Military service in Macedonia

Completed another missionary journey of the Bulgarian military Ministry to Macedonia. A team of 5 people travelled 1,500 km as had a series of meetings with Macedonian Christians-servicemen in Skopje and Strumica, Gevgelija Murtino. Major George Ûrčev of the General staff of the Macedonian army, with whom the Bulgarian military Ministry maintained contact from 5 years ago organized the whole trip and all our meetings. In the town. Gevgelija held meeting with Macedonian policemen nonbelievers, one of them was an Undersecretary. the Director of the Police Department in your local city. Another officer, Zoran Daniel from the police station in the town. Gevgelija is Pastor at a local church, protestanska manifest a great interest on the development of Christian Ministry among the policemen. The Bulgarian military Ministry will continue its support for the launch of Christian Ministry among the military and the police in Macedonia.

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