Church Planting Initiative QUESTIONSI

As you can see below, I have posted my church planting proposal to the Executive Council for consideration for the General Assembly 2010 Agenda. It will not be on the Agenda, but has been referred to a study commission headed by Tim Hill. I spoke with him yesterday and began some good dialogue that I have been asked to continue with the other members of the study commission.
I would like to employ the readers of this board in helping me perfect and flesh-out this proposal. Again, you can read the whole thing here.
Please respond to the following concerns (and any others you can think of):
1. Since we are only at the beginning of the TOT reduction, is this proposal premature
2. Is the matching funds proponent (local and state) a positive idea
3. Should the funds be designated for a church plant/satellite and then sent to the state office for distribution or should it simply be reduced out of the monthly TOT check
4. Should there be a cap (financial or time) on how much (or how long) you can give to a particular church plant/satellite The only reason I ask this is so that local churches do not end up diverting tithes to a church that is not in the planting phase.
5. Finally, should I wait to see if the Executive Council will put this proposal on the 2012 Agenda, or should I submit it to the floor of the General Assembly through the motions committee
My only hope is to help re-engage the COG as a church planting organization. Please help me think through both what the best plan is for church planting and what plan has the best chance of being adopted by the General Assembly.
Jerry Lawson
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