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Why do people come to church???

I have given this alot of thought lately, and have decided that the reason is the need for healing. So many are hurting and in need of a healer. What is not needed is more religion and judgement. Those things can be found in the world. We need to show ... »

No blogging for several days

I will not be posting for several days due to the fact that we are having to make an unexpected trip back to South Carolina. We received word yesterday that my dad is in serious condition and is in the ICU. He has a valve the is not operating correctly... »

There’s a world to be won!

There’s a world to be won!

I once was told that if all the unsaved people were to line up single file at my front door, the line would reach around the world thirty times. The sobering thought is that the line would grow at a rate of twenty miles per day. If you were to drive fi... »


So.. I just wanted to send out a holler from Charleston!! I went to Charleston yesterday, and I spent some time with one of my best friends, Jackie. Well, I will see most of you guys next Sunday!! »