Good Friday Ideas

Over the years, I’ve done a few different kinds of things in planning for Good Friday Services. Good Friday is a great time to experiment and offer a different type of worship experience for people because of the content/subject matter and the fact that it is a “special” service. To be able to draw people into the experience of Good Friday so they can identify with and place themselves in the event is a great thing for many on their spiritual journey. It also helps to create a stronger distinction between the loss of Good Friday and the celebration of the Easter Sunday Resurrection. You can read more about Good Friday here and here. Click through to check out some planning resources and ideas.


I’m always on the look-out for great and creative ideas for doing a Good Friday event. One source that I’ve bookmarked (but haven’t used yet) is some resources from a guy named Jordan Fowler at He’s no longer updating this sight, but it’s got some great content still available. If you go to the site and type “Good Friday” in the search box, you’ll end up with this page listing a bunch of Good Friday related posts (many with downloads).

More Good Friday Ideas

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