22 June 2024

Hajj death toll tops 1,000 after extreme heat: AFP tally
The death toll from this year’s hajj has exceeded 1,000, an AFP tally said Thursday, more than half unregistered worshippers who performed the pilgrimage in extreme heat in Saudi Arabia.

Destructive flooding strikes French and Swiss Alps 
Heavy rainfall and snowmelt caused catastrophic flooding in the French and Swiss Alps on June 11, 2024. In the French village of La Berarde, 97 people were stranded, and in Switzerland’s Zermatt, the Mattervispa river flooded the town center.

Fifth Graders Now Enlisted as Homosexual Groomers
A new “kinder-buddy” program in a Southern California elementary school has caused outraged parents to storm the school board meetings. One fifth grader came home upset that he had been paired as a mentor with a kindergarten student, and they had been asked to share a weird coloring book…”

Exclusive: Biden’s Green Energy Agenda Would Make Military Reliant on China
The Biden administration’s aggressive push to transition to alternative green energy is leaving the U.S. military dependent on its top adversary, China, which would be disastrous in the event of a war with the country, according to a study by the Heritage Foundation publishing on Thursday and obtained first by Breitbart News.

Sen. Tom Cotton to Biden: You’re playing politics with our ally’s security
Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) on Thursday sent a letter to US President Joe Biden, criticizing the Biden administration for withholding weapons and ammunition from Israel as it continues to battle Hamas.

Why Has China Purchased Farmland Near 19 Different Military Bases Inside The United States?
China has been buying up strategically placed farmland next to military installations across the US, raising national security fears over potential espionage or even sabotage.

Germany: Islamic Supremacists and Antifa Violently Disrupt Memorial for Policeman Killed in Jihad Terror Attack 
“Every day, women and men are no longer safe on German streets because the government allows offenders [Afghani Migrant] like the one here in Mannheim to enter our country regularly, leading to more stabbings and violence.”

The father of Sputnik V says “aggressive anti-vaxxers” in Russia should be dealt with by law enforcement
On Wednesday, Alexander Gintsburg, the father of Russia’s covid vaccine Sputnik V, was interviewed by a child on the Russian state-owned news agency TASS.  During the interview, Gintsburg said that “aggressive anti-vaxxers, who push their opinions on the people around them” should be dealt with by the state and law enforcement authorities.

Network Rail covertly monitors people’s emotions using facial recognition and AI; it hasn’t gone down well with the UK public
During the past two years, eight train stations around the UK tested artificial intelligence (“AI”) surveillance technology with CCTV cameras.  Thousands of people catching trains likely had their faces scanned by cameras at ticket barriers with the data sent to Amazon Rekognition for analysis.

Documentary unveils the shocking medical conspiracy in America during the covid era 
‘Do No Harm: The Clifton Dawley Story’ tells the story of Clifton Dawley, whose son believes his father died due to covid hospital protocols. It is a powerful and thought-provoking documentary that sheds light on the experiences of covid protocol victims and their families.

California Legalized Drugs; Cartels Took It Over…
Six years after California legalized marijuana, the bodies keep piling up…

Paula White says Trump asked her what God thought about his presidential run
Former President Donald Trump’s spiritual advisor, televangelist Paula White-Cain, said Friday during the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority summit that he asked her for God’s opinion when he was considering a potential presidential run in 2011. In her speech, she criticized the Biden administration as “against God, against our faith.”

‘Total Lawlessness’ & Looting Has Made Gaza Aid Delivery Nearly Impossible: UN Chief
“no authority in most of the territory”

Nurse alleges FBI threatened her, accuses Texas Children’s Hospital of trans-related Medicaid fraud
A Texas registered nurse who accused doctors at the largest pediatric hospital in the United States of committing Medicaid fraud related to gender interventions for minors claims FBI agents threatened her at her home in response to the whistleblowing.

Catholic priests attacked, gagged, left helpless in India church robbery
Two Catholic priests were seriously injured in a violent robbery at a church in Odisha, sparking concerns over the safety of the Christian minority community in the region.

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