I’ll go with loyalty every time

“One evening as we reviewed our calendar and a stack of time-consuming opportunities, the thought came, ‘Why not prioritize everything we do on the basis of who’s going to be crying at our funeral?’ We did it. The results saved our family.” _Patrick Morley


Whether it is your church, your company or your choice of friends, if you don’t want people to leave you, you have two choices.

You can either do whatever is necessary to give people what they want or your can do whatever is necessary to gain people’s loyalty.

Giving people what they want means you are on an endless “upping the ante” treadmill trying to cater to people’s ever-changing whims and desires.

But appealing to people’s loyalty…

That is based on character, sacrifice, mission, and purpose.

In the first you produce immature people who – no matter how hard you try – will eventually leave you for the newer, brighter, and “better”

In the second, you will produce mature people who stand with you through thick and thin.

Going the second route takes longer and may not collect as many followers – but oh what you can get done with a few loyal friends.

The ONE THING for today: History shows that there’s never been a crowd that didn’t eventually walk away. But it also shows that true friends stick with you for the entire journey…that’s why you should go with loyalty every time.

Photo by Tyler Nix on Unsplash