Canceling our 2020 General Assembly

Canceling our 2020 General Assembly

SOURCE: Originally published on Actscelerate 3/11/20 6:38 pm

Canceling our 2020 General Assembly because of pandemics

Certainly, a possibility of issues that should be looked at with several conceivable outcomes:

1. No election is held and current office positions are held off for another year or so until the pandemics is neutralized – this will require change in procedure.

2. Electronic elections for change of office are held worldwide in lieu of the 2020 General Assembly – this will also require change in procedure

3. General Assembly 2020 is held in disregard of the coronavirus pandemics. Despite many prayers and praise reports, cases of coronavirus emerge from Indianapolis following with death cases across America. The newly elected Executive Committee resigns by Christmas and change of procedure is once again mandatory.

A century ago, our organization did not believe in going to the doctor and some even handled snakes in various Cleveland revivals, but had enough sense to cancel the 1918 General Assembly due to the worldwide influenza.

What, IF ANYTHING has changed a century later?

PANDEMIC Forces Cancellation of General Assembly


  • I would go with one or three. Electronic voting could upset the SE USA leadership train. Acts Enthusiast
  • Um…we don’t handle snakes AND we are good with folks going to the doctor.
  • It’s very possible the pandemic will be largely neutralized by late July, especially given how seriously authorities seem to be taking it. I guess the problem is that travel/hotel bookings would need to be made soon, while things are still uncertain.
  • I think the government canceled the assembly in 1918, as well as worship services across the country on at least four Sundays. According to the Ken Burns documentary on the Spanish Flu Pandemic, many doctors and nurses refused to those sick with the flu. So yes, we taught against going to the doctor, but the practice of medicine was very different back then. There was no CDC, HHS or FDA back then, and if you study the ingredients of the patient medicine of the time, you often find cocaine, opium and other addictive drugs. It was a different time, or was it?
  • I would say that if the #’s on this pandemic are still climbing in late April to early May then the 2020 GA will need to be cancelled. I’m sure we can figure out a way to do the voting online if we need to.  If not then most of our business can wait 2 more years & that would make the 4 year GA folks content also.

SOURCE: Originally published on Actscelerate 3/11/20 6:38 pm

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