Mind Blown

Thinking about God sometimes pushes me to the limits. Wrestling with a Being who is everywhere at once, eternal, uncreated, three-in-one, one-in-three—such thoughts reach the limits of what gray matter can do.

And I love it.

I love not being able to put God in a box and slam it shut. I love not having a full picture of our Maker because no one can. The stress of it pushes me forward, compels me to keep digging and learning. It’s like the tension in a novel that moves the plot. I have to keep turning the pages because I need to know who God is.

If His attributes make my mind reach its limits, grace blows it wide open. This unfathomable Creator loves a limited, weak, flawed, failing, messed up, complaining human. That’s enough to destroy every dendrite I have.

Consider my mind blown—and I hope yours is, too.