Meet my new Illinois Friends

Today begins Sonja and my first full day of living in Illinois and serving the churches and ministers of the Church of God.

Hang with us for a few days…

Right now it is boxes and more boxes that have to be unpacked but we will get everything in it’s proper place and be off to the races getting to met our new friends and teammates in the great state of Illinois.

We did get to meet some of our new friends yesterday when we reached the beautiful state parsonage. Many thanks to these amazing men who unloaded our moving truck in a blink of an eye. If unpacking moving trucks was an Olympic sport they would have gotten the gold medal!

Thanks gentlemen!

(L-R) Me, Desmond Wellington, (State Youth & Discipleship Director and Children’s Pastor at the Bethalto COG), Guy Wyman (thanks for the supplies from Chick-fil-a!), Blake Schuette, Tony Davidson, Todd Show (Senior Pastor, Beltline COG), Jacob Skelton (Senior Pastor, Bethalto COG), Ian Skelton