Funny How Things Stick In Your Mind

A few minutes ago I was on Facebook and and a friend who lives in the Eastern time zone posted something about the date, November 11... and when I read that date, I instantly recalled that the car accident that radically changed my life took place on November 11, 1988. It's not really something I want to remember... but like flipping a switch, as soon as I saw that date written on the screen, I not only recalled that this was the anniversary of the accident... I remembered every detail. Because of stupid kid who was out celebrating his 19th birthday by drinking himself into a stupor, I live each and every day of my life in pain. My migraine headaches began as a result of that accident. The damage in my right hand and wrist, my back troubles and neck troubles... all began on November 11, 1988.  The reason the car is pictured is because that's what I was driving, except mine was silver and black. Ironically, just the day before the accident my wife and I had decided we were going to stop driving the Charger and put it away because they had decided to stop making them and ours was the final year of production. Sadly, the car was worthless after the accident.  

I really do find it odd that your mind can put pieces of information together and re-tell the story so quickly with such subtle reminders.

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