Faith, Grace and work. …..…………. God save me please. to…

Faith, Grace and work.
God save me please.
to God the Father whose image is the son that was slain on the Calvary whom we know as Jesus Christ in the union of will of the Spirit of the Father which was obviously seen in the son be glorified forever Amen.
May be you have been told or taught about what you need to do to be saved. many theories tries to explain the truth to all of us. no one has the intention to deceive any Christian in their theories. all their intent was to explain the truth based on what they understand. this is the major reasons we all are scattered as christians with different denomination. the Catholics claims they are the best , so do others. I am a Catholic and may die as a Catholic. who is right in the way of salvation?
the same problem is what has been one of the many causes Islam rose from Arabia Land. it is funny that this disunity has been after the death of the disciples of Jesus. but can we sit down and resolve all this? the problem is I that is speaking is the least among the so called children of God. I am not free from sin, not ordained. not vast learned under scholars of the scripture but it is just a little privilege. yes many Christian apologetics have done their good I’m trying to explain about salvation to us but something is lacking. I am not about to quote many Bible quotations but believe that with simple reasoning you will agree with me and preach the truth in everywhere you are.
Salvation is one thing everyone is searching for whether he or she believes in God or not. although we all have different views of salvation. under the auspice of Christ people who want to know the truth. I will like to show us a little truth which may be helpful in our doctrinal teachings.
1. So many people believe it is only faith that will give you salvation. faith in Jesus is good but only faith will not give you salvation. you may throw stoned to me about this revelation. yes I may die under this revelation but it will be worthwhile if you understand that faith alone in Christ won’t give you salvation. what I mean faith without work is Dead.
Paul said that he was about feeding them meet no more milk. faith comes from hearing and hearing the word of God. when you hear about Christ, and you accept him as your Lord and savior that is who owns you. that is a first step. it is not all the step. you have not even been counted as child of God. this will surprise many to hear that believing in Christ died for you do not mean you are a son of God or better child of God. believing in the son only gives you hope to live forever not saved. you won’t understand this. I hope am not saying what you have never heard before now. it is all places. you read it from the Muslims. they tell you and you doubt them . yes, your pastor or one way or the other might have told you this but it was hard to chew. the truth here is believe gives hope for eternal life. for God so loved the world that he gave his only son born by a woman that whosoever believe in him #Shall have eternal Life.
I hope you saw the futuristic verb in that. it means hope is given.
faith doesn’t solve all the problem.
2. Many Christians believe that we are no longer under The laws of Moses. that in John 1:17 that Christ brought Grace. yes, Christ brought Grace. the problem is do you even understand what grace means? is it just the definition of the word grace in the dictionary you operate on? my dear if you are only working on the dictionary meaning of grace you failed. first of all God in Jesus said that what Moses was allowed to give Israelites were incomplete in his direction. he Jesus who was the carrier of the Father In the person of holy Spirit said , you heard they Said, but I say.. this shows that the law Moses gave drew death to many. Jesus didn’t remove the law but explained it clearly so that obeying the law Jesus gave will help you to do more than the Pharisee and Sadducees of his Time. Christ law in real sense is strongly intensified than Moses but the difference is death penalties that warrant you sacrificing weekly to appease God. the grace there is the death of Christ.
3. work. people said no need for work. I ask you, which congregation functions or grow without work? Work is the backbone of a successful congregation or family. if we stop working we have stopped believing and the grace we expect is not functioning.
some people quote Saint Paul’s words that you shouldn’t boast the reason it is not for. your work. you are not in your right senses to take those words to that meaning. should we be lawless? are we to be the man of lawlessness? So you should go ahead and fornicate, masturbate in lust, commit adultery by plans, steal, forge statements against one another. don’t be a senseless man in thinking that you are not under the law because you are whether you want and like or not, the law is there for you to follow. let the light so shine before men , the light is the good will which is crafted from the law and they will glorify your father in heaven.
in the little summary of this. we need Faith, we pray for the grace of our Lord Jesus to find our work Worthy to be saved.
May God teach us More.

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