Dr. Harold Bare on The Power of the Executive Committee to Ignore General Assembly Policy

Posted on July 31, 2008 by travjohnson
GUEST BLOGGER, Harold Bare, Ph.D., pastor ofCovenant Church in Charlottesville, VA
My thoughts are shared today after 40 years of study and research on Church of God executive structure. These efforts to study and research have been made with the desire to bring about a more positive and effective structure.
The propositions presently being entertained by you in your forum are:
— Proposition #1: Elect at least 13 pastors to Executive Council.
— Proposition #2: Reduce funding by local churches to general headquarters to 10% and mandate 1/3 of this amount coming into International Headquarters be designated by the General Assembly for World Missions.
Both are in heart well intended and would potentially bring about some improvement.The problem that would remain is that the system is broken. Even if both of these propositions were to pass, we would still have an endemic flaw that is not General Assembly [GA] mandated.
By fiat the Executive Committee [EC] has commandeered the power of the General Assembly [GA]. Continue reading →
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