Advice to Young Guys Stepping into Ministry

Recently, I was to give a few suggestions for young ministers who were stepping into ministry to consider as they walk into the zany world that is the Church. It went over so well, i thought i would throw them at you to see if they help!!
here we go:

1. Have an out. Life cannot ALWAYS be about the business of the Lord. Sabbath is commandment #4 in case you forgot. Find your "calgon, take me away" thing and make sure it is a CONSTANT part of your life! Me? I like blowing stuff up with my guns!! scary, i know!

2. Preserve your wife's church. This is a HUGE mistake i see happen. Guys come and blast the church and everything about the staff, etc. Guys feel better, but women (for the most part) internalize everything and hold grudges. I suggest never discussing a problem in the heat of the battle. Wait until you have the issue resolved and then talk to her about it. You won't be stressed and she will not feel the need to defend your honor. Example: If you have ran the minister of music in the dirt all week, it will be nearly impossible for her to be led into God's presence by him/her on Sunday. Be smart for family, not selfish to make yo feel better.

3. Go HOME. You will NEVER make every person happy! you will NEVER send enough emails! You will NEVER visit enough hospitals! You will NEVER do it all! set a time you are going to leave and GO HOME! When you get home, be there! These are the people who deserve to get all of you, as well.

4. Reserve your 1st impression for your 3rd interaction. People are so guarded by nature and they work hard to make themselves look better than they really are. Give people a chance before you throw them in a category they aren't really suited for, good or bad. Bottom line, it takes time to KNOW people.

5. Relational. Relational. Relational. Any long-term ministry team has to be balanced with relationship. Too much focus on the business relationship, and your relationship will exist as long as there isn't a better deal. Too much focus on the personal relationship side, and the person will grow less respectful of you and the office you hold. either way, people have to get to know you. They buy into people before vision and purpose is enticing enough to make a change for.

6. Learn to "Play ALL the Instruments." Everybody's not the same so you can't treat them the same. A saxophone and trombone require two different methods of making music come out. Yet both are vital to a jazz band. Learn what people need and make a melody that is in harmony with others on your team.

7. Have a Creation mindset. Take your God-sized dream and make it into a man-sized stratedgy. At each accomplishment on the way to your overall goal, have an "It is Good" celebration! make sure you involve yourself as an honored guest to that party!

Hope i helped,