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This is not just “another” book of systematic theology. It is unique! In this volume you will find thorough treatises of all the fundamental doctrines of the Christian church presented not as theory, but as teachings to be believed and practiced. Those doctrines which are considered to be “distinctives” to the Pentecostal movement (e.g. Divine Healing, the Baptism with the Holy Spirit and spiritual gifts) are given extensive and complete treatment.

Co-authored by seasoned and trustworthy men who have devoted their lives to scholarly study of the Word, systematic teaching and expository preaching, this book provides an unmatched resource for all who seek to know sound doctrine which can be worked out in the realities of life and ministry. To our knowledge, there is not another textbook of Pentecostal theology as comprehensive as this.

Praise for the Print Edition

There can hardly be found as complete and functional a doctrinal study from within the Pentecostal movement…[T]here is an unquestionable distinction present in the wedding of two such remarkable scholars and preachers for the formation of so thorough and usable a doctrinal textbook and authoritative reference resource.
—Jack W. Hayford, President of The International Church of the Foursquare Gospel

Dr. Guy P. Duffield: Culminating more than fifty years of ministry as a pastor and a teacher, Dr. Duffield brought to this work a lifetime of study, research and teaching. He provided expert knowledge to the topic of Pentecostal theology, based upon his studies, observations, and work with Pentecostal teaching. His expertise in language and teaching bring this subject to the “doctrinally uninformed” reader, providing solid instruction and faith strengthening wisdom.

Dr. Nathaniel M. Van Cleave: Devoted to ministry for over fifty years, Dr. Van Cleave developed a broad base of experience as a teacher, pastor, missionary, theologian, and preacher. One of his greatest qualifications for his work on the subject of Pentecostal theology was his personal link to the foundational Pentecostal movements in North America as a young man. His personal and ministerial relationship to Pentecostal theology provides the reader with a strong foundational base on the teachings of the Pentecostal movement.

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