Workshop for families of military personnel

Bulgarian Chaplaincy Association, jointly with Agape, organized a seminar for Bulgarian families of servicemen from Bezmer Airbase. The occasion was 21 November-the day of the Christian family and the kids. Speakers at the event were family, Terry and Elizabeth Terrell. Terry was an officer in the AIR FORCE reserve of the United States, and his wife Elizabeth was a Professor of technical communication at the University of Aeronautics, Embry Riddle.

Discussed were topics relating to communication in marriage and the responsibilities of the family couple. Biblical views on family were presented by the pastor of Bethel Church-Yambol, Tsonko Atanasov. The event caused quite a lot of interest, judging by the polls and from conversations with the participants in the seminar. Here are some of the reviews:

For the first time participate with his wife in this kind of seminar. An extremely pleasant atmosphere and perfect organization. The seminar is time and motivation. This is my first outing of 13 years of service as an officer in the BA, is linked to motivation and the quality of life, and it is sponsored by a nonprofit organization. ”

“A wonderfully organized. Very well chosen topics and examples from everyday life. ”

“You helped me to rethink the relationship between me and my wife.” this is the third in a row seminar intended for families of soldiers, as the first two were in Varna and Veliko Tarnovo.

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