I personally find it to be a fundamental question for…

I personally find it to be a fundamental question for anyone interested in the Gospels in relationship to Jesus to find out and research if the things described in the Gospels really happened and if so, if they happened in the way they are described.

Let me use Bart Ehrman when he states that this has been at the front and center of biblical studies for over three hundred years now, especially since the 1770s when scholars who had been influenced by the Enlightenment began to turn the critical skills that helped them understand the ancient world more broadly to the New Testament Gospels. When they did so some of them started arguing that the Gospels contain accounts that did not actually happen and others that happened in some sense but not in the way they are described.

Take for instance one report that is mentioned only by Mathew in chapter 27 verses 52 and 53 right after Jesus died. One will notice that this is not mentioned no elsewhere (Mark, Luke and John). “The graves broke open and many of God’s people (saints) who had died were raised to life. They left the graves and after Jesus rose from death, they went into the Holy City, where many people saw them.”

I mean how do you explain this “The walking dead” event❓Did it really literally happened❓What is the evidence for it not only in the Gospel itself but outside of it❓and finally, who were this saints❓

I find it hard to believe that this happened literally and historically in the way it is described, but at the same time I am sure about it, thus, I cannot affirm that this is an error or a myth or some sort of embellishment from Mathew in here. I Just need to investigate a little more on it.

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