Happy Birthday…Cooper David!

Happy Birthday…Cooper David!

Cooper David Isaacs, our first grandson turned 6 today and it created a pause in me that wondered…have six years already passed since the day we waited on his birth in Mobile, AL?

There are now four grandchildren in our family (a 5th on the way) and we are blessed to have such a wonderful gift in each of them–but Cooper was the first and he introduced me to the role of grandfather.  Cooper is very driven child and has always been a model young man.  He loves music (drums) and singing (I have recordings of “Your Grace Is Enough”)…the beauty of Cooper is the passion with which he plays, worships and manages his role as eldest son in the house.

As other brothers (Branson and Tucker) have arrived, it has been Cooper who showed the way and he relishes his role as “leader.”  Because his father is a youth pastor, he has spent a large part of his early life with teenagers and that has only added to his confidence that he is so mature!

It was Cooper who first joined my plan to create a “secret” that could be triggered by simply asking “what is the secret?” to which he responded “I LOVE PAPA!” (that’s me!).

He started school this year and that has been a big change in his life and for his mother.  He seems to be adjusting well.

I love Cooper and so proud that he is growing into a fine young man.  It is on my “bucket list” some day to take Cooper to the mission field and introduce him to one of Papa’s great passions–missions.

Cooper’s going to Waffle House tonight with his family for his annual birthday meal (same as last year)…I wish we were there with him…I’ll see him in a few days and we have our own Waffle House morning…in Akron.

Happy Birthday, Cooper!