia Cohen, the Irish born Jacksonville, FL department store owner who raised five children with his Tennessee born wife Hattie passed away today.

1928: The Day, a Jewish newspaper printed in New York City, published a report from its correspondent in Palestine that Frieda and Goldina Rubinson, two sisters born in Hamburg now living in Tel Aviv claimed that the late composer Giacomo Pucini had plagiarized the score of his opera “Turnadot” from them. They claim to have proof that they composed the work in 1896 at which time they obtained a copyright in Germany and the United States.  The two sisters plan on making a trip to the United States to pursue their claim against, among others, the Metropolitan Opera Company which produced the work in 1927.

1929: “River of Romance” with a screenplay co-authored by Joseph L. Mankiewicz was released today in the United States by Paramount Pictures.

1929: Dr. Arthur Ruppin addressed the second session of the 16th Biennial Zionist Congress in Zurich, Switzerland today.  He said that “conversion to other faiths, intermarriage, a decreasing birth rate and unchanged mortality rate” were “disintegrating forces menacing the continued existence of the Jews as a people.” 

1930: Birthdate of Sol Steinmetz, the Hungarian born American “lexicographer, author and tenured member of Olbom (As reported by Margalit Fox)

1931(15th of Av, 5691): Tu B’Av

1931: Birthdate of Art Ginsburg the native of Troy, NY, who gained fame as the television chef and author known as “Mr. Food.

1932: “The Vanishing Frontier” directed by Phil Rosen and produced by Sam Jaffe was released in the United States by Paramount Pictures.

1933(6th of Av, 5693): Parashat Devarim

1933(6th of Av, 5693): Socialist Party leader Isidore Phillips passed away today in New York City.

1933: In Vienna, Sara and Herman Kirchenbaum gave birth to Peretz Kidron who became a noted Israeli writer, journalist, and translator.

1934: Birthdate of Stanton Friedman a nuclear physicist who was “the original civilian investigator of the Rockwell Incident.”

1934: Two days after he had passed away, funeral service were held to for 68 year old Louis Ziv, the Russian born American attorney and the husband of Mary Ziv with whom he had five children – Sylvia, Lawrence, Royal, Seymour and John – at Beth El Temple in Chicago where he had been president of the congregation followed “burial in Waldheim Cemetery.”

1934: The New York Times publishes an article by Sir Herbert Samuel in which the first British High Commissioner for Palestine describes the progress and problems facing the country.  His lengthy commentary is based on his first visit to Palestine in nine years.

1935: Publication of Seven Pillars of Wisdom, T.E. Lawrence’s somewhat overwrought account of the “Arab Revolt” during World War I.  Lawrence supported the interests of Feisal against the Europeans including his own British Foreign Office.  Lawrence believed that there was room in the Middle East for both a Jewish homeland and an Arab Caliphate.

1936: The Palestine Post reported that a British constable and 10 Arabs fell in a day-long battle near Nablus. Among the many arrested, one Arab claimed that he was forced to join the marauders. The Royal Air Force joined the land forces in their organized pursuit of the rebels, many of whom escaped into the more inaccessible areas, carrying their wounded. Arab terrorists warned local Arab villagers living near Motza and other neighborhoods close to Jerusalem that they would be killed and their property destroyed unless they submitted to all their demands. Six Jewish communists were deported to Russia and one to Poland.

1936: The plan of the Austrian Government to broadcast to Germany the Salzburg festival performances has run afoul of Arturo Toscanini. It has just leaked out from circles in close contact with the Italian conductor that Mr. Toscanini has threatened to leave Salzburg immediately, never to return, if any performance conducted by him is broadcast to Germany.

1936: “Abraham Kraditor, commander-in-chief of the Jewish War Veterans returned” today aboard the “French liner Champlain from Vienna where he had attended the second World Congress of Jewish War Veterans.

1936: “Julius Streicher’s newspaper, the Stuermer, far from suffering suppression during the Olympics as has been reported appeared today with a special Olympic number” on the front page of which is a half-page cartoon showing a degenerate and brutal person labeled ‘Jew’ starring with envy and hatred at a Germanic-looking Olympic victor crowned with laurel” while the bottom of page is emblazoned with the slogan “Jews Are Our Misfortune.”

1936: In Vienna this evening in pre-Olympic ceremony, the Nazi mob “formed in a procession” “howling down the Jewish Olympic athletes with shouts of ‘Perish the Jews!  Go back to Palestine.’”

1936: “While the Jews in Palestine are not displeased by Colonial Minister Ormsby-Gore’s statement in the House of Commons today concerning the terms of reference of the royal commission, the Arabs are keenly disappointed.”

1936: Levi “Lee” Shubert “the eldest of seven siblings of the theatrical Shubert family” “secretly married” Marcella Swanson today in Germany following which they would divorce in 1948 and re-marry in 1949.

1937: Oscar A. Lewis, the leader of the La Guardia Republicans in Brooklyn was among those disappointed tonight when “the Kings County Republican Committee” voted to withhold “their endorsement of Mayor La Guardia as Republican candidate for re-nomination as Mayor.”

1937: Columbia trained attorney Mortimer Feuer, the New York City born son of William and Gussie (Goldenberg) Feuer, a “partner in the firm of Hays, Feuer, Porter & Spanier” and the first vice president of the Amsterdam Democratic today married Louis Younker Gottschall with whom he had two sons – Thomas and Richard.

1938(1st of Av, 5698): Rosh Chodesh Av

1938: Dr. Kallman M. Davidson “reportedly” passed away today in Boston, MA.

1938(1st of Av, 5698): Confronted with the realities of life in Nazi Germany, Dr. Friedreich Gernsheim and his wife Rosa committed suicide

1838: It was reported today “that 2,980 Austrian Jews have emigrated with the aid of of other Jews since the March 13 annexation of Austria” and “that emigration would be faster if conditions for leaving Germany were simpler.

1938: “Another appeal for German cooperation in” dealing with “the refugee problem was made in the House of Commons today by Earl Winterton, who head the British delegation to the conference on refugees at Evian.”

1939: Ben Zion Meir Hai Uziel was installed as Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Haifa.

1940: In a case of misplaced hosannas, Life magazine “praised António de Oliveira Salazar as ‘the greatest Portuguese since Henry the Navigator’” because Portugal was “seen…as a haven of hospitality for” Jewish refugees.  In point of fact, Salazar destroyed the career of Aristides de Sousa Mendes the diplomat who rescued thousands of Jews in defiance of the dictator’s wishes.

1940: Orson Welles films the first scene of his classic “Citizen Kane.”  Herman J. Mankiewicz shared the Oscar for best screenplay for his work on this epic.  Who actually wrote the screenplay would become a source of controversy with many critics siding with Mankiewicz.

1941(5th of Av, 5701): Twenty-nine Jewish mental patients from Lotz were taken away by truck and shot in the woods

1941: In Manchester, Lancashire, Ada Doreen (née Hattersley) and Herbert Simon Warner, a Russian-Jewish nursing home proprietor David Warner, the stage actor who made his film debut in “Tom Jones”.

1941: The Second Lvov Pogrom came to an end. “According to Yad Vashem 6 thousands Jews were killed by Einsatzgruppen, some Ukrainian nationalists and some Ukrainian militia.

1942: A religious youth center, Tiferet Bachurim, was secretly opened in the Kovno ghetto

1942: Signs were put up in the Warsaw Ghetto offering free bread for any family volunteering to be deported. This was a scheme designed to make the German job of rounding up 6,000 Jews a day a little easier.

1943: Admiral Sir Barry Edward Domvile a distinguished Royal Navy officer who turned into a leading British Pro-German anti-Semite in the years before the Second World War was released today after having been interred for three years under Defense Regulation 18 B which allowed the government to inter people for their pro-Nazi sympathies. (The British had no trouble with his anti-Semitism, just his views on Hitler, et al.

1943: During WW II, in Italy, the 16th Infantry including Samuel Fuller “had taken the high ground west of the Cerami River.”

1944(9th of Av, 5704): Parashat Devarim; Shabbat Chazon; Erev Tish’a B’Av

1944: 3520 Jews are forced on a death march westward from Warsaw. More than 200 die.

1945: Rabbi Martin Riesenburge celebrated the first wedding at Berlin’s Rykestrasse Synagogue since the Nazis closed it in 1940.

1946(30th of Sivan, 5706): Parashat Korach; Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1946: Seventy-nine year old Leonore Rothschild Tauszky, the California born daughter of “Baruch and Louisa Montag Rothschild” and the wife of Edmond Tauzsky passed away today.

1946: The Paris Peace Conference during which the “victorious wartime Allied Powers” began negotiations with Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Finland which would lead to peace treaties officially marking the end of the war.

1946: The New York State Supreme Court revoked the charter of the Ku Klux Klan thanks in no small part to the efforts of Nathaniel Goldstein, the New York State Attorney General.

1947(12th of Av, 5707): Seventy-five year old art collector and critic Leo Stein, the Allegheny, PA born brother of Gertrude Stein and an influential promoter of 20th-century paintings passed away today in Florence, Italy.,+Poetry,+and+Prose&source=bl&ots=-NoPi2eYFt&sig=hsBcdPLTIHsQXmL-Uhnu9eyVmUg&hl=en&sa=X&ei=6WA1UKc4i5aZBd6vgKgO&sqi=2&ved=0CDMQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=Appreciation%3A%20Painting%2C%20Poetry%2C%20and%20Prose&f=false

1948: For the first time since the infamous 1936 Berlin Olympics, London hosts the Fourteenth Olympiad where two American Jews each won Gold Medals. Frank Spellman won his for weightlifting and Henry Wittenberg won his in freestyle wrestling.

1948: Today, Samuel Hamilton Kaufman was nominated to serve as Judge for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

1948: As the United Nations investigates claims by Azzam Pasha, the Secretary General of the Arab League, that Israeli forces had committed atrocities during Operation Shorter, a team of UN observers came to survey the damage” at al-Tira “and did not find any bodies…”

1949: “In the Good Old Summertime” a musical directed by Robert Z. Leonard, produced by Joe Pasternak based on a play by Milos Laszlo, with a screenplay co-authored by Samson Raphaelson and co-starring S.Z. Sakall was released in the United States today.

1948: In Nahalal, Israel “Jerusalem poet Yitzhak Shalev” and his wife gave birth to award winning author Meir Shalev.

1949(3rd of Av, 5709): Thomasville, GA native David Albert Schulte, “the merchant, industrialist” and President of Dunhill International (tobacco company) who was active in “Jewish philanthropies” passed away today in Holmdel, NJ.

1950(15th of Av, 5710): Parashat Vaetchanan; Shabbat Nachamu; Tu B’Av

1950(15th of Av, 5710): Fifty-five year old Polish born “essayist, critic and journalist” who had escaped from Siberia during the war passed away today in New York.

1951(25th of Tammuz, 5711): On the day before his 71st birthday, Bernhard Weiss, the most prominent Jewish member of the Berlin police department who challenged the Nazi Party and successfully sued Joseph Goebbels, passed away.

1951: Following its premiere in Albuquerque, NM in June, today Billy Wilder’s “Ace In The Hole” a film that provides a dark look at the values of a newspaper man starring Kirk Douglas was released to the rest of the United States by Paramount Pictures.

1951: The Jerusalem Post reported that the stage was set for the elections to the Second Knesset. The number of eligible voters reached 900,000. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs signed an agreement with the UN providing for the training of nine experts in various economic, social and administrative fields.

1954(28th of Tammuz, 5714): Seventy-seven year old Cincinnati, OH born architect A. Lincoln Fecheimer, “a graduate of Clark School for the Deaf, Columbia University and the Ecole des Beuax Arts in Paris passed away today in London, England.

1954: The 1953 Stephen S. Wise award for an outstanding contribution to Jewish welfare was presented today to Youth Aliyah. The citation described the organization's work as "rescuing more than 65,000 children from over seventy-two lands during the past twenty years and educating them for creative citizenship in the land of Israel."

1956: It was reported today the Rabbi Samuel Plutzik who came to the United States from Minsk in 1905, “served as spiritual head of the Jewish Community in Bristol, CT in the 1930’s and has been head of the teaching staff of the Talmud Torah of East New York” passed away yesterday leaving behind his widow Sadie, three sons, Hyam, David and Emanuel and two daughters Mrs. Alice Kurland and Mrs. Naomi Reiss to mourn his passing.

1957(1st of Av, 5717): Rosh Chodesh Av

1957: “The board of Loew's, Inc., was reduced today to nine directors with the resignation of Fred F. Florence, chairman of the executive committee of the Republic Bank of Dallas, Texas.”

1957(1st of Av, 5717): Sixty-six year old A.C. (Alfred Cleveland) Blumenhal the speakeasy owner turned movie producer whose many friends including the famous, or infamous, New York Mayor Jimmy Walker, passed away today.

1958: “Ill Met by Moonlight” on which Emeric Pressburger served as co-writer, co-director and co-producer was released today in the United States.

1959(23rd of Tammuz, 5719): Harry Rosenwartz, the husband of Mary Rosenwartz and the father of Sylvia Levine passed away today at Lebanon Hospital.

1960(5th of Av, 5720): Sixty-one year old Columbia University graduate and co-founder of Simon and Shuster Richard Leo Simon, the New York born son of Anna Meier and milliner Leo Simon, the husband of Andrea Heinemann and father of singer-song writer Carly Simon passed away today.

1961: “New York Times critic Robert Shelton first considered Bob Dylan in a review of Izzy Young's production for WRVR of a live twelve-hour Hootenanny today.”

1963(8th of Av, 5723): Erev Tish’a B’Av

1963(8th of Av, 5723): Sixty-seven year old Rivka Pinchasovich, the daughter of Avraham and Liba Rochel Shapira, wife of Moshe Pinchasovich and mother of Mina Pinchasovich; Amnon Pinchasovich and Tamara Pinchasovich passed away in Petah Tikva, Israel.

1964: “One Potato, Two Potato,” directed by Larry Peerce, the son of Jan Peerce and produced by Sam Weston was released today in the United States.

1965: “Ship of Fools” the cinematic treatment of the novel by the same name set at the start of the Nazi era directed and produced by Stanley Kramer with a script by Abby Mann and music by Ernest Gold was released today in the United States.

1966(12th of Av, 5726): One day after his 98th birthday French poet and Zionist Andre Spire passed away today.

1966(12th of Av, 5726): Forty-nine year old “Professor Benjamin Joseph Lazan” the New York born son of “Samuel and Pauline (Brenson) Lazan” and husband of Jeannette Wazler with whom he had had two son – Gilbert and Douglas – who had served for 12 years as “the chairman of the University of Minnesota departments of aeronautics and engineering mechanics” passed away today.

1967(21st of Tammuz, 5727): Parashat Matot read as sailors aboard the USS Forrestal dealt with a disastrous fire that broke out while it was on station in the Gulf of Tonkin.

1968(4th of Av, 5728): Sixty-seven-year-old Hiram Levin the Maryland born son of Rachel and Isaac Aaron Levin passed away today after which he was buried in Baltimore, MD.

1969: Under the leadership of General Sharon, the Head of the IDF’s Southern Command, Israeli frogmen attacked Green Island during the War of Attrition.

1970(25th of Tammuz, 5730: Seventy-eight year Hungarian native Dr. Melichior Palyi, the economist and adviser to the pre-Nazi era Reichsbank who fled to the United States where he taught at the University of Chicago, “wrote a weekly business column for The Chicago Tribune and authored several tomes including Man Aged Money at the Crossroads and An Inflation Primer passed away today

1970(25th of Tammuz, 5730): Seventy-three year old George Szell who had had leading the Cleveland Orchestra since 1946 and the husband of the “former Helene Schulz whom he married in 1938 at Glasgow” passed away today.

1970(25th of Tammuz, 5730): Sixty-nine year old Romanian conductor Jonel Perlea passed away today.

1974(10th of Av, 5734:  Cass Elliott passed away.  Born Ellen Naomi Cohen in Baltimore in 1941, Elliott dropped out of school, changed her name and headed for New York. She found fame in fortune performing with the singing group, Mamas and Poppas.

1974: Seventy-four year old real estate developer Joseph Eichler who had passed away four days ago was buried today in Palo Alto, CA.

1975: Edward Graham Lee began serving as the Canadian ambassador to Israel.

1975(21st of Av, 5735): Eighty-six-year-old Ray (Scull) Jacoby, the wife of Columbia trained neurologist. Dr. James Ralph Jacob, MD, passed away today in Miami, FL.

1975: President Gerald R. Ford became the first U.S. president to visit the site of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland as he paid tribute to the camp's victims.

1976(2nd of Av, 5736): Sixty-two year old mobster Mickey Cohen passed away today.

1976: “Rescuing the Entebbe Hostages” published today provides a detailed review of 90 Minutes At Entebbe, William Stevenson’s “hurriedly published paperback account of the” hostage rescuing raid. Stevenson, who is best known for A Man Called Intrepid, appears to won the race to publish the first account, if not the most thorough one.

1976: The Jerusalem Post reported from Washington that contrary to earlier reports, the US had had direct contacts with the PLO "for some time" and that they would continue. Three hundred Americans were evacuated from Lebanon as Syrians and the PLO reached an agreement on this issue. The price of meat rose by two to three shekels per kilo as agreed between the Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture and the Histadrut's Consumer Authority.

1979(5th of Av, 5739): Herbert Marcuse leftist German born, American philosopher passed away.  Marcuse influenced a whole generation of leftists, radicals and anarchists including Angela Davis and Abbe Hoffman.

1979: A fifteen-day conference organized by Gerda Lerner and co-sponsored by Sarah Lawrence, the Women's Action Alliance and the Smithsonian Institution, which was intended for female leaders came to an end today.

1980: Today, 53 year old Cambridge graduate and University College Hospital trained physician Dr. .Jacob Lionel Kopelowitz the Newcastle-upon-Tyne born son of Moses Kopelowitz and the former Mabel Garstin married Sylvia Waksman five years before becoming President of the Board of Deputies.

1981(27th of Tammuz, 5741):  Ninety-two year old Robert Moses scion of a well-to-do German Jewish family, who gained fame as New York’s master builder and whose critics and  supporters agreed that he was one of the 20th century’s influential urban planners passed away today

1981: A bus was attacked in the entrance to Kibbutz Ma'ale Hahamisha near Jerusalem. A boy of 12 and a girl of 17 were wounded.

1982(9th of Av, 5742): Tish'a B'Av

1982: Sir Zelman Cowen, who was the 19th Governor-General of Australia, completed his term of office.

1983(19th of Av, 5743): Ninety-nine-year old Columbia University trained gastroenterologist Burrill Bernard Chron the New York born son of Jewish immigrants Leah and Theodore Crohn whose name provided the appellation for Chron’s disease passed away today.

1983: “Private School,” a teenage comedy with a script co-authored by Dan Greenburg and starring Phoebe Cates was released in the United States today.

1984: The first events were run today at 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles where Mel Rosen serving was serving as assistant coach for the U.S. Men’s Olympic Track Team

1985(11th of Av, 5745): Sixty-six year old Presidential Medal of Freedom honoree, former assistant surgeon general in the United United States Public Health Service and “a professor of community and preventive medicine and associate dean of the State University of New York School of Medicine at Stony Brook, L.I. Dr. Tamarath K. Yolles, the wife of Stanley Faust Yolles, with whom she had two children – Melanie and Jennifer – passed away today.

1986(22nd of Tammuz, 5746): Seventy-seven year old Richard David Barnett a product of Cambridge, a veteran of WW II, and a Fellow of the British Academy who also served as President of the Jewish Historical Society of England and Chairman of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society.

1986(22nd of Tammuz, 5746): Fifty-five year old Israeli poet and Holocaust survivor Dan Pagis passed away today.  A native of Romania, one of his most famous poems is “written in pencil in the sealed railway car.”

1986: Chaim “Drukman left Morasha and returned to the NRP

1986(22nd of Tammuz, 5746): Seventy-seven year old Richard David Barnett, a graduate of Cambridge, WW II RAF veteran and Fellow of the British Academy who was “the Keeper, Department of Western Asiatic Antiquities of the British Museum passed away.

1987: Ben & Jerry's agree on a new flavor - Cherry Garcia

1988: “Cocktail,” the film version of a book by the same name featuring Gina Gershon was released today in the United States.

1990(7th of Av, 5750): Bruno Kreisky who became the first Jew to serve as Prime Minister of Austria passed away today.

1992: Aryeh Gamliel begins serving as Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction.

1993: “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” produced and directed by Mel Brooks who also co-authored  the script and co-starring Richard Lewis was released in the United States today by 20th Century Fox.

1993: The Israeli Supreme Court acquits accused Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk of all charges, and he is set free

1994: Today the Senate confirmed Stephen Breyer’s nomination as an associate justice of the Supreme Court.

1995(2nd of Av, 5755): Parashat Matot-Masei

1995(2nd of Av, 5755): Fifty-seven year old Mayfield, KY native Richard Weisenberger who ran for the Kentucky state senate as a Democrat passed away today.

1996(13th of Av, 5726):Anne Simon the Cos Cob, CT born daughter of Alma Morgenthau and Maurice Wertheim and Smith and Columbia educated author whose works included No Island Is an Island: The Ordeal of Martha's Vineyard and who was the sister of author and historian Barbara Tuchman passed away today in Manhattan.

1997: The documentary film Blacks and Jews, written and directed by Deborah Kaufman and Alan Snitow, was aired on PBS.

1998: “The Parent Trap” a family comedy co-written and directed by Nancy Meyers was released in the United States today.

1998(6th of Av, 5758): Seventy-nine year old Tony Award winning choreographer Jerome Robbins whose list of famous musicals is almost endless and West Side Story, The King and I, Gypsy and The Pajama Game passed away today.

2000: In “The Bible, as History, Flunks New Archaeological Tests; Hotly Debated Studies Cast Doubt on Many Familiar Stories,” Gustav Neibur described the supposed conflict between the tales of the Bible and findings of modern archaeology:

2001(9th of Av, 5761): Tish’a B’Av

2001: The New York Times book section includes a review of Blue Diary by Jewish author Alice Hoffman

2001: Two people were injured today in a Jerusalem car bombing.

2002: Today in the Edna Ferber’s “hometown of Appleton, Wisconsin, the U.S. Postal Service issued an 83¢ Distinguished Americans series postage stamp honoring.” which artist Mark Summers, well known for his scratchboard technique, created by referencing a black-and-white photograph of Ferber taken in 1927

2002(20th of Av, 5762): Eighty-two year old Ruth Adler, the Mainz, Germany, born daughter of “Wolf and Hermine Bloch” and the “wife of Berthold Adler” passed away today in New York City.

2003: Singer Barry “Manilow had a complete upper and lower facelift, which includes the removal of drooping skin from the eyelids and the general tightening of facial skin.”

2004: A photo exhibit designed to memorialize Anne Frank in what would have been her 75th year closes at the Kraushaar Galleries in New York City.

2004: Seventy-two year old Susan Buffett, the wife of Warren Buffett, whose friendship with Dorothy Kripke the wife of Omaha Rabbi Myer S. Krippe led to a $70,000 investment turning into almost 25 million dollars which went to aid a number of worthwhile causes passed away today.

2005(22nd of Tammuz, 5765): Eighty-two year old Sonny Hertzberg, an early NBA star, passed away today. (As reported by Richard Goldstein)

2006: On Shabbat Chazon, Jews respond to a request from the Governing Council of the Chief Rabbinate by continuing to recite Psalms 83, 130 and 142 on a daily basis.

2006(4th of Av, 5766): Eighty-four-year old Warren, OH native and Columbia trained composer and educator Sol Berkowitz who had been a  professor at Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College passed away today.

2006(4th of Av, 5766): Seventy six year old French historian Pierre Vidal-Naquet passed away today. (As reported by Margalit Fox)

2007: The National Gallery of Art presents a screening of “The Dybbuk,” the Yiddish film based on Ansky’s celebrated drama.

2007: In Jerusalem, Off the Wall Comedy Empire presents "Find Me a Wife: Find You a Husband," an annual Tu B`Av special event show starring David Kilimnick. Kilimnick approaches the issues of the single man/woman in Jerusalem.

2007:  The Washington Post book section features reviews of a biography of America’s first Jewish Secretary of State entitled Henry Kissinger and the American Century by Jeremi Suri and a novel entitled Kalooki Nights by Howard Jacobsen. The novel which purports to be an “examination of a Jewish sub-culture is a convoluted combination of family saga and semi-tepid murder mystery, focusing on its narrator, Max Glickman, a Jewish cartoonist with a hefty persecution complex and a series of anti-Semitic non-Jewish ex-wives.”

2007: “Ariel Sharon Hovers Between Life and Death and Dreams of Theodor Herzl” has its final performance at Theatre J.

2007: The first edition of Yisrael Hayom (Israel Today) appeared.

2007(14th of Av, 5767): Raya Czerner Schapiro, psychiatrist, Holocaust educator and author passed away at the age of 73 in Chicago.  After a harrowing experience, Mrs. Schapiro arrived in the United States at the age of 5 after fleeing from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia.  She was inspired to pursue a medical career in memory of her uncle, a doctor, who had sheltered her before her escape and who died during the Holocaust.

2007: Rep. Anthony Weiner and Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) objected to a $20 billion arms deal that the Bush Administration had negotiated with Saudi Arabia because they do not want to provide "sophisticated weapons to a country that they believe has not done enough to stop terrorism," also noting that 15 of the 19 hijackers of September 11, 2001 were from Saudi Arabia. Weiner made the announcement outside of the Saudi Arabian consulate in Washington, stating that "We need to send a crystal clear message to the Saudi Arabian government that their tacit approval of terrorism can't go unpunished."

2008: Robert Wexler, a six-term Jewish U.S. congressman from Florida, discusses and signs Fire-Breathing Liberal: How I Learned to Survive (and Thrive) in the Contact Sport of Congress (written with David Fisher) at the Sixth & I Historic Synagogue in Washington, D.C.

2009(8th of Av, 5759): Fast begins at sundown

2009(8th of Av, 5769): Eighty-six year old Dina Babiit who used her artistic skills to survive Auschwitz and to save her mother’s life, passed away.(As reported by Bruce Weber)

2009: The Randi & Bruce Pergament Jewish Film Festival came to a close with aClosing Night Bash!” - A gala dessert reception and a chance to win membership and fitness benefits at the JCC.

2009: An archeologist announced today that a unique Aramaic inscription on a stone cup commonly used for ritual purity during the first century has been uncovered in a dig on Mount Zion in Jerusalem.

2009: In the aftermath of the fatal shooting of a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., a seven count indictment was handed up in U.S. District Court charging white supremacist James von Brunn in his murderous attacked on museum guard Stephen T. Johns.

2009: The New York Times reviews books by Jewish authors including Cooperstown Confidential: Heroes Rouges, and the Inside story of the Baseball Hall of Fame by Zev Chafets.

2010: “A Film Unfinished,” a rigorous and profound documentary that simultaneously exposes the perversity of Nazi propaganda, honors its victims and pays tribute to the resiliency of the filmmaker’s own grandmother and the other survivors of the Ghetto is scheduled to be shown at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

2010: The Washington Post reported today that Jewish nonprofit group whose leader was accused of fabricating dramatic stories about rescued sefer Torahs has reached a deal with Maryland investigators forbidding it from publicizing such stories about sacred scrolls unless it can prove them. The agreement ends an investigation into the Rockville-based Save a Torah and its driving force, Rabbi Menachem Youlus, often described as "The Indiana Jones of Torah Scribes."

2010: Israel is tied with Canada, Switzerland, and Australia as the world's eighth happiest country out of 155 surveyed, according to a Gallup World Poll posted by Forbes today.

2010: The 9th Congress of The European Association for Jewish Studies (EAJS) came to a close in Ravenna today.

2010(18th of Av, 5770): Ninety-two year old Emmy Award winner Bernie West who served as a writer and producer for such cutting edge sitcoms and “All in the Family” and “The Jeffersons” passed away today.

2010: Congressman Anthony “Weiner criticized Republicans for opposing the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act.

2011(27th of Tammuz, 5771): Eight-year old Shulamit Shamir, wife of Yithak Shamir, passed away today in Tel Aviv. (As reported by Gabe Kahn)

2011: “Sarah’s Key,” a French film that centers on events that began with the roundup of French Jews in 1942, is scheduled to open in major US cities today.

2011: Starting at 1 pm, a Beach Party, complete with eighty-tons of sand brought in just for the event, is scheduled to take place at the Malcha Mall in Jerusalem.

2011: Following a day of advocacy and meetings at the White House, grassroots leaders from about twenty Jewish social justice organizations are scheduled to gather for Shabbat services and dinner at the Historic Sixth & I Synagogue in Washington, DC.

2011: As the doctor’s labor dispute entered its 132nd day Israel Medical Association chairman Dr. Leonid Edelman continued his one-man hunger strike

2011(27th of Tammuz, 5771): Tens of thousands mourned the death of Rabbi Elazar Abuchatzeira at his Jerusalem funeral this afternoon, after he was stabbed to death in the early hours of the morning.,7340,L-4101678,00.html

2011: Women’s organizations that operate public day care centers for preschoolers, including WIZO and Naamat, today called for parents to join the housing protests and take part in demonstrations on Saturday night. The organizations said that the call comes following an announcement from the Finance and Industry Ministries' proposing a solution the law that currently offers education free from the age of three.

2011: After finishing his career at Wisconsin, Gabe Carimi signed a four year contract with the Chicago Bears.

2011: Punter Adam Podlesh signed with the Chicago Bears today marking the start of season which would see him play in all 16 regular season games where he kicked 89 punts for 3,903 yards for a 43.85 average

2011: Minor league pitcher Josh Zeid who had played his college ball at Tulane was traded to the Houston Astros today.

2012: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or special interest to Jewish readers including the recently released paperback editions of The Emperor of Lies by Steve Sem-Sandberg and An Anatomy of Addiction: Sigmund Freud, William Halsted and the Miracle Drug Cocaine by Howard Markel 

2012(9th of Av, 5772): Tish’a B’Av

2012(9th of Av, 5772): Eighty-six year old Amos Degani, the Sabra born at Kfar Vitkin who was an MK passed away today.

2012: The fundraiser being held for US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney while he’s in Israel is scheduled to start at 9:30 p.m. this evening well after Tisha B’Av ends at sundown. The fundraiser will reportedly cost $60,000 a plate.

2012: “Glickman,” a documentary about Marty Glickman, is scheduled to have its Bay Area Premiere at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

2012: Police closed the Temple Mount to Jewish visitors this morning, the fast of Tisha Be’av, due to fears of “provocation” – despite a promise last night that the holiest site in Judaism would be open to Jewish worshipers

2012: Shahar Peer was the last Israeli to play today, and she too lost in the first round. The tennis player was eliminated from competition at the London Games by Russian medal favorite Maria Sharapova, ending a disappointing day for the blue-and-white team. (As reported by Aaron Kalman)

2012: US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta today touted the close security relationship between Israel and the US, suggesting that Israel remained on board with international efforts to pressure Iran on its nuclear program and had not decided to unilaterally strike the Islamic Republic.

2012(9th of Av, 5772): Ninety year old August Kowalczyk the last survivor of the June 10, 1942 breakout from Auschwitz passed away today.

2013: “The Last Sentence” a movie about Swedish anti-Nazi journalist Torgny Segerstedt is scheduled to be shown at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival.

2013: Leading Jerusalem chefs are scheduled to lead a “Mahane Yehuda Shuk Outing!”

2013: An Israeli negotiating team led by Justice Minister Tzipi Livni is scheduled to meet with Palestinian negotiators at the Washington, DC home of U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry prior to the start of peace negotiations which are scheduled to begin in earnest on July 30. (As reported by Herb Keinon)

2013: A full-capacity crowd gathered this evening at the capital’s newly-launched Jerusalem Press Club to hear a panel discussion among luminaries Dr. Mehmet Oz, Rabbi Shmuley Boteach and Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky about Jewish values and its impact on society. (As reported by Daniel K. Eisenbud)

2013: Former Bank of Israel Governor withdrew his nomination to return to the position, Channel 2 reported today, following an ongoing scandal over an alleged shoplifting incident at a Hong Kong duty free store. (As reported by Nev Elis)

2014: The JDC Archives is scheduled to host a presentation by Dr.Gerald Steinacher the Hymen Rosenberg Professor of Judaic Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln entitled “The Red Cross, Jewish Relief Agencies, and the Holocaust” at the Center for Jewish History.

2014: The Washington Jewish Film Festival is scheduled to host a Coen Brothers double header with showings of “Blood Simple” and “No Country For Old Men.”

2014: The Historic 6th & I Synagogue is scheduled to host an hour of “Jewish Sangha.”

2014: For the third time since the start of Operation Protective Edge “a UN aid agency for Palestinian refugees said today that a stockpile of Hamas rockets was found in of UNRWA’s Gaza School” – a fact “not publicized by UNRWA on its website or official Twitter feed.” (As reported by Ilan Ben Zion)

2014: After a night where rockets “were fired at central and southern Israel more missiles were fired at Ashkelon and Sderot.

2014: “Amid reports that jihadists with fighting experience from Syria were planning an imminent terrorist attack on Norwegian soil, the Jewish museum of Oslo is scheduled to remain closed today based on a recommendation from the police in Norway. (As reported by JTA)

2014: “A high ranking military official spoke with journalists today about the next stages of the operation and said that "the political leadership must decide now – either we push deeper (into Gaza) or we backtrack."  (As reported by Yoav Zitun)

2014: Today, US-born Sgt. Sahar Elbaz, from the Rimon Unit in the Givati Brigade remained in place while his unit came under attack from a grenade throwing terrorist cell “and despite coming under intense enemy fire” and “a glitch in his firearm” provided “covering fire” killing four of the attackers in the process.

2014: For the third time in less than two weeks, UNRWA announced that rockets had been found in their schools in Gaza.

2015: The StandWithUs Israel Education Center is scheduled to host a speech by Christian Arab Israeli diplomat George Deek.

2015: Channel 2 reported today that an “Israeli strike on a car in the Syrian Golan Heights targeted notorious terrorist Samir Kuntar who took part in a 1979 terror raid where he killed four people including four year old Einat Haran whose head he smashed in with his rifle butt and “has planned multiple attacks against IDF soldiers on the Golan Heights.” (As reported by Joshua Davidovich)

2015: The 92nd St Y is scheduled to host “Jazz & Sondheim, Side by Side,”

2016: At the invitation of The Bucksbaum family the Des Moines Art Center and the Temple B'nai Jeshurun communities are scheduled to celebrate the life of Melva Bucksbaum at the Des Moines Art Center.

2016: Twenty-seven year old Jehoshua Gross “was heading for the north coast of Wales today when he collided with a truck” and then continued to drive recklessly for another sixty miles so that he could, according to his attorney, reach home before Shabbat.

2016: In a refreshing change of pace, Rabbi Feivel Strauss is scheduled to deliver the sermon this evening at Temple Israel in Memphis, TN.

2016(23rd of Tammuz, 5777): Ninety-one year old patron of the theatre Zelda Fichandler passed away today.  (As reported by Bruce Weber and Bob Levey)

2016: The first of the Great Jewish Books Summer Programs “a weeklong exploration of literature and culture for high school students” sponsored by the Yiddish Book Center is scheduled to come to an end. 2017(6th of Av, 5777): Shabbat Chazon; for more see

2017: “Futures Past” is scheduled to be shown at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

2018” “Djon Africa” and Samouni Road” are scheduled to be shown at the Jerusalem Film Festival.

2018: The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education center is scheduled to host a presentation in which “Dr. Diane Afoumado reveals how the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Resource Center staff at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum assist people from all over the world to find their families and learn their fate using the International Tracing Service collection and the Holocaust Survivors and Victims Database”

2018: Today, “a week after an El Al flight was delayed by ultra-Orthodox men’s refusal sit beside women,” an “Austrian Airlines plane left Ben Gurion Airport 40 minutes late due to the refusal of 26 ultra-Orthodox men to be seated by women passengers” which led to a late arrival in Vienna which meant other passengers missed their connecting flights.

2018(16th of Tammuz, 5778): One-hundred-four year old pioneering attorney Patricia Schiller, the Brooklyn born daughter “pharmacist Louis Silverman” and “homemaker Gussie (Zuckerblatt) Silverman” and wife of fellow attorney Irving Schiller passed away today,. (As reported by Neil Genzlinger)

2018: As part of the “Home: Lens on Israel” series, the Temple Emanuel Streicker Center is scheduled to open the photographic exhibition “The Ultra-Orthodox of Bnei Brak.”

2018: The University of Iowa Hillel chapter is scheduled to host an evening of “Bowling for Dollars” at Pinstripes for the “Chicago Hawkeye Community.”

2019(26th of Tammuz, 5779): Ninety-six year old Adelphi and Columbia alum Phillip Fredrick Hymes, the Manhattan born son of Jacob and Regina (Rothenberg) Hymes and husband of Virginia (May) Hymes, the “veteran lighting director” known best for his work with “Saturday Night Live” passed away today. (As reported by Richard Sandomir)

2019: The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival is scheduled to host screenings of “King Bibi” and “You Only Die Twice.”

2019(26th of Tammuz, 5779): Ninety-five-year-old award winning Israeli poet Tuvya Rubener who had married Galila Yisraeli after the death of his first wife, Ada Klein, passed away today.

2019: The Museum of Jewish Heritage is scheduled to host a performance of “Hanna Senesh,” a play with music and song” about the brave paratrooper/poet.

2019: The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research is scheduled to host a lecture by “Samuel Kassow, the Charles H. Northam Professor of History at Trinity College, and one of the world's leading scholars on the Holocaust and the Jews of Poland” on “The Keeper of the Flame: Rachel Auerbach and the Holocaust Witnessing.”

2019: JAHSENA’s (Jewish Archives and Historical Society of Edmonton and Northern Alberta) Casino is scheduled to take place today.

2019: The YIVO Institute for Jewish Research is scheduled to host a lecture by “Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett , the Chief Curator of the Core Exhibition at POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews and University Professor Emerita and Professor Emerita of Performance Studies at New York” on “Coming of Age: Jewish Youth in Poland Between the Wars.”

2020: UCSF professor Dr. Jonathan Graf and Rabbi Jessica Zimmerman Graf of Congregation Sherith Israel are scheduled to interview hospital emergency-room physician Dr. Jeremy Faust of Boston about Covid-19 and the pandemic

2020: B’nai Jeshurun Congregation is scheduled to host a “Kids Cook Club” for those seven and above.

2020(8th of Av, 5780): Erev Tish’a B’Av;

2020: In Des Moines, IA, Tifereth Israel is scheduled to host a special “Top Sugyiot All Jews Should Know” class on the Rabbinic Story of Hurtful Words leading to the Destruction of the Temple.

2020: The Streicker Center is scheduled to host a book launch with Bernard-Henri Levy, author of The Virus in the Age of Madness and columnist Thomas Friedman.

2021: Chabad of the Delta is scheduled to offer a “Pop-Up Kosher Deli” with “an order-ahead menu that includes sandwiches on rye bread stuffed with deli meats from New York, pickles, potato knishes, coleslaw, challah, babka and more.

2021: The Jewish Community Center of the North Shore is scheduled to present Israeli Folk Dancing in Marblehead, MA.

2021: The OrShalom Jewish Community is scheduled to open the first in a four-part series on “Identity and Belonging Through Israeli Arts & Culture” with Vavi Toran.

2021: LBI is scheduled to present a lecture by Kerion Pim on Job: The Story of a Simple an by Joseph Roth which was published in 1930.

2022: Lockdown University is scheduled to host a webinar featuring Rabbi Shippel discussing this week’s

Torah Reading

2022(1st of Av, 5782): Rosh Chodesh Av

For more

2022: S.F. Jewish Film Festival is scheduled to host the first screening of “1982.”

2022: Free Admission Friday is scheduled at the Illinois Holocaust Museum

2022: Following yesterday’s dedicatory ceremonies, Israelis now have access to the world’s largest emergency room, an 8,000 square meter (86,000 square foot) facility, at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov) that includes self-triage upon check-in and robots to help you find your way.

2022:The Maryland-based Alexander Historical Auctions is scheduled to go ahead today with sale of Nazi paraphernalia that “includes personal items belong to Hitler and Eva Braun despite calls from the Brussels-based European Jewish Association (EJA) to cancel the auction.(As reported by Itamar Eichner)

2023: The Borscht Belt Fest created by the Catskills Borscht Belt Museum “which celebrates and pays homage to the Borscht Belt’s vibrant past” is scheduled to take place today in Ellenville NY.

2023: Starting today “Behind-the-scenes work of Cleveland photographer Jason Edleman are scheduled to be displayed in the Beck Center for the Arts’ MCAT Lobby Gallery and Main Building Studio Theater Gallery in Lakewood.

2023: An exhibition of Orit Ben Shirit’s video installations and paintings curated by Maureen Sullivan is scheduled to come to a close at “The Opening Gallery” in Tribeca.

2023(9th of Elul, 5783): Shabbat Nachamu; for more see