Month: February 2009

Maybe…just maybe!

Considering a return to the blogosphere... »

Stimulus Swamp

Stimulus Swamp

This is a swamp behind my house. It's actually much larger than this picture captures. I love hiking down to the swamp because one never knows what wildlife one will find. I've seen deer, ducks, frogs, and blue herons; there are beavers, bobcats, foxes... »

Pause and Reflect 2009-02-16 16:40:00

7 converts yesterday morning in Newport, VT.Beautiful church, beautiful drive. God is good. »

Apostle Paul as  Leader

Apostle Paul as Leader

I'm working on my dissertation: "The concept of apostleship in the Pauline literature as it relates to Paul's self-identity and leadership paradigm." After reading several articles (with many, many more to go) it occurs to me that Paul's leadership cou... »