With Christ at the center of our being, we are…

With Christ at the center of our being, we are open to His guidance. As a result, our faith, loyalty, obedience,clear conscience,trustworthiness,and individual accountability will be revealed in our lives. Thus, as stewards,we are made complete in the hands of God. Psalm 139:23,24
Individual accountability is an essential biblical principle. While on earth, Jesus was individually accountable to the Father. John 8:28
We are accountable for every idle word. Matthew 12:36 For everyone to whom much is given,from him much will be required. Luke 12:48 The biggest threat to individual accountability,though,is the tendency to transfer our responsibility to someone else.” Let it be borne in mind that it is not our own property which is entrusted to us for investment. If it were, we might claim descritionary power;we might shift our responsibility upon others,and leave our stewardship with them. But these cannot be,because the Lord has made us individually His Stewards. Ellen White,7TC 177

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