Ukrainian Church of God, Fulfilling the Great Commission

In the month of June 2021, through your generous donations, Church of God World Missions was able to assist in the purchase of a Church Building in the City of Bakhmut, Ukraine. This area of Ukraine is war-torn, and its people are in poverty. Pastor Vyacheslav Balagura has been very active in the frontline mission work since 2015. According to the Overseer, Bishop Ebi Dudszus, this congregation is one of the most productive churches in Ukraine. 

 On Sunday, 27 June, The Eastern region of the Ukrainian Church of God conducted the dedication of the newly purchased church building. At the same time, the church celebrated its 13th anniversary.

The Ukrainian National Overseer Alexey Demidovich and Bishop Ebi Dudszus, the Regional Overseer, conducted the service. There were guests from several churches within the region as well as representatives from Western Ukraine. Near 150 worshippers were present at this special dedication service. 

Special appreciation is extended to Dr. David Griffis, Dr. Thomas Propes, and the supporters of Church of God World Missions who have made this dream a reality. We congratulate the Ukrainian Church of God on continuing to fulfill the Great Commission Challenge. 


Dr. Stephen Darnell, Field Director