30 Nov 2023

Severe floods in Somalia affect 2 million, displace 746 000 and destroy 4 700 houses The ongoing Deyr rainy season continues to unleash devastating floods across Somalia and the wider Horn of Africa, wreaking havoc on an unprecedented scale. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN OCHA) confirms that as of […] The post 30 Nov 2023 appeared first on Rapture Ready. »

27 Nov 2023

Topeka digs out after seeing its heaviest November snow since 1888 Topekans dug out Sunday after experiencing what the National Weather Service said was the capital city’s snowiest November day in 135 years. Major lake-effect snow event expected in Great Lakes region, threatening road closures and power outages  As Arctic air sweeps across the Great […] The post 27 Nov 2023 appeared first on Raptu... »

26 Nov 2023

Tropics to begin cooling down as end of hurricane season nears There is less than a week in the 2023 hurricane season, but the National Hurricane Center (NHC) entered the weekend tracking two areas to watch – a cyclone in the Pacific and a disturbance in the Atlantic. Central Plains hit with 4-8 inches of snow […] The post 26 Nov 2023 appeared first on Rapture Ready. »

27 Nov 2023

Fiendish Fiends Although it was so predictable, it’s hard to watch Hamas control the war they started against Israel. The “deal” to “release” hostages, amid a backdrop of a ceasefire, is the cruelest act I think I’ve seen in my lifetime. There is no horror too much for the terror group and, by extension, their […] The post 27 Nov 2023 appeared first on Rapture Ready. »