Your Competition

“No matter what a woman does, a younger woman will always walk into the room” _Ash Wednesday, Paramount film 1973

We all have competition. But when you’ve beaten your competition all you’ve done is beat your competition, you’ve probably not come close to all you could have done.

This is the trouble with measuring our success against other people’s success. We allow them to become the standard that stops us. Even if we top our competition they place limits and lids on our potential.

Their success matters to them, but why allow their success to matter to you?

Be happy for them, learn from them, and share in the celebration if it is appropriate.

But their success has nothing to do with you.

You’ve got your own race to run.

Run it well, do your best, and let the Judge of the Universe sort out the rankings when the time comes.

The ONE THING for today: In the final analysis, all that is going to matter is what you did with what you had when you had it. What others do is a reflection on them; what you do is a reflection on you. Win or lose, give it your best today and leave it at that.