This is a “debate” I had with an atheist on…

This is a “debate” I had with an atheist on…

This is a “debate” I had with an atheist on my Instagram.. I could have said more, if you realize repeatedly he refers to supposed “life forms” there’s no evidence of from “billions of years ago” (which is no more than a premise to support the absurdity of the dumb theory), he never truly answers my questions, and he persistently talks of “evidence” without ever truly giving evidence for anything.

The golden equation to supplement all the gaps within the fallacious evolution theory is TIME + CHANCE = everything from the origin of life to the origin of the cosmos..

I barely scratch the surface of “creationist theories” my position is that children in public schools should be taught both sides of the spectrum, or none at all.. His inability to give answers on literally any of my questions which expose fundamental flaws in the foundation of his belief, and his inability to actually support anything he says with facts (instead of weightless speculation of which atheists admit can change soon when mounted against overwhelmingly by true science) is evidence of why both sides of the spectrum should be taught in public schools, or none at all.

(There will be Times I misspell things, and say wrong words, when debating through text I’m far more clumsy with my typing)

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