As Long As I Live

Today, I am going to continue to look at Psalms 63 and in particular verse 4. Here David says, "I will praise you as long as I live." I other words, "as long as there is breath in my body, I will praise you." David understood that his real life purpose was not to be king, though God had anointed him to be so. His lifes purpose was not to be a great military man, though he was. His life purpose was not be be wealthy, though he was. His lifes purpose was not to be popular, though he was that as well. David knew that the real reason for his existence was to praise God. David knew that God had created him for worship. David worshiped God by being a great king, military leader, family man, and so forth. Everything he had and did in life, he used as an opportunity to bless the name of the Lord. He knew that all he had in life had come from God and without Him he was nothing and had nothing. You see, some of us have it all wrong. We identify ourselves by our professions or possessions. We should identify ourselves by Who possesses us. Our reason for existence is not for us to just enjoy life and life's benefits, but to bless the Giver or life and His gifts to us. Don't waste another day praising yourself, begin to turn the praise to the one who really deserves it. Accept your calling and "bless the Lord." God bless