This Day, June 23, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L


79: Vespasian, the Roman general who was in the process of conquering Judea when he became Emperor, died.

79: Titus, the Roman general whom the Jews will always remember for the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple succeeded his father Vespasian as tenth Roman Emperor.

1295: The newly chosen head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Boniface VIII, entered Rome and spurned the Torah scrolls offered to him by the Jewish community.

1298: Massacre of the Jews of Wiener-Neustadt, Austria.

1550: “Queen Bona” awarded “the lease of the customs and inns of Pinsk, Kletzk and Gorodetzk for a term of years” Goshka Moshkevich and Nahum and Israel Yesofovich, the sons of Pesakh Yesofovich.

1608: Samuel Pallache “a Jewish-Moroccan merchant, diplomat and pirate met stadholder Maurice of Nassau and the States-General in The Hague to negotiate an alliance of mutual assistance against Spain.

1661: In spite of Spanish opposition, a marriage contract was signed between King Charles II of England and Catherine, the Duchess of Braganza which “was of benefit to the Marrano community” in several ways not the least of which was the arrival “the brother Duarte and Fracisco de Sylva, the Portuguese bankers of Amsterdam to whom was entrusted the management of the dowry that the” Portuguese noblewoman brought with her.

1696: Jews of Posen, Poland were saved from a mob set to avenge the murder of a soldier when a peasant woman who was seized carrying the victim's clothing, confessed to her son's murder.

1700: Solomon de Medina was dubbed a knight by William III.  He was the first Jew to receive this honor. Medina was military contractor who would provide invaluable aid to the Duke of Marlborough during the War of Spanish Succession.

1751: Dutch native Hyam Myers and Rachel Louzada, the parents of Belle Myers and the in-laws of Samuel Asher Levy were married today in New York.

1762: Today Mary Wilkinson married Joseph Priestly who in 1786, “published his Letter to the Jews urging them to convert” which brought a strong response from David Levi that “led to his three-volume Dissertation on the Prophecies of the Old Testament.

1779: Birthdate of Markus Bär Friedenthal who was a leading banker in Breslau where he was also active in Jewish communal affairs.

1784: Zipporah Levy and Benjamin Medes Seixas who were married at Philadelphia in 1779 gave birth to Abigail Seixas.

1785(15th of Tammuz, 5545): Ninety-year-old Arieh Loeb who had served as a rabbi in Frankfort before becoming the Grand Rabbi of Metz passed away today.

1786: Today, just ten years after its founding with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the United States enters into the world of Islam and the Middle East when it signed a treaty with the “Barbary Coast State of Morocco” that “formally ended all Moroccan piracy against American shipping interests.”  (Editor’s note – for the initiated, this would be the first of many agreements made in this part of the world by the United States that would not be honored and it shows that American interest in this part of the world existed long before the Zionist movement. For more see Power, Faith and Fantasy by Michael B. Oren)

1794: With the second partition of Poland additional territory was added to the Pale (the district in which the Jews were forced to live) that included parts of the Ukraine and the city of Kiev. Jews were granted permission by Empress Catherine II to settle in Kiev.

1807: Birthdate of Ferdinand Hitzig, one of a number of non-Jewish biblical critics who examined the Old Testament in light of the discoveries of archaeology and linguists who wrote commentaries on several books of the Bible starting with Isaiah in the 1830’s and ending with Proverbs in 1858.

1810 John Jacob Astor organized Pacific Fur Company at what is now Astoria, Oregon. There seems to be some dispute as to whether or not Astor was Jewish or "of Jewish origins."

1810: According to a report published today, “France had 250 Jewish manufacturers and 2, 360 Jews were in schools or were employed in ‘useful professions.’”

1815: Merlo ben Aaron Falk was buried today at the Alderney Road Jewish Road Cemetery.

1821(23rd of Sivan, 5581): Parashat Sh’lach read as Simon Bolivar prepares to fight the Battle of Carabobo which would gain Venezuela freedom from Spain.

1823: Mordecai Manuel Noah, an early American Jewish leader who dabbled in politics and journalism, wrote a twenty-page letter to President James Monroe seeking his support for William Crawford’s candidacy for President of the United States.  Crawford lost his bid which marked a decline in Noah’s self-appointed role a political kingmaker.

1836: “After traveling to Egypt, Rabbi Avraham Shlomo Zoref, together with the backing of the Austrian and Russian consuls in Alexandria, obtained the long-awaited firman for the reconstruction of the Hurva Synagogue.

1839: Birthdate of Philadelphian Simon Sterne who gained fame as an attorney and economist.

1839: Sixty-three-year-old Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope whose “archaeological expedition to Ashkelon in 1815 is considered the first modern excavation in the history of Holy Land archeology” passed away today. For more about her and her work see Memoirs of the Lady Hester Stanhope as related by herself in Conversations with her Physician by Dr. Charles Meryon.

1840: “A large Jewish public assembly met at the Great Synagogue of London to map out plans for the journey of Moses Montefiore to Egypt to intercede with Governor Mehmet Ali to release eight Damascene Jews who had been tortured and charged with a blood ritual, following the disappearance of Father Tomaso, head of the Capuchin cloister.” (As reported by Abraham Bloch)

1841: In Charleston, SC, Mr. M. Nathan married Ann Cohen the third daughter of Aaron N. Cohen.

1842: In Albany, NY, Sampson Rosendale and Fannie Sachs gave birth to Simon W. Rosendale, husband of Helen Cohen who became the first Jew elected to a statewide office in New York when he was elected State Attorney General. While he was active in many American Jewish organizations including the Jewish Publication Society, the American Jewish Historical Society and B’nai B’rith he was among those who signed an anti-Zionist memorandum given to President Wilson before the Versailles Peace Conference.

1846: Birthdate of French Egyptologist and student of the ancient middle east, Gaston Maspero.  His works included a report of what may have been the first “discovery of an Egyptian record in which the Hebrews are mentioned.”

1848: In Paris, tens of thousands of French workers took to the streets in what came to be known as “June Days of Uprisings” which would lead to the end of the Second Republic during which Jews had gained full rights including the declaration that the “Oath More Judaico” was unconstitutional in 1846>

1858: An incident, known as the Mortara Affair, began in Bologna: Edgardo Mortara, a seven year old Jewish boy, was kidnapped by the Roman Catholic Church on the pretext that a servant girl claimed that she had baptized him. The pope, Pious IX, refused to surrender him despite many protests. The combination of the Damascus affair and this affair led to unification among many Jews and later to the establishment of the Alliance Israelite.

1860: In Baltimore, the reconvened session of the Democratic National Convention which nominated Stephen A. Douglas for President and which Henry Myer Phillips attended as a delegation came to an end today.  (Editor’s note – the real significance of the convention was that it was part of the secessionists planned road to bring an end to the United States so that they could protect their slavocracy)

1861: In Dayton, OH, Jacob and Janette Ach gave birth to Ferdinand Ach, the husband of Carrie Kahn who was a director of both the Dayton Savings and Trust Company and the Liberty Insurance Company of Dayton, President of the National Coffee Roasters Association, a member of B’nai B’rith and President of “Congregation K.K. B’nai Yeshurun.”

1863: John Salmon a London born grocer and husband Catherine Polack with whom he had 8 children was burred today at the Brompton Jewish Cemetery.

1865: In Toledo, Ohio, Henry Calisch and Rebecca Van Norden gave birth to Edward N. Calisch the graduate of the University of Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College and University of Virginia (M.A.), the rabbi at Congregation Beth Ahaba in Richmond since 1891 and the author of “A Book of Prayer” and “A Child’s Bible.”

1865: As the Union Army was disbanded after the Civil War, Samuel B. Salsburg who had risen to the rank of Sergeant in Company C of the 138th Regiment and who had been wounded at the Battle of Monocacy in Maryland 11 months ago completed his military service today.

1866(10th of Tammuz, 5626): Parashat Chukat

1866(10th of Tammuz, 5626): Fifty-three-year-old physician and economist Sarphati Samuel, passed away in Amsterdam, the city of his birth.

1868(3rd of Tammuz, 5628): Rabbi Morris Jacob Raphall passed away. Born at Stockholm, Sweden, in 1798, “at the age of nine he was taken by his father, who was banker to the King of Sweden, to Copenhagen, where he was educated at the Hebrew grammar-school. Later he went to England, where he devoted himself to the study of languages, for the better acquisition of which he subsequently traveled in France, Germany, and Belgium. After lecturing on Hebrew poetry he began to publish the "Hebrew Review, and Magazine of Rabbinical Literature," which he was forced to discontinue in 1836 owing to ill health. For some time he acted as honorary secretary to Solomon Herschell, chief rabbi of Great Britain. He made translations from Maimonides, Albo, and Herz Wessely; conjointly with the Rev. D. A. de Sola he published a translation of eighteen treatises of the Mishnah; and he also began a translation of the Pentateuch, of which only one volume appeared. In 1840, when the blood accusation was made at Damascus, he published a refutation of it in four languages (Hebrew, English, French, and German) and wrote a defense of Judaism against an anonymous writer in the London "Times." In 1841 he was appointed minister of the Birmingham Synagogue and master of the school. He continued in these capacities for eight years, and then sailed for New York (1849). In that city he was appointed rabbi and preacher of the B'nei Jeshurun congregation, where he continued as pastor till 1866, his duties then being relaxed owing to his infirm health. Raphall was the author of a text-book of the post-Biblical history of the Jews (to the year 70 C.E.). He received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Erlangen (Germany).”

1869: In “Kirschseiffen, Germany, Sibilla Rothschild and her husband gave birth to Bernhard Rothschild , the husband of Henriette Rothschild who would die at Terezin during the Holocaust.

1872(17th of Sivan, 5632): Seventy-year-old Aaron Ben Asher of Karlin “also known as Rabbi Aaron II of Karlin” the famous Chasidic Rebbe whose daughter “Miriam, married Rabbi Avrohom Yaakov Friedeman the first Rebbe of the Sadigura Chasidic Dynasty” and the author of his seminal work Bet Aharon (Aaron’s House) passed away today.

1873: The children under the care of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum and Free School are scheduled to enjoy their first excursion of the summer today. Lewis S. Levy is the chairman of the committee that has organized the event.

1873: In Pawtucket, RI, “Alexander and Hannah (Falk) Strauss gave birth to Brown University undergraduate Israel Strauss, the Columbia University trained neurologist and Husband of “Hilda Newborg” who was the attending neurologist at Jewish Hospital, Mt. Sinai Hospital and Beth Moses Hospital while serving as “president of the Jewish Mental Health Association” and writing “numerous articles on the pathology and symptomatology of the nervous system.”

1873(1st of Tammuz, 5636): Rosch Chodesh Tammuz

1873: In Pawtucket, RI, Hannah Falk and Alexander Strauss gave birth to Brown University graduate and Columbia University trained neurologist Dr. Israel Strauss, the husband of Hilda Newborg and attending neurologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital, Beth Moses Hospital in Brooklyn who is the “author of numerous articles dealing with the pathology and symptomatology of the nervous system and a member of the American Jewish Physicians Society.

1873(1st of Tammuz, 5636): Seventy-five-year-old Seligman Ben Schemmel Landauer, the Bavarian born son of Rebecca and Samuel Joseph Arjeh Landauer and the husband of Zirle (Cilli) Landauer today.

1876(1st of Tammuz, 5636): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1876(1st of Tammuz, 5636): Seventy-five-year-old Seligman Ben Schemmel Landauer, the Bavarian born on of Samuel Joseph Arjeh Landauer and Rebecca Breindl Landauer and husband of Zirle (Cilli) Landauer passed away today.

1876: It was reported today that an unnamed Moor stabbed eleven Jews with a dagger at Alcassar in the province of Fez, Morocco. Among the victims was Moses Abecasis. The Moor, who has been arrested, insists that “he was not aware of what he was doing when he committed the crimes.”  The British and Italian Vice Consuls have insisted that the provincial governor and the leading citizens of Alcasar  “have a signed a document guaranteeing the lives and property of foreign Jews” living there.

1877: At Ahaveth Chesed on the corner of Lexington and 55th in New York City, Rabbi Adolph Huesbech delivered a sermon based on Deuteronomy X:12, “And now, Israel, what doth the Lord thy God require of thee but to fear thy God, to walk in all His ways, and to love Him and serve the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul.”  In the course of the sermon he spoke about the recent events surrounding the banning of Jews by Judge Hilton which he referred to as the “grievous occurrences of the past few days.”  While he abhors boasting, he believes that “the Jewish name must always be held in honor.” He decried the fact that the Jews “had been placed in a false position”  by this member of the nouveau riche who had used his newly “attained social eminence” to arouse enmity aimed at the Jews.  In the end, the Rabbi said he would fail.  “The Hiltons will die away but the principle of liberty as embodied in the American Constitution will live forever.

1877: Rabbi Samuel Isaacs, the leader of New York’s Gates of Prayer, described the negative impact that Judge Hilton’s behavior would have on English Jewish leaders including the Rothschilds and Sir Moses Montefiore who is “personal and esteemed friend of Queen Victoria.”  They have always viewed the United States as a place where Jews were treated with the utmost “consideration and courtesy”; a situation similar to the treatment of Jews in the United Kingdom.  If the Queen can count Montifore among her friends, certainly Judge Hilton could treat a person like Mr. Seligman with “common civility.”  When asked Judge Hilton’s attempt to draw a distinction between “trade Jews and real “Hebrews, Rabbi Isaacs responded by recalling the “the words of the late Baron James Rothschild of Paris. ‘When we are poor and ignorant we Jews; when we are well to do we become Israelites; when we are rich and influential we are called Hebrews.’” Judge Hilton is trying to create a distinction that does not exist as a face-saving maneuver.

1877: “The Jewish Question” published today reported that both sides in the dispute touched off by Judge Hilton’s banning of Jews from the Grand Union Hotel seemed to hold firm to their previously stated positions.  Various Jewish leaders, including Mr. Seligman’s attorney have advised against any further public discussions or meetings on the matter.  They are reassured by the public response and the decision by some not to do business with the firm controlled by Hilton.  Hilton will not change his policy and still claims that he does not dislike Jews.  After all, the messenger to whom he entrusts thousands of dollars each day is Jewish.

1878: In Lithuania, Rebecca Port and Haskell Lourie gave birth to Boston University Law School graduate and Massachusetts Superior Court Justice David Abraham Lourie, the husband of Annie Florene Richmond and director of Temple Mishka Tefilah who supported a wide variety of Jewish organization including the Hebrew Free Loan Association, the Bureau of Jewish Education in Boston n the American Jewish Committee.

1878: “The Jews and Titus,” an article published today, that originally appeared in the English publication, Fraser’s Magazine reviews events surrounding the decision of Titus to destroy Jerusalem and the Temple. The article points out that the Jews had a favorable impact on the western world in the era between Antiochus and Nero. Among other things the Jews are industrious and hardworking just like the people living “in the American Union are at Salt Lake.”  Even their leaders worked at “mechanical labor or rustic art.”  Even the Roman historian Tacitus acknowledged the virtues of the Jews.  When Titus conferred with his officers about sparing the Temple, they urged him to destroy it and the rest of the city as well.  Jerusalem had been the source of “two detestable religions, the Jewish and the Christian, which best be destroyed by uprooting their original home…”  Despite Roman cruelty and oppression which followed by “Christian animosity”  “the Jews and their religion” have survived without any deterioration over the centuries.  Unfortunately, the article concludes, the Jews “still have to plead for toleration and from justice Slavonic Europe.”

1879: The Literary Notes Column reported that “Mr. Nutt, the Librarian of the Bodleian Library at Oxford University has edited” a manuscript in the library’s possession that is “a commentary on Isaiah” written “by Rabbi Eleazar of Beaugency.”  Nutt has included a preface that provides “a valuable account of Bibilical exegesis among the Spanish and French Jews of the Middle Ages. [Eleazar was a 12th century French Biblical commentary who lived at Beaugency. He was a “pupil of Samuel ben Meïr, the eminent grandson of Rashi.”]

1880: The Young Men’s Hebrew Association of Harlem is sponsoring a strawberry festival this evening which is designed to raise funds for a gymnasium to be used by the members.

1880: Joseph Lipkie married Rachel Davies in the United Kingdom

1881: Seventy-seven-year-old German botanist Matthias Jakob Schleiden, a co-founder of the “cell theory” whose writings on Judaism “contrast with the academic anti-Semitism of his time” but “also break with the anti-Judaism of Kant and Fries.” “Schleiden's apology for Judaism is shown to be deeply rooted in his ideas about scientific progress, especially his methodology of microscopic botany.” (As presented by Ulrich Charpa)

1882: Rabbi Levy arrived at the New York office of the Hebrew Emigrant Aid Society from South Carolina. He told those in charge that the European Jewish refugees “were unfit” for the work “on Southern Plantations.”  He brought 11 of the 30 refugees who had been placed in his care with him to New York.  He thinks that they could be successful working on small vegetable farms. [This was part of the move to create agrarian opportunities for the horde of Jewish refugees fleeing Eastern Europe.]

1882: “Is He Sane Or Insane” published today described the travails of Samuel Obright who has been committed to Middletown Lunatic Asylum.  His wife, whom he married only a few days ago, contends that his family and friends had him committed because Obright who is Jewish chose to marry a Christian. The judge has ordered him held in the custody of the Sheriff until the matter can be decided.

1882: It was reported today that Dr. Julius Goldman had delivered a report to the Hebrew Emigrant Aid Society entitled “Colonizing the Russian Refugees” and not Dr. Julius Goodman as stated in an earlier article.

1883: In Chicago, Illinois, “Samuel and Lena (Alexander) Taussig gave birth to University of Chicago graduate Frances Taussig, the social worker who was the “executive director of the Jewish Family Service in New York City.”

1883:  As anti-Jewish riots resumed today in St. Gall, Switzerland, dismounted dragoons were called out to disperse the mob.

1883: It was reported today that those wishing to make contributions to support the upcoming summer excursions sponsored by the Sanitarium for Hebrew Children can be sent to John Davis.

1883: “Blood in Passover” published today described a trial at Nyreghhaza, Hungary, where “a number of Jews are accused of having murdered a Christian girl at Tisza-Ezlar for the sake of using her blood to mix with their Passover bread.” The article conclude with “a Catholic priest admitted that he was the author of an anonymous attack on the Jews accusing them of the murder of the girl.”

1884(30th of Sivan, 5644): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1884: In Southern Russia, fighting broke out between Jews and Armenians at Titlis.

1884: Birthdate of the pro-Nazi German actor Werner Krauss who “simultaneously played the roles of several stereotypical Jewish characters – among them Rabbi Loew and Sekretar Levy – in Veit Harlan's anti-Semitic propaganda film Jud Süß (1940), implementing Harlan's concept of a common Jewish root and Shylock in Lothar Müthel's extreme production of The Merchant of Venice staged at the Burgtheater in 1943 which made him a person favorite of Hitler.

1885: Mr. Julius Bien of New York, President of the B’nai B’rith opened a meeting of the Jewish organization in Berlin. He was assisted in his efforts by Isaac Hamburger of New York and Henry Gruenbaum of Chicago.

1886: It was reported today that Harris Cohen had been awarded the Lewis May Award at a reception sponsored by the Hebrew Technical Institute. Samuel Sass won the Carl Schurz Prize for the best essay on technical education.

1887: Birthdate of Hugo Hermann the Moravian born author, publisher and Zionist leader who died in Jerusalem in 1940.

1887: In New York City, Daniel Henry Cardozo, Sr., the New York born son of Sarah and Abraham Hart Cardoza and his wife Clara Cardoza gave birth to Daniel Henry Cardozo, Jr.

1887(1st of Tammuz, 5647): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1887(1st of Tammuz, 5647): Joseph Freedman, a Russian-Jew who was a tin peddler died this evening at P.J. Kelly’s furniture store in New Haven, Conn.

1888(14th of Tammuz, 5648): Parashat Balak

1888: The Eldridge Street Synagogue was filled with congregants for today’s memorial service held in honor of the late German Emperor. Rabbi Zinsler of the Henry Street Synagogue delivered a eulogy in German followed by Coroner Ferdinand Levy who delivered a eulogy in English.  [This was just one of many such services held by the Jews to honor the late Kaiser.]

1888: Emile Hirsch, who serves as the Rabbi at Temple Sinai in Chicago returned to the Windy City after a brief visit to New Orleans.

1888: This evening Rabbi Emile Hirsch addressed his congregation in Chicago outlined his view on inter-marriage, declaring that “Judaism was more than a religion or a creed…Judaism is a mission and a message of loved and righteousness.”

1889: “In the Catskill Mountains” published today described the opening of the various hostelries in this New York vacation venue including the fact that “the anti-Hebrew crusade is practically a matter of the past.”  Generally speaking this movement was confined to the cottages at Pine Hill where Gentiles and Jews are equally welcome provided they can afford to pay the fee for entertainment which can be as much as one hundred dollars a week. [For those who connect the Catskills with the Borscht Belt, the idea of Jews being banned must seem a little strange.]

1890: The reviewer of The Origin of the Aryans by Isaac Taylor longs “for the old days when it was comfortably agreed that Hebrew was the ‘oldest language’ and all the rest made their appearance on a certain occasion when the descendants of Noah were rebuked for their impiety and pride by the destruction of the Tower of Babel.”

1890:  In New York, the Coroner is investigating the death of 35-year-old Hyman Harrowitz, a Russian Jew who died from ammonia poisoning.  At first, it was thought he died at his own hand, but based on statements by his brother and friends, he may have been given the wrong medicine by the local druggist which led to his death.

1890: Famed English archeologist Flinders Pitre has complained that the authors of Art in Sardinia, Syria, Judaea and Asia, Georges Perrot and Charles Chipiez “have omitted several Jewish antiquities in their profusely-illustrated volumes. The omissions are important because of the great scarity of objects of art or architecture which can be assigned to the Jews.”

1892: In Manhattan, Zelda and Morris (or Milton or Moshe) Kiviat gave birth to middle distance runner and Olympic Medalist Abel Richard Kivat.

1892: During the Dreyfus Affair, the Marquis de Mores mortally wounded Captain Armand Mayer in a duel that the anti-Semitic noble had forced on the Jewish officer. Mayer would die a couple of days later from his wounds.

1892: In Chicago, the Democratic National Convention where George Washington Ochs Oakes, a delegate from Tennessee, second “on behalf of his state the nomination of Grover Cleveland who went on to win the election in November, came to an end toda

1892: The military band of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum played the opening march at the annual reception and commencement exercises of Grammar School Number 43 on Amsterdam Avenue in NYC.

1893: “Swears Back What He Swore” published today provides a snapshot of the controversy surrounding the efforts of those aggressively trying to convert Jews living on the Lower East Side which are being resisted  by the United Hebrew Charities which feels these people are the victims of coercion and deception.

1894:  The Jesse Seligman Literary Circle, a new Hebrew social and literary society has been organized in Orange, NJ

1895: “An East Side Charity” published today traced the history of the Hebrew Sheltering House where “the homeless and hungry are cared for without inquiring in their religious faith…”  The charity located on New York’s lower east side is a creation of the Russian Jews who provide all of the funds for its operation with the exception of $7000 given by Jacob Schiff.

1896: Herzl is received as a journalist of the Neue Freie Presse. Herzl offers that the Jews would undertake the regulation of the Turkish finances if they were given Palestine. Herzl cannot obtain an audience with the Sultan.

1896: “Abram and Sarah (Davis) Skirball” gave birth to Hebrew Union College and Western Reserve graduate J. H. Skirball who began his career as the Assistant Rabbi at the Euclid Avenue Temple in Cleveland before assuming the pulpit at the Temple in Evansville, IN where he was active in a number of civic and charitable institutions including the Community Chest, Big Brothers Association and the Anti-Tuberculosis League.

1897: Isabella Levy, the native of Middlesex and fifth daughter of Henry Levy was buried today at the Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1897: The will of the late Moritz Cohn was filed for probate in the Surrogate’s office today.

1898: The funeral for Getta Schole, is scheduled to be held at the Crematory, Fresh Pond, Long Island.  Mrs. Scholle is the widow of Jacob Scholle and was the Vice President of the Home for Aged and Infirm Hebrews and a Directress of The Ladies’ Auxiliary Society for the Montefiore Home for Chronic Invalids.

1898: President James H. Hoffman delivered the opening address at the commencement exercises of the Hebrew Technical Institute which were held at Cooper Union.

1899: Joseph I. Leiner was the salutatorian and valedictorian of this year’s graduating class of the Hebrew Technical Institute for which he earned the Fred M. Stein Prize, the Carl Schurz Prize and a special prize for his accomplishments.

1899: New De Hirsch Fund” published today reported that “a part of the income…of the Baron de Hirsch Fund allotted to America” will be used to improve conditions in Brownsville, a section of Brooklyn with a large Jewish population.  The project is being spearheaded by Abraham Abraham, a Brooklyn merchant and A.S. Solomon, the general agent of the Baron de Hirsch Fund in New York.

1900(26th of Sivan, 5660): Parashat Sh’lach

1900: Louis Friedman, Joseph Goldstein and Morris Slepp, three Russian Jews “who were arrested yesterday and charged with maintaining an illicit distillery in the resident section of Mount Vernon” were arraigned today/

1901(6th of Tammuz, 5661): Eighty-seven-year-old British composer and pianist Charles Salaman passed away.  In addition to his purely secular successes, Salaman created a musical version of Psalm 93 which is “sung on most Friday nights in the Sabbath eve service of the London Spanish & Portuguese Jewish community”

1902: University of Buffalo trained medical doctor and professor of gastroenterology and dietetics at Wayne University College of Medicine Charles Dettie Aaron, the Lockport, NY born son of Hanna Barnett and Abraham Higham Aaron married Winifred Comstock today.

1902: Lord Alfred Milner, a friend of Leonard Montefiore who wrote a foreward to “Montefiore’s posthumously published ‘Essays and Letters’,” bean serving as 1st Governor of the Transvaal and Orange River Colony

1903 Johns Hopkins and Columbia University alum and Joseph N. Ullman, the Baltimore born son of “Nathan and Dina (Oppenheim) Ulman  the lawyer, Baltimore Judge and member of the University of Maryland Law School faculty  who was President of the Hebrew Benevolent Society of Baltimore, director of the Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore married the former Ella Guggenheimer today.

1904: The Republican Convention where Theodore Roosevelt who had very positive relations with the Jewish community was nominated for a second term, came to an end today in Chicago.

1905: Birthdate of artist Samuel Greenburg, the Ukraine native not to confused with poet Samuel Bernard Greenburg.

1905 Birthdate of Cape Town native and pioneering anthropologist Isaac Schapera.

1906: Birthdate of Sadie Marks, the native of Seattle, Washington, who gained fame as Mary Livingston “the wife and radio partner of Jack Benny.”  (Nobody would have thought that this All-American looking couple were really the children of Jewish immigrants.)

1907: In Chicago members of Emanuel Congregation, a reform temple founded in 1880, dedicated the cornerstone for their new facility on Buckingham Street near Halsted.

1907: “Moscowitz, the Madison Street baker was preparing to ‘Coney Island’ himself at noon” today “ when his ten year-old-son Heiney ran into the house and told him that Israel Metz, the twelve-year-old son of Aaron Metz had grown three new sets of teeth in the night” which set off a chain of events  that led to the appointment of  a committee to investigate reports that Controller Metz “was showing his teeth and was about to cause trouble” for people in the Mayor’s office.

1907: In New York City, Hungarian jews Ida Friedmann and Alexandr Pollacsek gave birth to Sidney Edward Pollacsek who gained fame as Edward Pola, the “actor, songwriter and radio/television producer” who “scored Harmony Heaven, one of England’s first sound films.”

1908: Birthdate of  NYU graduate and WW II Army Air Forces veteran Manuel Siwek, who as president of Grosset & Dunlap, the book publisher, introduced a concept of mass marketing for books who was the husband of the former Pauline Fancher with whom he raised two children – Donald and Alexandra.

1908: “ Jew Baiters Sentenced” published today reported that sentences have been down “in the case of the participators in the Jewish massacre of 1905 at Bialystok, when 11 Christians and 73 Jews were killed, and 23 Christians and 82 Jews were wounded.”

1909: Helen Rosenfield of Portland, Oregon who passed away in 1950 married Rabbi Jonah Bondi Wise at the time was the spiritual leader of Temple Beth Israel He passed away in 1959

1909: Birthdate of political philosopher Valentin Feldman, the native of St. Petersburg who took refuge in France after the Russian Civil War only to perish at the hands of the Nazis during the Occupation.

1909: It was reported today that  Alfred Seligman is one of the three members of the Louisville, KY, Sewer Commission which is finally moving forward on the construction of a sewer system that had first been talked about 18 years ago.

1909: Birthdate of Berlin native Liselotte Herman, the mother of a four-year-old son whose husband Fritz died in Gestapo custody and who was guillotined at the age of 28 after having been convicted for opposing the Nazi regime. (She was not Jewish, but it is important to remember those who sacrificed to hold back the Night)

1909: Birthdate of Leo Hurwitz, the native of the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, brother of dancer Sophia Delza and psychoanalyst Marie Briehl  and Emmy and Peabody award winning documentary filmmaker who was blacklisted during the McCarthy period.

1910: It was reported today that sixteen Jews have been expelled in Kiev, twelve from Solomenka and eight from Demieffka.

1911: Birthdate of New York native Hannah Weinstein the television producer and political activist who worked in the campaigns of Fiorello La Guardia, Franklin Roosevelt and Henry Wallace

1912(8th of Tammuz, 5672): Polish immigrant Samuel Lapowski, the husband of Bertha Stenbock and the father of financier Clarence Dillon (Clarence Lapowski), the financier who is the “Dillon” in Dillon, Read and Company passed away today in San Francisco.

1912: Dr. Philip Klein, Professor Mordecai M. Kaplan and Dr. J.L. Magnes are scheduled to be three of the speakers at the memorial services being held this afternoon “in honor of Sender Jarmulowsky, under the auspices of Congregation Derech Emunoh…”

1913: Birthdate of Philadelphia, PA native and Yale trained pediatric nurse Francis  Marie Fleisher Dolowitz, the wife of David A. Dolowitz who settled in Salt Lake City and was an officer of the National Council Jewish Women.

1913: Birthdate of  New York City and social worker Maxwell W. Luchs, a director of the welfare funds for the American Jewish Congress who had joined the American Jewish in 1949 after having served as an overseas personnel director for the Joint Distribution Committee and as field secretary of the Michigan State Resettlement Service for Refugees.

1913: “Rumanian Jews” published today reported that “a strong organization” has been formed in the United States, including “men of all parties and various forms of religious beliefs,” with “the immediate objective of which will be to secure action by the governments which are parties to the treaty of Berlin” to make the Romanian government comply with the agreement that requires Jews in Romania be treated as full citizens.

1914: Today is the last day to sign up for the sixth annual Tennis Tournament sponsored by the Chicago Hebrew Institute.

1914: Rabbi Joseph of Chicago’s Isaiah Tempe is scheduled to leave for Detroit where he will attend the Central Conference of American Rabbis and then go on to spend his vacation in Syracuse and Wisconsin

1914(23rd of Sivan, 5674): Forty-six-year-old Isidor Wormser, the son of the late Simon Wormser and the Uncle of the late Isidor Wormser passed away at his home in France today. He had retired from the banking business several years ago and moved abroad because of his ill health.

1914(23rd of Sivan, 5674): Isaac L. Mintz who moved from Russia to Charleston, SC before settling in New York in 1899 where he “engaged in the manufacture of clothing” passed away today.

1915: “Jewish Communal Workers Unite” published today described the organization of an upcoming “training school for Jewish communal workers” which “will enable those engaged in Jewish charitable labors to exchange in views.”

1915: “Rumors of a possible attack on the Georgia Prison Farm” at Milledgeville, GA, “where Leo M. Frank is confined, caused the management of the farm to increase the number of guards on both day and night duty.”

1915: “A committee of Atlanta Jews today made an appeal to Solicitor General Hugh Dorsey, who prosecuted Leo M. Frank, in behalf of their co-religionists at Marietta, where it was asserted that a movement had been initiated to drive the Jews from the city as a result of the feeling aroused by the action of Governor Slaton in commuting Frank’s death sentence.”

1915: Thirty-four of those arrested by police during the protests against Governor Slaton had hearings in Police Court where eight cases were dismissed and nominal fines were imposed in eleven of the cases including a fine levied of $15.75 imposed on “J.A. Bozeman, a policeman who said he would lead a crowd to the Governor’s home.”

1915: Birthdate of Joseph Greenberg, the husband of the former Marilyn Green with whom he had two children, LouEllen and William.

1916: “At the request of President Adolph Kraus of the order of B’nai B’rith, a committee of the American League of Romanian Jews met in conference with him” today “at the Hotel Astor, to arrange for a national and international co-operative effort toward securing for the Jews in Romania equal civil, economic and political rights with the citizens of that country.”

1916: “The Executive Committee of the Independent Order of B’nai B’rith decided” today “that the order could not participate in the projected Jewish congress in this country because as an international organization it could not in the spirit of its constitution commit the European membership to the action of an assemblage composed exclusively of American Jews.”

1916: The Executive Committee of the Independent Order of B’nai B’rith elected Henry Morgenthau as a member at large and appropriated an additional $5,000 for the relief of Romanian Jews.

1917: As part of the Allied drive to dislodge the Turks from Palestine, a move supported by the Zionists, British aircraft bombed the railway station at Tulkarm, the airfield at Ramleh and the German military headquarters in Jerusalem, located in the August Victoria church and sanatorium on the summit of the Mount of Olives

1917: In Brooklyn, the United Dramatic Circle performed “The Marriage Broker” in Yiddish as a benefit for the Mother’s Club.

1917: Special Shabbat Morning Services will be held in Baltimore, MD prior to the opening of the Twentieth Annual Convention of the Federation of Americans Zionists.

1917: In Brooklyn, the United Dramatic Circle performed “The Marriage Broker,” a Yiddish play “for the benefit of the Mother’s Club.”

1918: The twenty-first annual convention of the Federation of American Zionists opened today in Pittsburgh, PA with a pledge of “loyal support and unlimited aid of a united Jewry in the battle for democracy” delivered by Julian W. Mack of Chicago.

1918: “Jew Has High Rank In British Army” published today traces the career of Sir John Monash, the Australian Jew who has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and given command of a British Army Corps.

1918: NYU trained attorney Samuel Markewich, the Lomza, Poland, born son Morris and Hanna Rachel Markewich who was a partner in the firm of Kopp, Markewich and Perlman who “as assistant district attorney investigated and exposed a conspiracy against twenty-eight Jewish labor leader married Ida Jackson today.

1919: “A pogrom took place today at Skvria in which 45 Jews were massacred, many were severely wounded, and 35 Jewish women were raped by army insurgents. As Whites, Reds and Cossacks battled for control of Russia during the Russian Civil War a series of pogroms took place in and around Kiev known as the Kiev Pogroms.

1919: Birthdate of Nathan Cohen, the Brooklyn born son of a New York publicist who would gain fame as Lee Solters, “a foxy, flamboyant press agent who cranked up his raspy Brooklyn-accented voice to hyperbolize about Broadway, Hollywood and a raft of clients including Frank Sintra, Dolly Parton, Paul McCartney and Wings, Led Zeppelin, Gregory Peck, Cary Grant, the Muppets, Mae West and Michael Jackson. When he passed away in 2009, the New York Times would describe him as, “One of the last surviving links to a Runyonesque era when publicists would slip items to columnists at 1am over drinks at the landmark Manhattan bar Toots Shor's, Solters was a prominent press agent – or "flack", as the Americans call them – during the years when it was routine to "plant" items about stars in showbusiness columns by such gossip writers as Hedda Hopper and Walter Winchell. Over more than 40 years the gravel-voiced Solters handled more than 300 shows, including the Broadway musicals Annie, Guys and Dolls, My Fair Lady and Camelot, “major motion pictures including The Graduate and the hit television series, “Dallas.”

1919: After serving in the position for all of World War I, Sidney Sonnion completed almost five years of service as Italy’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

1919: As the negotiations to conclude the Treaty of Versailles, Gustav Bauer, the head of the new German government gave in to the Allied ultimatum and sent a telegram confirming that “a German delegation would arrive to sign the treaty.”

1920:Attorney and decorated WWI veteran  Milton J. Foreman, the Chicago born son of Mary Hoffman and Jospeh Hoffman, the holder of DSC, DSM and Silver Star was promoted today to the rank of Brigadier General in the Illinois National Guard.

1920: In “Want’s More Jewish History” a letter today “L. Sternberg” of Gainesville, FL expressed his appreciation for The American Hebrew’s fight against anti-Semitism while asking that the paper “give us some” more about “the Jewish ancient history” so we would not forget “our younger day’s teaching about the Jewish religion.

1920: Dr. Louis Gross officiated at the wedding of Miss Mildred B. Behrend, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Behrend and Bertrand Weiss who served as a Lieutenant in the Ordinance Department in the Navy and who was the son of New Yorkers Mr. and Mrs. Albert Weiss.

1921(17th of Sivan, 5681): “Communal worker” David Stanfield passed away today in South Africa.

1922: Today, in an editorial The Detroit Jewish  did acknowledge that Naval Academy graduate Leonard Kaplan who caricatured in the school’s yearbook as a character named “Porky” “was a victim of antisemitism but did not view antisemitism as endemic in America” stating that“The Kaplan incident is to be greatly regretted, but it is not at all to be interpreted as a sign of the times.”

1922: Prominent New York attorney, Republican political leader and civic benefactor Edward Lauterbach paid tribute to the late Louis Stern, the longtime President of Stern Brothers who passed away while vacationing in Europe. He described his friend of 40 years as “Genial, kind hearted, good humored and never making an enemy in all his life…” While Stern was active in numerous civic and Jewish charities Lauterbach thinks “that the greatest achievement of Louis Stern was what he did for the benefit of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum” which he served as President for twenty years.

1923: In Dallas, TX, grocery store owners Harry and Chaya Ruchel Andres gave birth to “Dr. Reubin Andres, a gerontologist who advanced the study of diabetes but gained his widest attention for arguing controversially that weight gain in older people increases longevity.” (As reported by Leslie Kaufman)

1924: It was reported today that more than six thousand Jews “who had left their homes in Eastern Europe to come to America were stranded at European ports because of the quotas” newly established by Congress.

1925(1st of Tammuz, 5685): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1925: In “Hampstead, London, England,” “Céline (née Aronowitz) and Harry Samuels, a barrister, who specialized in industrial and trade union law gave birth to Miriam Samuels who gained gamed as English actress Miriam Karlin, a member of the “Anti-Nazi League” many of whose extended family members had been murdered at Auschwitz.

1925: In Houston, TX, Adolph and Marian (née Davidson) Blieden gave birth to Ivan Lawrence Blieden who gained fame as actor Larry Blyden.

1925: In Brooklyn George L. and Kitty Maizman Modell gave birth to Arthur Bertam Modell whom the world will remember as Art Modell, the owner of the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens.

1926: In Indianapolis, IN, Charles Fisher Kahn and Jennie Mack Kahn gave birth to Rosanne Kahn who became Rosanne (Susie) Berman which she married Robert Nathan Berman.

1926: The College Board administers the first SAT exam. “In 1926, Harvard and other Ivy League schools began using the SAT test to replace the admissions test on which urban Jews had performed well.” This was part of an overall attempt to limit Jewish attendance at these elite schools. “The SAT was grounded in the earlier Ellis Island and U.S. Army World War I tests in which Jews, among others, had performed poorly. That the poor performance was largely based on the lower literacy of the foreigners and their unfamiliarity with English and American terminology was not perceived to be the principal cause for the poor test performance. Here was a test that had provided evidence Jews did not perform well; its use might help bring about the desired results. Moreover, the fact that some of the SAT questions were developed and tested on Princeton freshman and Cooper Union students (all scholarship recipients), demonstrated that smart Gentiles did well on the tests. Ironically, as time passed and Jews became literate, absorbed American terminology, and learned how to take such tests, the outcomes completely reversed. But that was in the future and not anticipated when SAT testing began in 1926”.

1927: In Atlantic City, “Mrs. Irma L. Lindheim, National President, reported today at the opening session of the thirteenth annual convention of Hadassah that American women raised $750,00 for Palestine in the year ending on June 1.

1928: It was reported today that New York State Supreme Court Justice has ruled on the custody of the sons of Louis Lowenstein their father who is  the brother-in-law of Supreme Court Justice Frankenthaler will have custody of the boys but their mother Ralphine Lowenstein will have limited visitation rights.

1928: Today, in New York Mayor Walker “announced the formation of a Mayo’s Committee on Citizenship whose members including Abram I. Elkus, Rabbi S.S. Wise and Paul and Felix Warburg.

1928: The national finals of Young Judea National Oratorical Contest is scheduled to begin today at Long Branch, NJ.

1929: It was reported today that “under a unanimous decision by the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, Abraham J. Michlbacher, son of Solomon Michelbacher, a member of the New York Cotton Exchange who died in August 1916, must account as executor for $250,000 of the estate of his mother, Ella Michelbacher who died in May, 1924”

1929: Birthdate of Simcha Dinitz “an Israeli statesman and politician” who “served as Director General of the Prime Minister's office and political advisor to Prime Minister Golda Meir from 1969–1973, before becoming the Israeli Ambassador to the United States from 1973 to 1979.


1929: In Ozone Park, Queens, Dr. Edward Edelman and his wife, the former Anna Freedman gave birth to Gerald Maurice Edelman who won the 1972 Nobel Prize “for a breakthrough in immunology.” (As reported by Bruce Weber)


1929: Birthdate of Polish born Australian businessman Abraham “Abe” Goldberg who, in 1948 arrived in Australia where found the Linter Group and then became embroiled in financial scandal.

1930: Birthdate of Harvey Slom Ginsberg, the Bangor, Maine native “a New York book editor who served long tenures at G. P. Putnam’s Sons, Harper & Row and William Morrow & Company, and whose most loyal writers included John Irving and Saul Bellow… His relationship with Mr. Bellow began at Harper & Row with Mr. Bellow’s book “The Dean’s December,” published in 1981. Mr. Ginsberg subsequently left Harper for Morrow, and for his next novel, “More Die of Heartbreak,” Mr. Bellow followed him. Mr. Ginsberg began his long partnership with Mr. Irving on the novel “The Cider House Rules,” published by Morrow in 1985, and he edited five other novels by Mr. Irving as well; they continued to work together through 2005 on a freelance basis even after Mr. Irving moved to another publishing house. His taste was high-minded, but he enjoyed a well-executed popular novel as well. In 1975 he edited “Black Sunday,” a first novel about a terror attack at the Super Bowl whose author, Thomas Harris, went on to write novels featuring the man/monster Hannibal Lecter”

1930(27th of Sivan, 5690): Sixty-six-year-old Professor of English Language and Literature at King’s College Sir Israel Gollancz, a founding member of the British Academy who served as its first secretary passed away today.

1930: Bantamweight Herman “Kid” Silvers (Herman Silverberg) fought his final bout, a defeat that left him with a lifetime record of 16 win, 15 losses and 4 draws.

1930(27th of Sivan, 5690): Seventy-year-old Rabbi Maurice Henry Harris, the London born son of Rachel Lewis and Henry Harris and the husband of Kitty Green, the holder of three degrees of Columbia and founder of Hand in Synagogue in Harlem which later became Temple Israel who was “a pioneer in the settlement house movement” and President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis passed away today at Mt. Sinai Hospital.

1931: “Anti-Semitic disorders among students of the University of Vienna followed a decision today by the Austrian Constitutional Court that the famous "Students' Racial Regulation" was unconstitutional and must be set aside.”

1932:Today Bernard G. Richards, announced the opening of the Jewish Information Bureau of which he is the director and whose purposed is “to assist Jewish people in affairs affecting their interests and to help promote understanding between Jews and non-Jews…”

1933: Historian Abram L. Sachar and his wife Thelma gave birth to the University of Pennsylvania trained psychiatrist. (As reported by Walter H. Waggoner)

1933: Twenty-seven-year-old Harvard trained physician Henry Jacob Bakst, the Providence, RI born son of Adolph and Sophie Bask married Ruth Elene Miller, the mother of David Allan Bakst, the dean of the School of Medicine at Boston University.

1934(10th of Tammuz, 5694)  Parashat Chukat

1934: “Art Trouble” starring Shemp Howard (one of the original 3 Stooges) was released in the United States today.

1934: In Manhattan, at the New People’s Synagogue, Rabbi Samuel Buchler is scheduled to deliver a sermon on “Are We a Superstitious People?”

1934: In Manhattan, at Congregation Rodeph Shalom, Dr. Louis I. Newman is scheduled to deliver a sermon on “Von Papen’s Speech and the Coming Collapse of Hitlerism.”

1935: Birthdate of gold medal winning Hungarian water polo player György Kárpáti

1936: Samuel Untermeyer was among the delegates who attended the opening of the National Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA.

1936: “As the Arab anti-Jewish campaign continued” “a passenger on a Jewish owned bus was killed and three others were wounded today by rifle fire near Rosh Pinah.”

1936: In Cape May, NJ, Dr. Felix A. Levy of Chicago attacked fascism and communism at the opening session of the 47th annual convention of the Central Conference of American Rabbis of America which was attended by “more than 200 rabbis from all parts of the country.”

1936: In Bucharest, as “rioting by reactionary students’ organizations” continued tonight the windows of Jewish lawyers and doctors were smashed after which many of the offices were plundered.

1937: George Gershwin was admitted to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital In Los Angeles for observation after a series of health problems including headaches and mood swings.

1937: Radio station WJZ in New York broadcast “Easy Aces” at 7 pm.

1937: “Bans Shakespeare Play” published today described the successful fight led by Maurice Tobin to ban the “reading of ‘Merchant of Venice’ in Boston Schools as result of complaints that the character of ‘Shylock’ was offensive to the Jewish race..”

1937: Birthdate of real estate developer John E. Zucotti, the husband Susan Sessions Zucotti  the American historians whose studies and books about the Holocaust won her a National Jewish Book Award for Holocuast Studies whose works included Under His Very Windows: The Vatican and the Holocaust in Italy and Pere Marie-Benoit and Jewish Rescue.

1938: Four persons were killed and at least a dozen seriously wounded in a series of shootings in Jaffa today. With heavy police reinforcements, scores were beaten by police clubs. Many bystanders were roughly handled by crowds. Residents of Jaffa’s Jewish quarter fled out of fear most of them heading for near-by Tel Aviv.

1938: In explaining her motivation to become a rabbi, Regina Jonas, the first woman to be ordained said today. ““If I confess what motivated me, a woman, to become a rabbi, two things come to mind. My belief in God’s calling and my love of humans. God planted in our heart skills and a vocation without asking about gender. Therefore, it is the duty of men and women alike to work and create according to the skills given by God.”  (She would perform her duties in Theresienstadt before being murdered at Auschwitz Jewish Women’s Archive)

1938: In New York City, David and Sylvia P. (Saffran) Shestrack gave birth to Wesleyan University and Harvard trained museum curator Alan Shestrack, the husband of Nancy Jane Davidson

1938: “Three Jewish farmers from the Zichron Jacob mysteriously disappeared this afternoon.  It is believed they were kidnapped by armed Arabs and carried off to the hills.

1939(6th of Tammuz, 5699): Ninety-year-old Lean Biela passed away today in Charleston, SC.

1939(6th of Tammuz, 5699): Forty-seven-year-old British painter Mark Gertler passed away today after which he was buried at the Willesden Jewish Cemetery.,_Mark_Gertler,_Lady_Ottoline_Morrell_by_Lady_Ottoline_Morrell.jpg,_by_Mark_Gertler.jpg,_external.jpg

1939: Dutch Jewish diarist Esther "Etty" Hillesum took the first of her master’s exams in Dutch Law.

1939: Herman Goering, Hitler’s number 2, led a meeting of Reich Defense Council in which he told them to prepare for total war. Hitler planned to conscript seven million soldiers. This means production work is to be given to prisoners and inmates of prisons and concentration camps.

1939: U.S. premiere of “Daughters Courageous” directed by Michael Curtiz, produced by Hal B. Wallis, with music by Max Steiner, a script co-authored by Philip and Julius Epstein and co-starring John Garfield.

1940: Today, Sunday, at 1:30 pm Margret and Hans Rey arrived in Lisbon.

1940: “The day after France signed the armistice that marked the country's official capitulation and partial occupation, Adolf Hitler toured Paris” footage of which “opens the earnest and unconventional French docudrama La Rafle the docudrama that “chronicles the Vel' d'Hiv Roundup of July 1942, in which roughly 13,000 Jews living in Paris (4,501 of them children) were removed from their homes by French police and sent to detention camps in the countryside, before being deported to Auschwitz.”

1941: 28th of Sivan, 5701): Avreml Vertilinksi, who as a youngster “worked in his father’s shoemaking shop” while becoming a contributor to the Grodner Moment which published his prose and poetry “was killed by a Nazi bomb during the occupation of his hometown of Grodneo

1941:  In the evening, German forces enter the village of Jedwabne, Poland

1941: The great yeshivot of Slobodka and Telz closed their doors the day after Germany invaded Lithuania.

1941: One day after the German invasion of Latvia, the Holocaust began in the Baltic Republic when Sonderkommando members murdered six Jews in the church cemetery in the town of Grobina, near Liepāja

1942(8th of Tammuz, 5702): Sixty-six-year-old Hugo H. Piesen, the Prague born son of Rosalia and Moritz Piesen, the husband of Annie Piesen and the father of Maurice, Robert and Stella Piesen  who was known for his involvement in the “philanthropic and civic affairs of Brooklyn, founding of Camp Sussex and service as the treasurer of the Brooklyn Federation of Jewish Charities.

 1942: The first selections for the gas chamber at Auschwitz take place on a trainload of Jews from Paris.

1942:  A German convoy deported Jews from Morocco to the death camps of Europe.

1943: Ukrainian police surround a Jewish school at Czortków, Ukraine, where 534 Jewish slave laborers are housed. The camp commandant, Thomanek, shoots several prisoners and orders others carted off for execution. In The Holocaust, Martin Gilbert describes how a local gentile, Jan Nakonieczmy, risked his life to hide five Jews in his tiny henhouse. “The henhouse was only two feet high, four feet wide, and thirteen feet long.  The five Jews were Henryk Sperber, his mother, his sister, his fiancée and his cousin.  All five survived the war.  So did their savior.”

1943: In Czortkow; Ukrainian police began an "action" that would destroy the remaining Jewish population of about 600 people.

1943: By this date 50,000 Jews had been deported from France. The slow pace was not to the satisfaction of the Nazis.

1943: Eighteen-year-old Henri Krasucki “was deported from Drancy to Jawischowitz, a sub-camp of Auschwitz, and then to Buchenwald.

1943: In Cincinnati, OH, Lawrence Levine, “a violinist who led dance bands under the name ‘Larry Lee’ before entering his father’s clothing business” and “Helen Goldstein Levine” who “was briefly an actress on Broadway perform as ‘Helen Golden’” gave birth Metropolitan Opera conductor James Levine.

1944: Chaim Barlas, an agent of the Jewish Agency working in Istanbul received a copy of a 30 page report known as the ‘Auschwitz Protocols’ complied by two Jews who escaped from the camp that April.  The report made it clear that the camp was a killing ground for the Jews of Europe.

1944: Operations resume at the Chelmno death camp.

1944: The Allies learn that more than 430,000 Hungarian Jews have been deported to Auschwitz and murdered since May. There are about 300,000 Jews left alive in Hungary.

1944: A Red Cross delegation visits the camp/ghetto at Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia, and is apparently fooled by the camp's superficially benign atmosphere. However, the Red Cross almost simultaneously sends an official protest to Hungary about deportations of Hungarian Jews.

1944: Under the direction of Raphael “Raifi” Schacter, Theresienstadt inmates performed Verdi’s Requiem Mass, its final performance today

1944: After intensive search through the Lodz Ghetto for Jews, deportation began and did not end until July 14. Jews were shipped out at the rate of 3,000 a week for three weeks. They were told that they on their way to work as laborers in Berlin or outside of Leipzig. Actually the Jews were shipped to Chelmo where they would all perish once inside the camp.

1944(2nd of Tammuz, 5704): Seventy-year-old University of Cincinnati graduate of and Medical College of Ohio trained physician Samuel Iglauer, the Cincinnati born son of Deila Fechheimer and Arnold Iglauer and the husband of Helen Ranshoff Iglauer who he married in 1906 and with whom he had two children – Helen and Charles-- who in 1916 became Professor and Director of Laryngology at the College of Medicine at the University of Cincinnati passed away today after which he was buied at the Walnut Hills Jewish Cemetery in Evanston, OH.

1944: The Red Cross visited the Theresienstadt ghetto during which a picture was taken of the children.

1945(12th of Tammuz, 5705): Parashat Chukat-Balak

1945: “An exhibit of Hebrew books printed in Palestine has been opened at the Jewish Institute of Religion Library” which “included numerous books of Jewish research and Hebrew translations of such classic writers as Plato, Aristotle, Dante, Shakespeare and Heine.”

1946: Twenty-seven-year-old University of Michigan grad and WW II Navy veteran Sidney Davidson the Chicago born son of Mendel and Eva Slosberg Davidson, married Freda Joy Sendler.

1947: Forty-four-year-old Hans Biebow, “the German Nazi chief of administration of the Lodz Ghetto was executed by hanging today.

1948: The Central Conference of American Rabbis continued to meet today in Kansas City, MO where delegates had heard Dr. Abraham J. Feldman’s plea for the end of the political controversy over Zionism among Jews.

1949: The convention of the Central Conference of American Rabbis is scheduled to begin today in Brenton Woods, N.H.

1949: “Israel reacted coolly…to the United Nations Palestine Conciliation Commission’s report that criticized her attitude toward the Arab refugees” in part according to such newspaper as Hador because of the flawed tactics used by the commission

1950(8th of Tammuz, 5710): Ninety-year-old Samuel S. Fels, the Yanceyville, NC born son of Bavarian natives Lazarus and Susannah Fels, the Philadelphia businessman and philanthropist, the brother of Joseph Fels whose company produced Fels-Naptha passed away today.

1952(30th of Sivan, 5712): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz

1952: In New York Philip Alexander Kaplan and Phyllis Quasha gave birth to University of Connecticut trained journalist Robert David Kaplan.

1952: In a letter to the New York Times, Lessing J. Rosenwald, President of the American Council of Judaism, an anti-Zionist organization reiterated the group’s disagreement with the Israeli government’s new policy concerning citizenships, declaring that nationality and religion are two different issues.

1953: Birthdate of Betzalel "Tzali" Reshef a Sabra who served as Labor MK in the first decade of the 21st century.

1953: In Los Angeles, Holocaust survivors Jack and Bluma Samuels gave birth to Lilly Samuels the philanthropist and cancer fighter who is the widow of Brandon Tartikoff and became Lily Tartikoff Karatz when she married Bruce Karatz in 2009.

1954: Tax lawyer Martin D. Ginsburg married Ruth Bader, who gained fame as Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

1956(14th of Tammuz, 5716): Parashat Balak

1956: Gamal Abdel Nasser is elected President of the Republic of Egypt in a landslide in which 99.95 percent of the voters mark their ballots for him. A secular pan-Arabist who was the ringleader of the “Colonel’s Revolution” Nasser reportedly claimed that he did not hate the West because of Israel but hated Israel because it was of the West.

1959(17th of Sivan, 5719): Seventy-nine-year-old San Luis Obispo, CA, native Rebecca Cerf, the University of California Graduate, WW I veteran of the Army Medical Corps and the sister of “San Francisco Superior Judge Marcel E. Cerf, Stockton rancher Cedric E. Cerf and Reed College Professor Barry Cerf” who was “a member of the Women’s Overseas Service League” died today when fire burned down the Stalheim Hotel in Norway.

1959: Sixty-five-year-old Mrs. Sidney S. Kahn of San Francisco survived today’s fire at Norwegian resort hotel.

1960: Premiere of “Bells Are Ringing,” a musical comedy co-starring Judy Holiday, produced by Arthur Freed, written by Betty Comden and Adolph Green with a score by Jule Styne.

1961: In Pittsburgh, PA, Harold Leavitt, a Stanford University professor and his wife Gloria, “a political activist gave birth to David Leavitt, a professor at the University of Florida whose works include the short-story collection Family Dancing which was the finalist for the PEN/Faulkner Award.

1962(21st of Sivan, 5722): Parashat Beha’alotcha

1962(21st of Sivan 5722): Sixty-two-year-old New Jersey born, Princeton educated and WW I veteran Berry Pink, known as the “Marble King” because his company Barry Pink Industries manufactured billions of the little glass balls which had been his childhood passion, passed away today after suffering a heart attack.

1962(21st of Sivan, 5722): Fifty-eight-year-old movie producer and writer Harvey Bernhard, the son of Moe Bernhard and the former Rose Minnie Cohn passed away today.

1962: “Palisades Park” a pop song written by Chuck Barris reached No. 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 today.

1964(13th of Tammuz, 5724): Sixty-four-year-old Mrs. Bertha Heller Topefer, “a fond of the Jewish Memorial Hospital in New York” and “one of the first members of Hadassah” who was married to Solomon Toepfer with whom she had one daughter and two sons, passed away today.

1965: U.S. premiere of “Harlow” the cinematic treatment of Irving Shulman’s Harlow: An Intimate Biography produced by Joseph E. Levine, filmed by cinematographer Joseph Ruttenberg and starring Carroll Baker and Red Buttons.

1966(5th of Tammuz, 5726): Forty-six-year-old NYU Dental School graduate and WW II Navy veteran Dr. Seymour Kahn, an “associate visiting specialist in orthodontia at Montefiore Hospital and the husband of Ruth Kahn, with whom he had two daughters, Janice and Karen, suffered a fatal heart attack today at his home in Queens.

1967(15th of Nisan, 5727): Seventy-three-year-old “Romanian born American businessman, Benjamin Abrams, a “founder of Emerson Radio and Phonography Corporation” and the Jewish communal leader who “was a founder of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Greater New York Committee for State of Israel Bonds” passed away today.

1967: Funeral services are scheduled to be held this after at Temple Emanu-El in Manhattan for Sixty-nine-year old Charles Gilman, Sr. the Chairman of the board of the Gilman Paper Company, the New York born son of Isaac Gilman, the founder of the  company and the husband of “the former Sylvia Phillips” with whom he had two sons – Howard and Charles, Jr. –who had passed away “aboard the Michelangelo on his way home from Rome.”

1967: Five thousand Muslims prayed on the Haram, including a thousand Israeli Muslims who had been denied access during the nineteen years of Jordanian rule.

1969: “Stereo” a Canadian movie directed, produced written by, filmed by and edited by David Cronenberg was released in Canada today.

1969(7th of Tammuz, 5729):Seventy-eight-year-old  New York City born and City College graduate Abraham Cohen, “a real estate developer at Lake Mohegan, NY who donated loand and organzed the Lake Mohegan Park district and who raised four children – Elias, Samuel, Natalie and Hinda – with his wife Anna passed away today in New York City.

1971: “Klute” an off-beat mystery produced and directed by Alan J. Paluka was released today in the United States

1972: In Southfield, Michigan, Judge Molly Ann (née Cooke) and Elliot I. Beitner gave birth to Selma Blair Beitner who gained fame as actress Selma Blair.

1973(23rd of Sivan, 5733): Parashat Sh’lach

1973(23rd of Sivan, 5733): Seventy-nine-year-old Alexander Sachs the Russian born Harvard and Columbia trained economist who is credited with being the first person to interest FDR in the “possibilities of the atomic bomb” passed away today.

1974: “The Groove Tube,” a comedy produced and directed by Ken Shapiro who also co-authored the screenplay and co-starred along with Richard Belzer was released in New York City today.

1974: “Thirty-four years Soviet Jews including Vitali Rubin and Mikhail Agursky appealed to US Senators Jackson, Javits and Ribicoff in connection with intensification of repressions and urged them to obtain firm Soviet guarantees on emigration before passing a trade bill.”

1975: Birthdate of Brooklyn native, University of Florida grad and Fordham trained attorney Howard Roseman, the husband of Mindy Roseman with whom he had four children and since 2010 executive vice president and general manger of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles and “a featured artist on "The Dreidel Song" as covered by The Philly Specials.”

1975(14th of Tammuz, 5735): Seventy-six-year-old Louis Reichenthal Gottschalk, the University of Chicago professor and expert on French history passed away today.

1976: “Murder by Death,” Neil Simon’s parody of murder mysteries  was released today in the United States.

1976: “The Big Bus” featuring Harold Gould as “Professor Baxter” and Stuart Margolin as “Alex” with music by David Shire was released today in the United States.

1977: Funeral services are scheduled to be held today at Forest Park Chapel, Philip Lapidus, the husband of Clara Lapidus.

1977: In “A New Israel” published today Bernard Avishai examined the outcome of last month’s election when Likud won a “stunning victory” over the Laborites who were awash in a series of seemingly criminal scandals starting with Prime Minister Rabin’s currency violations.

1978: It was reported today that after Rabbi Leib Pinter has been sentenced to two years in federal prison and fined seventeen thousand dollars for having bribed Congressman Dan Flood “to obtain favorable treat for the social service programs of the B’nai Torah Institute” the judge “imposed a special sentence of zero to six years on Victory Mayer, one of Rabbi Pinter’s former students.”

1979: Jacques Derrida “recounts his first meeting with Avital Ronell in a letter bearing today’s date “from The Post Card: From Socrates to Freud and Beyond.”

1980: Today, Carnegie Hall whose designers included Dankmar Adler was designated a New York State Historic Preservation Site.

1981: Robert Badinter began serving as French Minister of Justice.

1981: The U.S. Maccabiah Basketball Teams is scheduled to play an exhibition game tonight at Queen College in Flushing, NY against the European Championship Maccabi Tel Aviv Quintet, a month before the opening of the 11th Maccabiad in Israel.

1982(2nd of Tammuz, 5742): Sixty-five-year-old labor activist Nathan Peskin, “the executive direct at the Workmen’s Circle” passed away today at Long Beach, NY

1986(16th of Sivan, 5746): Seventy-four-year-old classical scholar Sir Moses I. Finley, author of The Ancient Economy, passed away. Born Moses Israel Finkelstein in New York City he graduated from Syracuse and Columbia before taking the name of Finley in 1936.  After teaching at Columbia and City College he was fired by Rutgers when he “took the 5th” when called by Senator McCarthy’s red hunting committee.  He and his wife Mary moved to Great Britain where he pursued his career, another casualty of the Right Wing Red Witch Hunt. (As reported by Edwin McDowell)

1987: In Palm Springs, CA, funeral services were held today for 79-year-old Phil Weintraub, the Chicago born baseball player and husband of Jeanne Weintraub, who compiled a .295 batting average while playing first base and the outfield for “the New York Giants, Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies.”

1989: “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” starring Rick Moranis, a product of the Canadian Jewish community, premiered today.

1989: In the UK, premiere of “The Tall Guy,” a comedy starring Jeff Goldblum.

1991: Tony Randall and Jack Klugman starred in a Broadway Performance of "The Odd Couple." Two Jewish actors took their television roles of Felix Unger and Oscar Madison back to the New York stage from which these roles had sprung. The author of this All- American hit was another Jew named Neil Simon.

1992: Maxine Frank Singer, a leading biochemistry researcher and advocate of science education, was awarded the National Medal of Science.

1992: Yitzhak Rabin wins the Israeli parliamentary elections and becomes Prime Minister for the second time.  A sabra, Rabin had begun his military career in the Palmach.  He rose to be Chief of Staff during the Israel’s smashing victory in 1967.  Rabin signed off on the Oslo Accords in a bold attempt to bring peace to the Middle East.  Rabin won the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts.  Unfortunately Rabin was murdered by a right wing zealot in 1995.  This heinous crime robbed the Israelis of the one leader who might have been able to move the process forward.  Would things have been different if Rabin had lived?  We will never know.  Obviously the assassin and his supporters felt that by killing Rabin they could kill the peace process. 

1992: Retired IDF General Avigdor Kahalani began serving as Labour Party MK.

1994(14th of Tammuz, 5754): Sixty-year-old Irish journalist Stanley Gebler Davis passed away today.

1994: In Los Angeles premiere of “Forest Fump” produced by Wendy Finerman and Steve Tisch, with a screenplay by Eric Roth.

1995: “Pocahontas” an animated film based on the life of native-American “princess” co-directed by Eric Goldberg, with music by Alan Menken was released today in the United States.

1995(27th of Sivan, 5755): Eighty-year old Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of the first Polio Vaccine passed away.  Another Jew, Dr. Sabine, invented the second Polio Vaccine. This is but one of the many contributions that the American Jewish Community should be celebrating and sharing with our countrymen during the 350th Anniversary of the Jewish Community in the United States. (As reported by Harold M. Schmeck, Jr.)

1997: Anna Halprin received the Samuel H. Scripps/American Dance Festival Award for lifetime achievement in modern dance.

1996: At Temple Beth-El in New Rochelle, NY, Rabbi Charles Feinberg is scheduled to officiate at the wedding of 28 year old University of Pennsylvania graduate Pamela Faith Schulman, “the development director for Congregation Emanu-El in New York” and 34 year old Penn State graduate Bruce Goldstein, “an assistant controller at the Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation.”

2000: “Israeli warplanes flew over Beirut, violating Lebanese airspace for the first time since Israel pledged to respect its neighbor's sovereignty and ended a 22-year occupation of the south.”

2000: “A prosecution official has backed defense assertions that none of the 13 Iranian Jews accused of spying for Israel will be sentenced to death.”

2000: “Former Chancellor Helmut Kohl was accused of trivializing the Nazi persecution of the Jews after he invoked it to describe his treatment by the ruling Social Democratic government.”

2001: British statistician Claus Adolf Moser “was made a Life peer with the title Baron Moser, of Regent's Park in the London Borough of Camden” today.

2001:  The Dubnow Institute hosted an international conference on “Restitution and Memory” came to an end today in Vienna.

2002: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Globalization and Its Discontents by Joseph E. Stiglitz

2002(13rd Tammuz, 5762); Eighty-two-year-old South-African architect and opponent of apartheid Lionel “Rusty” Bernstein passed away.

2003: “The Supreme Court today struck down a California law designed to help Holocaust survivors receive payment on insurance policies that European companies have long denied, saying that the law improperly interfered with United States foreign policy. (As reported by Joseph B. Treaster)

2004: “Gen. Omar Suleiman, the director of Egyptian intelligence, visited top Israeli and Palestinian officials today to work out the precise role Egypt would play in overseeing security in the Gaza Strip once Israel relinquishes the coastal territory to the Palestinians.”

2005(16th of Sivan, 5765): Eighty-two-year-old violinist Isadore Cohen passed away today.

2005(16th of Sivan, 5765): Seventy-nine-year-old ground-breaking print journalist Shana Alexander who was best known for part in the “Point-Counter Point” segment on “Sixty Minutes” passed away today.

2005(16th of Sivan, 5765): Prof. Nahum M. Sarna, z"l passed away.

2005: A roundabout in the 20th arrondissement of Paris was given the name “Place Henri Krasucki” in honor of Henri Krasucki, the trade unionist who was gassed at Auschwitz.

2006: Shlomo Mola becomes the first Ethiopian to be chosen as a top executive of World Zionist Organization.  Mola who now serves as the Jewish Agency's senior consultant for Ethiopian immigrants, will head the department for Zionist institutions. According to Haaretz, the nomination is especially significant, since his confirmation would mark the first time an Ethiopian immigrant has been elected to a key leadership position within the Zionist establishment that does not deal specifically with the Ethiopian sector. "It was Prime Minister Olmert's idea to have an Ethiopian deal with non-Ethiopian issues," said one World Zionist Organization insider. "It was a way of showing that after 20 years in Israel; Ethiopians can be the boss of run-of-the-mill Israeli bureaucrats. The idea is that it shouldn't be looked at as strange, that Ethiopians have already become mainstream Israelis."

2006: According to a report published in a scientific journal, ancient beads that may represent the oldest attempt by people at self-decoration have been identified from sites in Israel and Algeria. The beads, made from shells with holes bored into them, date to around 100,000 years ago, some 25,000 years older than similar beads discovered two years ago in South Africa, researchers report in the journal Science. The new find involves just three shells, two from Skhul in northern Israel, which the researchers said were about 100,000 years old and one from Oued Djebbana, Algeria, estimated to be 90,000 years old. The researchers said the shells were found many miles from the sea, indicating they were brought to those locations deliberately, most likely for bead-working.

2006: Avraham Hirchson was quoted by Haaretz in today’s edition saying, "There are people who are trying to harm me and my family, by means of pressure and threats ... Detectives are following me, with the aim of harming me. This will not work with me; even if the threats intensify, I will continue to promote the reforms that are so important for the people of Israel."

2006(27th of Sivan, 5766: Eighty-three-year-old Television producer Aaron Spelling passes away. (As reported by Bill Carter)

2006: Donald Lewis Kohn “began serving his four year term as Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.

2007: In Cedar Rapids, Miriam Maikon becomes a Bat Mitzvah, at Temple Judah.

2007: The Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow opens. The city's historic Jewish quarter (called Kazimierz) fills with music, art, dance, lectures and exhibits - all celebrating the 900-year history of Jews in Poland.

2007:Pangs of The Messiah” has its English Language World Premiere at Theatre J in Washington, D.C.

2008: In Washington, D.C., Alan Furst reads from and signs his new espionage thriller, The Spies of Warsaw, at Politics and Prose Bookstore

2008: In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, at Temple Judah, a memorial service for Penny Binger, a sweet soul who loved Chasidic stories and was a self-styled “Shlomo Charlebach Groupie.”

2008: Overnight, Palestinian gunmen in the Gaza Strip fired a mortar shell into Israel – the first breach of the cease fire since it went into effect five days ago.

2008: Time magazine reviews “Apples and Oranges” by Marie Brenner

2009: Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, 1st day of Tammuz, 5769

2009: Israel released the speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council from prison today, ending his three-year incarceration. Aziz al-Dweik, considered a moderate Hamas leader in the West Bank, was one of several Palestinian leaders arrested after the June 2006 abduction of Israel Defense Forces soldier Gilad Shalit.

2009: A bankruptcy trustee recommended today that SHF Industries be allowed to buy most of the assets of Agriprocessors for $8.5 million, in addition to funds already committed to buy up about $21 million in debt owed two of Agriprocessors’ largest creditors. SHF is led by Heshey Friedman, the president of Montreal-based Polystar Plastics, which manufactures packaging for poultry and other meats. Friedman has two other partners in the venture, Daniel Hirsch and Mitch Kirschner.

2010: The Yellow Submarine is scheduled to present Hatsai Tzvaim Hatsai Kolot: Israeli poet Rachel's poetry set to music, and The Naomi Ensemble: a tribute to Naomi Shemer - a tribute to two of Israel's finest poets.

2010: In France, premiere of “The Chameleon” starring Ellen Barkin as “Kimberly Miller.”

2010: Donald Kohn completed his four-year term as Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Syste,

2010: Beit Avi Chai is scheduled to present "Tel Aviv-New York -- Authentic jazz with a touch of the Mediterranean"

2010: A conference organized by the Humphrey Institute for Social Research at Ben- Gurion University meeting today  dealt with “the political, social and cultural role of diasporas and their links with their countries of origin or, in the case of second and third generation diaspora children, the home countries of their parents and grandparents.”

2011: Sheriff David Clarke will speak on "Security and Spirituality: Reflections on My Mission to Israel" at meeting sponsored by the Jewish Community Relations Council in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

2011: A lively presentation featuring Naama Shefi of the Consulate General of Israel entitled A Food Lover's Tour of Israel” scheduled to be held at the  92nd St Y will give attendees a chance to “ddiscover what cutting-edge Israeli chefs are creating in Israel and learn the history of dozens of the country's most famous dishes.”

2011: There are widening gaps between poor and middle-class citizens in Israel in the rate of incidences of chronic disease, a report published today revealed.

2011: The failure of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to retaliate in the Gaza Strip for rocket fire after disengagement – as he promised – was one of the major mistakes made after the 2005 pullout, Dan Kurtzer, who was the US envoy to Israel at the time, suggested today.

2011: The Israeli Presidential Conference came to an end.

2011(21st of Sivan, 5772): Eighty-eight-year-old composer and conductor Fred Steiner the creator of theme music for such shows as 'Gunsmoke,' 'The Twilight Zone,' 'Star Trek,' 'Have Gun, Will Travel,' 'Rawhide,' 'Hogan's Heroes,' 'The Bullwinkle Show' and other TV series passed away today. (As reported by Randy Lewis)

2011(21st of Sivan, 5772): Eighty-three-year-old Peter Falk, who became synonymous with Colombo, the rumpled raincoat wearing detective who always had one more question, passed away today. (As reported by Bruce Weber)

2011(21st of Sivan, 5772): Eighty-four-year-old Gene Colan one of the leading comic-book artists of the 20th century passed away. (As reported by Margalit Fox)

2012(3rd of Tammuz, 5772): 18th Yahrtzeit of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory simply known as The Rebbe.  This blog cannot do justice to his impact on Judaism or the lives of individual Jews. One does not have to be a Lubavitcher to have been impacted by the Rebbe or his corps of “Lamplighters” such as Rabbi PInchas Ciment, who brought the light of Chassidus and Judaism to some very dark places.

2012: “Hungry Kite,” the creation of Choreographer Deganit Shemy is scheduled to perform for the last time at the Chocolate Factory at Long Island City.

2012: Kulanu Toronto and Congregation Shir Libeynu are scheduled hold a pre-Pride Karaoke Night after Shabbat.

2012: Rabbi Meir Soloveichik is scheduled to discuss “Serving Man and God in the Twilight Zone: Reflections on Judaism and Western Thought,”

2012: Social activist Daphni Leef was treated today for injuries sustained during clashes with police that took place during a demonstration on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard yesterday. Her arm was placed in a cast. Leef and 11 others were arrested in what was widely described as a violent sweep of crowd control.(As reported by Yoel Goldman)

2012: Gaza-based terrorists fired 25 rockets into southern Israel today, causing damage to a school and factory. The latest attacks bring the total number of rockets and other projectiles fired from the Strip to approximately 150 over the past six days. Israeli security chiefs held a series of emergency consultations today — including a meeting of defense chiefs with Defense Minister Ehud Barak — and decided to try to avoid a further escalation of hostilities. Amid reports from Gaza Saturday night that Hamas was now seeking a ceasefire, security sources said “quiet will be met with quiet, but further rocket fire will be met with further fire [from Israel].” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was also involved in the consultations.

2013: The Israeli Squad is schedule to compete in the Cosmos Copa for the first time ever when it plays a double header against Italy and the Netherlands at Randalls Island.

2013: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Bad Boy: My Life On and Off the Canvas by Eric Fischl and Michael Stone and Debtor’s Prison: The Politics of Austerity Versus Possibility by Robert Kuttner

 2013: The Spertus Institute is scheduled to host a lecture by Daniel Belasco entitled “Jewish Graphic Design from the Talmud to Today.”

2013: The Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel, Yona Metzger, currently under house arrest on suspicion of financial crimes, announced today that he was suspending himself from his official duties.

2013: A Jerusalem court today ordered the release of a Jewish youth who had been arrested on charges of praying on the Temple Mount. The youth was also cleared of charges that he attacked an Arab during his visit to the Mount. (As reported by David Lev)

2013: Terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza fired three rockets into southern Israel tonight.The rockets landed in open areas in the Bnei Shimon Regional Council and near the city of Netivot. There were no physical injuries or damages. (As reported by Elad Benari)

2014: The UK Jewish Film is scheduled to host its Celebration of Film Dinner.

2014: “The Sturgeon Queens” is scheduled to be shown at Portland, Oregon, Jewish Film Festival.

2014: An Evening with Paul Robeson: A Recital in Homage to the Great Singer and Humanitarian” is scheduled to be presented this evening in the Rubenstein Pavilion of the Jewish Home and Care Center, in Milwaukee, WI.

2014: “The Israeli Air Force struck several targets belonging to Assad’s forces on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights overnight, Israeli media reported early this morning.”

2014: Ziad Awad “a Hamas operative released under the 2011 exchange for Gilad Shalit and his son Izz Eddin Hassan Ziad Awad were indicited today for gunning down Baruch Mizrahi near Hebron on Passover eve. The father was the shoot while the son facilitated th getaway. (As reported by Marissa Newman)

2014: Rabbi Haim Korsia was elected Chief Rabbi of France.

2014: “Ewan McGregor signed on to play the lead role of Seymour "Swede" Levov, a former high school star athlete and successful Jewish American businessman” in the movie version of Philip Roth’s novel American Pastoral

2014: “The tires of three cars were found punctured, and four others deflated, in a suspected racist tag attack in an Israeli-Arab East Jerusalem neighborhood today.”

2014: J Street released a statement today saying that the Presbyterian Church vote in favor of divestment “would not be helpful to the cause of peace.” (As reported by Lazar Berman)

2015(6th of Tammuz, 5775): Ninety-three-year-old Harvey Pollack who began compiling NBA statistics since 1946 passed away today. (As reported by Richard Goldstein

2015: In Paris, the prosecution is expected to rest its case against 15 “members of the terrorist group Forsane Alizza “who planned attacks on French Jews” and targets that included “five Jewish supermarkets of the Hyper Cacher chain “

2015: “An anti-missile "color red" siren was sounded after 10 p.m. tonight in the Hof Ashkelon regional council area, a region that frequently has been a target of Hamas rockets from Gaza.”

2015: The 17th International Research Conference of the Latin American Jewish Studies Association is scheduled to come to an end.

2015: The Center for Jewish For Jewish History is scheduled to host a lecture by Joseph Berger, author of The Pious Ones: The World of Hasidim and Their Battles With America.

2015: The Center For Jewish History is scheduled to host “Changing Lives, Making History: CBST - The First Forty Years – CBST’s 40th Anniversary Book.”

2016(17th of Tammuz, 5776): Parahat Balak

2016(17th of Tammuz, 5776): Eighty-five-year-old Jerome Fisher, whose company at one time supplied “one out of every five pairs of shoes” that American women buy passed away today. (As reported by David E. Slotnik)

2016(17th of Tammuz, 5776): Seventy-one-year-old Harold “Heshy” Jacob passed away today.

2016: Jewish Historical Society Program and Outreach Manager Samantha Abramson is scheduled to explore “Jewish life and key personalities during the Civil War and changes the war brought for the newly expanded Jewish community of Washington, D.C.” in a lecture this evening.

2016: “Rabin In His Own Words” is scheduled to be shown at the 13 annual Israeli Film Festival in Ottawa, Canada.

2016: The American Sephardi Federation is scheduled to host an opening night reception in honor of David Serero’s performance of “Othello.”

2016: In the ongoing drive to make Orthodox Judaism the state religion of Israel, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hold a “hearing the right immerse in state ritual baths according to one’s own custom, as was enshrined in a list of unenforced guidelines distributed by the Religious Affairs Ministry two years ago.” (As reported by Amanda Borshcel-Dan)

2016: “The Kindergarten Teacher” is scheduled to be shown at the 24th annual Portland Jewish Film Festival.

2017: “Zionist Union MK Nachman Shai today warned that backtracking on the government-approved plan to establish a pluralistic prayer pavilion at the Western Wall would result in a rift with US Jewry.”

2017: The Oxford University Jewish Society is scheduled to host Kabbalat Shabbat followed by a Sabbath Dinner for anybody still around in 9th week.

2017: Premiere screenings in Berkley and Sebastopol, CA of “The Women’s Balcony,” the “number one film of the year in Israel.

2017: “Letters From Baghdad,” a documentary that tells the “true story of Gertrude Bell and Iraq” is scheduled to open today at theatres in Palo Alto, Sacramento, Minneapolis, Chicago and Philadelphia.  (Editor’s note – if you do not who Gertrude Bell is, then you should find out if you want to understand how the so-called modern Middle East came to be)

2018: The 48th Convention of the Society for American Baseball Research featuring a presentation by Lee Lowenfish, author of Branch Rickey: Baseball’s Ferocious Gentleman is scheduled to continue meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.

2018: Naomi Firestone-Teeter, the Jewish Book Council's executive director recommend spending Shabbat reading Memento Park by Mark Savaras and A Terrible Country by Keith Gessen

2018: In Des Moines, IA, The Varsity Theatre is scheduled to host a screening of “A Bag of Marbles” a screen version of “the 1973 autobiographical best-seller” that “tells the story of the Nazi occupation of Paris through the eyes of two young Jewish boys.”

2018: Yedidya Lau, “the rabbi of the town of Alon” is scheduled to teach at “the Weekly Parsha Club” hosted by the Menachim Begin Center.

2018: As Israeli’s seek to enjoy Shabbat filled with shalom despite the attacks from terrorists, they are protected by Iron Dome and the newly installed “Sky Spotter system, which is being used to track fire kites and balloons launched into Israel from Gaza”

2018(10th of Tammuz, 5778): Parashat Chukkat;

2019: “Uptown Jewish Film 2019,” “a one-day film event held in Columbia University’s Campbell Center is scheduled to begin at noon today.

2019: The Jewish Genealogical Society of NY and Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute is scheduled to present genealogist and Vice President for Education Phyllis Kramer who will cover in depth all types of records generated when a person dies, including death certificates; newspaper obituaries and death notices; gravestones; landsmanshaftn, undertakers, medical, Social Security, and probate records.

2019: In Georgia, the Marietta Museum is scheduled to host “a special lecture on the Leo Frank case by legal expert Van Pearlberg.

2019: The New York Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including The Plaza: The Secret Life of America’s Most Famous Hotel by Julie Satow, War and Peace: FDR’s Final Odyssey, D-Day to Yalta, 1943-1945 by Nigel Hamilton, Strangers and Cousins by Leah Hager Cohen, Children of the Ghetto: My Name Is Adam by Elias Khoury and the recently paperback edition of The Death of Democracy: Hitler’s Rise to Power and the Downfall of the Weimar Republic by Benjamin Carter Hett as well as “Herman Wouk Wrote Historical Novels, But His True Subject Was Moral Weakness,” Adelle Waldman’s evaluation of the later authors work. of Tammuz, 5780): Rosh Chodesh Tammuz;

for more see

2020: The Room Where It Happened, John Bolton’s memoir about his time working as a security advisor for President Trump that includes the revelation that “President Trump gave Prime Minister Netanyahu the green light to attack Iran” is scheduled to go on sale today.

2020: Lynn Melnick is the author of the poetry collections Refusenik, Landscape with Sex and Violence, and If I Should Say I Have Hope, and the co-editor of Please Excuse This Poem: 100 Poets for the Next Generation is scheduled to present a virtual poetry workshop that looks at the “construction and techniques used in writing “The New Colossus.”

2020: The Illinois Holocaust Museum is scheduled to host the award-winning podcast “Making Gay History” with Eric Marcus.

2020: YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and the American Sephardi Federation is scheduled to present: “Sephardic Art Song::A Musical Legacy of the Sephardic Diaspora” by mezzo-soprano and music scholar Lori Şen

2020: The Streicker Center is scheduled to host “From Selma to Montgomery: The Black-Jewish Coalition.”

2020: Jewish Museum of Maryland is scheduled to host “History Is Now: Share Your Story.

2020: Jewish Currents is scheduled to host a livestreamed discussion of Joe Biden’s approach to foreign policy, and in particular how it will affect Israel/Palestine.

2020: On Facebook, an expert librarian from the Genealogy Institute at the Center for Jewish scheduled to present a weekly short talk on a genealogy topic.

2021: Congregation Kol Emeth is scheduled to present online “In This Place Together” during which “Penina Eilberg-Schwartz will discuss her new nonfiction book about a Palestinian girl sent to prison at age 14 for stabbing two Israelis who later led a nonviolent peace movement.”

2021: The first annual International Agnon Festival is scheduled to come to an end with an “Agonian reading with Professors Ariel Hirschfeld, Illana Pardes and WendyZierleer.”

2021: The East Bay Holocaust Education Center is scheduled to present online “My Mother’s Escape on the Kindertransport” during which “NorCal Kindertransport Association co-chair Linda Mason Waldroup talks about how mother was one of the 10,000 kids who got safe passage to Britain to flee the Nazis.”

2022: The Executive Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans is scheduled to meet this evening.

2022: The American Jewish Historical Society is scheduled to host a lunchtime “conversation” author Julie Salamon , a reporter and film critic for the Wall Street Journal, and actress Anita Hollander whose award-winning original solo musicals Still Standing & Spectacular Falls have played Off-Broadway, at the Kennedy Center.

2022: Peninsula JCC and Oshman Family JCC are scheduled to celebrate Pride month by presenting this stand-up comedy show featuring the El-Salomons, a married Jewish-Palestinian lesbian couple “who can never break up, because they can’t let people be right.” 21 and over. Protocols enforced

2022: As part of its online History Course on Jewish Women in Film and TV, the Jewish Women’s Archive is scheduled to present  “Penelope’s Journey: Haredi Women on Israeli TV” during which Dr. Shayna Weiss will delve into what the portrayal of Haredi women in Israeli television can teach us about gender, culture and religion in Israel.

2022: In Oakland, CA, Temple Sinai is scheduled host “Spicy Jews: Jewish Food around the World” during which J. food columnist Faith Kramer discusses how Jews’ encounters with different spices influenced what became “Jewish food.”

2022: Via zoom, in Columbus, OH, Congregation Tifereth Israel is scheduled to host a study of “the classic commentary of Rashi.

2022: Based on an announcement by the Israel Teachers Union headed by Yaffa Ben David, “instructors will not be showing to school at all” today.

2023: As Temple Emanu-El  celebrate Pride Shabbat, it is scheduled to  to be joined by Erez Ofer, the first openly trans officer in the Israel Defense Forces.

2023: Kerem Shalom of Concord (MA) Cantor Rosalie Gerut is scheduled to lead erev Shabbat services that will include an open discussion of the Parsha and a tribute to Juneteenth.

2023: In Berkeley, CA, Berkley Rep is scheduled to present “Out of Character,” a “one-man-show written and performed by Ari’el Stachel about his life and career as an Israeli American of Yemeni Jewish descent, exploring the intersections of race, mental health and survival.”

2023: Beit Agnon in Jerusalem is scheduled to host the “second meeting the series ‘Wandering Jews’ with Roy Porat.

2024: The Jewish Federation of Greater New Orleans is scheduled to host the “Lion of Judah Rush Brunch.”

2024: The Museum at Eldridge Street's historic Main Sanctuary is scheduled to host a symposium in partnership with CultureNOW and the Lower Manhattan Historical Association, highlighting the cultural richness of the restored Eldridge Street Synagogue and its Lower East Side home.”

2024:JHMOC is scheduled to host “Fiddler on the Roof Concert: A musical performance by Rabbi Nathan Langer.”

2024: As part of the “Israeli Classics on the Big Screen” festival the Quad Cinema is scheduled to host a screening of “Le Trou.”

2024: A two-day celebration of the advancements at Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) is scheduled to come to an end today at the Renaissance in Northbrook, IL.

2024: The JNF’s Volunteer in Israel, a four-day mission is scheduled to begin today.

2024: As June 23rd   begins in Israel, an unprecedented wave of anti-Semitism that has included Hamas supporters calling for Zionist passengers on a New York subway to raise their hands, sweeps the United States and the Hamas held hostages begin day 261 in captivity.  (Editor’s note: this situation is too fluid for this blog to cover so we are just providing a snapshot as of the posting at midnight Israeli time.)