To vote or not to vote that is my question

I know it has been discussed. But I voted mostly straight GOP for a long time. I was one of the people, maybe ignorant, who voted for Ross Perot. I am not thrilled for ANY one on the upper part of the ballot this year. I do not want to see 4 more years of Biden OR 4 years of 'Payback' as it is called by Trump. Not at all thrilled with Kennedy who hasn't a chance from my standpoint. I now know if I vote for Kennedy it is actually a vote for Trump. This country will survive 4 years of either (If they last that long), but I hate to suffer thru it. I actually hate to think about it, BUT I might sit out this election . I might even vote for Trump but only if he could shut his mouth for a full month. I know that is an impossibility.

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