What’s in the center of the moon?

“…you will take these seven ewe lambs from my hand, that they may be my witness that I have dug this well.” _Abraham (Genesis 21:22-34)

Recently the heading of an article captured my attention. It declared, “Scientists have finally discovered what is in the center of the moon!”

Of course I didn’t read it, I’ve known for a long time what was in the center of the moon…stuff.

Stuff is such a wonderful word. It has so many uses.

“What are you doing?” Answer: Stuff.

“What are you thinking?” Answer: Stuff.

The truth is, most of the headlines and headaches of life are just…well…stuff.

But then there’s Abraham.

I read the oddest passage of Scripture about him the other day (Genesis 21:22-34).

In this account of Abraham’s life he is interacting with the most powerful leader in the area and of all the things he wanted to talk about was a well. He was obsessed with it even to the point of risking being offensive.

You’d thought he could have found something better to talk about when the “big man” showed up. But then, if you’re living in a semi-arid area and you are responsible for the well-being of your rather large household, then a well is a game-changer.

Most of the stuff he could have talked about was…just stuff. Bottom line, long before Richard Carlson coined the phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” in his best seller of the same title, Abraham had already learned the lesson…

And its one we need to learn too.

The ONE THING for today: Stay relentlessly focused on the life-giving essentials. The other stuff is just stuff.

Photo by Pascal Bernardon on Unsplash