Month: June 2006

Dr. King and my trip to Montgomery

It’s funny how you miss things. I was born in Montgomery and lived in Wetumpka (just outside of Montgomery) for several years. I knew that Montgomery was famous for it’s historical sites. However, living in the south we were primarily told about the…

My new addiction

Here’s my new addiction: Othello (sometimes known as Reversi). Actually I am addicted to the computer version and have not actually played the real life version. I had never played this game until about two weeks ago and now I can’t quit!

Film Review: Capote

After much anticipation, Holly and I finally set down long enough to watch Capote last night. I have to say first and foremost, the film was great! If you are not in any way attached to Capote, ie love of literature, love of people with really weird …

It’s great to be alive

Here are three reasons that it is great to be alive right now:1. Stanley Cup finals. I am a little bit ticked that they kept the rest of the season from us. Still, I am happy to get what little hockey I can. Congrats Carolina!2. Game 6. The Heat ar…

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