Do you cancel church for 1-2 inches of snow?

33 comments on Do you cancel church for 1-2 inches of snow?

  1. The Sabbath was given to man not man to the Sabbath. I will always cancel church if I feel the roads or weather are hazardous. On to two inches is not the issue. Ice on the roads is the issue. You can always have another worship service but you cannot replace the lives or health of your members.

  2. It depends on the service. I serve on the south side of DC. Due to the volume of traffic on Wednesday’s, people may take 3-4 hours to make the 30-40 min trip. Therefore I will cancel. On Sundays, I will look to see if I should postpone to the afternoon to have service. Recently we had 6”, so I preached via video on my website. I also get concerned about the elderly who, by nature, will get out if the church doors are open, and I don’t want to put them at risk.

  3. No, but do for 6 -8 and/or Ice. Ice is nasty and people who drive on it are risking property and life. I’ve seen it so bad where cars just literally slide off the road from a dead stop. Last winter, I think I cancelled one Sunday morning, and a few Weds nights…our snowfall totals for the winter last year were in the 7 ft range so there’s that…

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