If we were to go back about 70 years, to America’s political landscape, we would see that there has always been a division between the two main political parties (Democrats and Republicans) on how to govern the nation. However in those days there were six basics fundamentals that the nation rallied around, including any Senator, Congressman and even the President.

1. America is a Christian nation
2. America has the greatest military in the world
3. America’s leaders must put a national crisis above the party preference
4. America’s government must balance the budget and not go into excessive debt
5. America must have strong family and religious values to strengthen its moral fabric
6. God must be the center of our lives and our faith

Five years ago we were flat out told that the new leadership wanted to “fundamentally change America.” Look at the above list, and consider the new America, the changes that have been promoted and enacted, in the past 58 months. The world news reported a speech from Turkey, in which our President said that “America is not a Christian nation…” The behind the scenes treatment of all branches of arms services which include forcing them to accept gays in the military, and the treatment of the veterans by shutting down the Washington Vietnam Memorial, gives an indication of how out of touch and disrespectful of the military the superiors in Washington have become.

Without doubt, all sensible American’s have seen the bi-partisan bickering and hateful words, spewed like a busted sewer pipe, as the liberals have called the conservatives, “domestic terrorists,” “extremists,” “dangerous,” and words I am unwilling to repeat because of their vulgarity. The nation is completely divided between the liberals and conservatives, the big government and small government groups and the God lovers and the God haters.

We are now 17 trillion dollars in debt with no end in sight and the extreme big government promoters are unwilling to cut the budget to save a future generation from unbearable financial obligations or worst, a bankrupting of the American Dream. The moral foundation has split like a road in an earthquake and God’s name is mostly spoken in Hollywood movies and seldom in reverence.

I wish I could predict a time when all American’s would come together, but I believe we have reached a point of no return as it relates to uniting around the six things that united us which made America a strong nation. The facts are, America’s north-east and the west coast have a different way of viewing morality, social justice and spirituality. There are about thirty-five states considered conservative, ten considered liberal and the other five caught in between. It has also become clear that the “nation” no longer elects the President of the U.S., as the major cities located in ten of the large electoral votes, can vote in the leader, while the other ten sit back and watch.

The only true unity that I see on the horizon is the unity that God desires to send to the church, to His people, from all different denominations. There are hundreds of denominations in America, all who vary on different doctrinal issues. Our unity must center on Christ; his virgin birth, death and resurrection and redemption through his blood. We must unite around the teaching of justification by faith, the cleansing influence of sanctification and the power of the Holy Spirit. We must teach the Kingdom is coming and the Messiah is returning. If we believe the same Bible, then we must agree on these Biblical truths. For the sake of the Gospel, let us not take on the spirit of the politicians, and become hateful, divided and competitive, just to keep our positions or job security. Put Christ first in all things.

Perry Stone, Jr.

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