What happened to the old fashioned anointing? The real move…

What happened to the old fashioned anointing? The real move of the spirit in the church and the church being, Looking and acting like the church. It’s summer and some of the churches are drumming up new and fleshly tactics to attract people who then expect this all the time.

Outdoor events Including dance, drama, rock style music and more. We are teaching people how to dance and trying to use David as an example when he “danced before the Lord”. Sorry friend David’s dancing can in no way be compared to what we are seeing today and it’s church promoting this junk.

The old saying is “if you don’t have the real thing you need something that looks like it”. May I suggest we get back to weeping and crying out to God and allowing the Holy Ghost to “drum up” what we need. Me and some other pastors have been saying “Pentecost -I mean the real thing- is becoming extinct and no one seems to care. I don’t need half naked worldly looking people dancing like a dance hall and strobe lights and drama that looks like some gyrating idiot to get the spirit moving.

Give me an old fashioned preacher with the anointing and some saint with the power of God to sing and some Holy Ghost Power. I might seem old fashioned and some might say I’ll some be extinct but there’s one thing about it. I know what I have and I know where I got it…

I think we need to read 1 Kings 21 where Naboth told Ahab and Jezebel ” I’ll keep my vineyard” you see yours might look better than mine. But mine is an inheritance I’m not willing to trade for dance, drama, art, rock and anything else. The Muslims, and the Amish don’t change their dress because it’s a different day. They stay the same and seem to be doing just fine. Call me old-fashioned call me an old fogey it doesn’t really bother me my Vineyard is not for sale!!!

Tim Hall and I approved this message

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