27 Nov 2023

Fiendish Fiends

Although it was so predictable, it’s hard to watch Hamas control the war they started against Israel. The “deal” to “release” hostages, amid a backdrop of a ceasefire, is the cruelest act I think I’ve seen in my lifetime. There is no horror too much for the terror group and, by extension, their legions of fans worldwide, including media and diplomats.

Israel cannot win this war agreeing to negotiate with terrorists that slaughtered their people on October 7. They just can’t.

Evidently, 13 of the 240-or-so hostages were released yesterday. How long will it take to release the rest? How many decades you got? At this rate, the Hamas strategy of waiting-out international opinion is working like a charm.

At this stage of the war, Israel has degraded Hamas’s capability to do certain things, but much remains to be accomplished. Because the devils in Washington, New York, London, etc., are applying inhumane pressure on the Jewish state, it’s not clear at all that Israel will in fact finish the job. This is a psychological disaster of epic proportions.

Added to this disaster is the fact that Israel was forced to release more terrorist killers from prisons; it’s a “prisoner exchange.”

God is watching.

According to a report from The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, progress is being made by the IDF:

“On November 16, 2023, after 12 hours of fighting, IDF forces captured an outpost of the commander of the northern area of the al-Quds Battalions, the military-terrorist wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), the second largest organization in the Gaza Strip whose operatives participate in the fighting against the IDF. The outpost was used for training operatives of the organization’s military-terrorist wing and at the same time as a factory for the manufacture of weapons.

“IDF forces searched the outpost and found a large quantity of weapons, including two trucks loaded with weapons, parts of three Badr 3 rockets, parts of a UAV, RPG rockets with tandem-charge warheads, personal weapons, and PIJ intelligence materials. In addition, a dummy tank used by operatives of the military-terrorist wing to train for the takeover of an IDF tank was also found at the outpost. After taking the weapons and intelligence materials from the outpost, IDF forces destroyed and blew it up (IDF website, November 17, 2023).”

Much, much more remains to be done to exterminate these goblins from the earth.

But it’s very clear that the powers-that-be do not want that to happen.

Israel has the northern Gaza Strip under control. It is the rest of it that continues to be a threat. Will Netanyahu and the government be able to stand up under the pressure of the international community?

“We” are here in this place precisely because of an unwillingness to finish the job. For decades.

The question must be asked: why did the international community not only tolerate Yasser Arafat, but mainstream the killer dwarf? The answer is obvious: Jewish life is cheap to most people.

Look, I firmly believe all this is pushing us toward those great end-times battles. There must be a mechanism that turns the whole world against Israel. Sadly, that must happen. So what are some potential mechanisms?

The insane “Two-State Solution” model, for starters. For 30 years, the world has played a game with Jewish lives, demanding that Israel carve itself up in order to give the Palestinians what in effect will be another terror state on the doorstep. Per treaties, at the moment, Egypt and Jordan do not fit that scenario, but Lebanon and Syria in the north certainly do. Another terror state in Gaza and parts of the West Bank/Judea-Samaria would be intolerable for daily life in Israel.

Yet the world demands it!

Here’s an interesting reality, though: it looks like the Israelis do not want to play with that ball again. Breitbart editor Joel Pollak had this to say about that:

“If you want to compare it to something it was almost like the Rwandan genocide where people looked their victims in the face before doing horrific things to them. I think that changed the Israeli attitude towards Hamas and its role and its relationship with the Palestinian people. I do think it does put the entire idea of a two-state solution in question. I mean if that was on the table and for the Biden administration it still is, it’s really off the table for now. Because it is impossible for the Israelis to accept that they would live next to another entity that is controlled by Palestinians where this kind of thing is allowed to happen.”

I absolutely believe this will at some point be the match that lights it all up. There must be some extraordinary situation that compels the reprobate-minded international community to finally have enough with the Israelis. There is no other rational explanation for why a plan as flawed as the Two-State Solution has lasted this long. It is as stupid a model as one could imagine, yet the dead horse is still beaten.

In the end, the Two-State Solution is planned as the Nazi-like Final Solution.

God will not let that happen.

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