What is your "go-to" digital Bible study resources? Any that should be avoided?

There are many, many Bible apps and websites out there. Which ones are the ones that you use most? What is it about them that you like? Have you run across some that should be avoided? I think sharing these resources could be helpful to someone looking for more.

I will start with a few I like:

On my iPhone, I have e-Sword LT as my top resource. Supports multiple versions, has commentaries and dictionaries, and for on the go a really good resource. I have it installed on my computer as well. I think it is only a few bucks on the App Store.

Great free resources:

  • biblegateway.com is great for reading in multiple translations.
  • stepbible.org is very helpful, I use it a lot.
  • I also use blueletterbible.org a lot, the study tools there are very good.
  • netbible.org is the online version of the New English Translation and has extensive translation notes which can be very helpful.

Recently, I have dipped my toe into Logos, which is a bit overwhelming at first, but once you get used to it is quite powerful. They give out a free book every month. Some of them are good, some are meh. I have bought some books on there and the way you can search resources on that platform is powerful. Of course, Logos is free to use, but to get the most out of it you'll have to shell out some dollars. I would be interested to hear if anyone has dove in and bought a package and what their experience with it is.

I don't recall running across any that should be out-right avoided but as a general rule, we should allow the Holy Spirit to guide us away from bad resources and towards good ones.

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