36. I am thankful for DIRECT DEPOSIT….

For the life of me, I can't understand people who still prefer "paper checks" in their grubby little hands on pay day....and YES, those people still do exist. I've worked with them.....and haven't quit trying to understand them.

I started my new job on August 9---my last post (and I really should make more effort to post more regularly)....and I received my very first paycheck today...VIA Direct Deposit.

I became acquainted with Direct Deposit when I entered Active Duty in the United States Air Force 24 years ago (September 23, 1986)....and I've not "turned back" since that time. Actually, I think I've only had one job in that time frame that did not offer Direct Deposit....and Lord willing, I'll NEVER work for that organization again---and NO, it wasn't the MAFIA....

I'm most thankful for Direct Deposit.