Perry Stone on Protecting Your Family Against a Future Terrorist Attack

Perry Stone on Protecting Your Family Against a Future Terrorist Attack

Because our website is worldwide, I do not feel the liberty to share some information that I have personally received, until I begin to see the subject matter reported publicly. I will tell you that the hospitals in America are preparing for a possible biological attack within the United States. One of the chief executives of pharmaceuticals in Europe informed a visiting American that the swine flu was actually a man-made flu that had been spliced with a combination of swine, human and bird flu. It is possible that in the fall months this flu could mutate and cause a global pandemic. There are already over 100,000 people possibly infected in the U.S.A. Oddly, it is infecting younger people instead of older ones, which is puzzling to the CDC. Only time will tell how far and long this will spread.

The wise writer of Proverbs says that the prudent man foresees the evil and hides Himself, but the simple pass on and are punished (Proverbs 27:12). We in America have not experienced another terrorist attack since 9-11 and honestly we have become complacent and rather non-concerned. Don’t be blinded. There is an ongoing threat of terrorism in America and many families are unprepared for any form of disruption that could occur.

For example, in an alleged bulletin an Israeli named Juval Aviv, who is said to be noted for making accurate predictions related to terrorism, has waned Americans to prepare for a wave of homicide bombers that will be released in major cities and several rural areas. It is said that he pointed out, “When this happens, all cell phones will be cut off to prevent detonation of explosives from a distance.” He then asked, “What do you do when you can’t get in contact with your child at school or your spouse?” He emphasized that you must have a plan for your family in the event of another attack that experts warn will happen in time.

Often we are told to be prepared, but we are seldom told how to prepare. This special article will help you with some practical guidelines on preparation. Information on preparation is not to scare you, but to prepare you. In this article we will explore what many specialists are saying about being prepared for any future attack that might come. We have been told another attack is not a mater of if but when.

Four levels of threat:

There are basically four levels of threat:

1. A nuclear attack (or dirty bomb)
2. A chemical attack (using poisons)
3. A biological attack (plagues and man-made viruses)
4. A suicide bomber attack (with explosives)

Nuclear Attack

If a person lives within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant, the American Thyroid Association recommends keeping a supply of potassium iodide on hand. The purpose of the potassium iodide is to work as an antidote to the radioactive iodine released during a nuclear disaster.
Experts say the pills should be taken within three hours of exposure. The best protection from radiation exposure is a brick or stone building. Some suggest a basement, but avoid windows. If your clothes are exposed to radiation, they should be removed and sealed in a bag. Taking an immediate shower and changing clothes can reduce contamination up to 90%.

A Chemical Attack

Saddam Hussein built an arsenal of chemical agents, including mustard gas and nerve gas, which he used on the Kurds years ago. When a chemical agent is released such as chlorine, mustard gas or a nerve agent, removing clothes and immediately showering is an important key (chemical agents enter the skin within a few minutes).

Unlike with a nuclear attack, experts suggest not to go to a basement in a chemical attack. Since many chemicals are heavier than air, the chemicals often collect in lower areas. The best protection is a windowless inner room or a second story if possible. All openings to the outside should be sealed. Putting a wet towel under the door seal and sealing the edges with duct tape will help. If you are in a bathroom, close all drains, including the bathtub and sink drains. A person should seek professional medical help as soon as possible, since chemical effects can occur immediately.

A Biological Attack

One of the biggest threats of a biological attack is one which involves anthrax, smallpox, or a rare plague such as ebola. Often there is no immediate evidence that a person has the “plague” because the period of incubation may be from several hours to several days. The federal government has been storing up antidotes to deal with many of the possible biological plagues. If you ever think you have been exposed, contact medical personnel immediately.

What Every Home Should Have

1. Every family should have a pre-planned meeting place in the event that a national attack like 9-11 should occur again. The meeting place should be near the home. Often phone lines are jammed when attempting to contact schools, so parents, if possible, should pick up their children at school as a precaution.

2. Should a family find it necessary to leave the area, they should set up an emergency evacuation route and have contact numbers to relatives living in other areas or other states. Remember, if an evacuation should occur, the lines at fuel stations will fill up fast on any evacuation route. If you are not in immediate danger, get fuel first for the journey. Remember, local phone lines are usually jammed in a national calamity but the long distance lines are likely more open. Because we live near major chemical plants and 20 miles from a nuclear power plant, I have suggested to my own staff to keep you fuel tank full most of the time, even in a normal setting.

3. There should be an evacuation kit pre-packed in your house that can be placed in the car in a moments notice. Among the contents should be any needed medications, flashlights and batteries, a first aid kit, bottled water, a change of clothes, any documents needed and of course some additional cash.

In the event of a national attack involving any chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons, it may be possible that individuals would be required to remain indoors in their homes or offices. An in house emergency kit should be prepared in the same manner. It should contain:

1. Ten days supply of water (rotate the water every few months to keep it fresh). The average person drinks one gallon of water per-day. The water can be stored in a cool place for several months, or bottled water can be used.

2. Ten days supply of canned or non-perishable food. Along with the food there should be proper eating utensils and a non-electric can opener. A person should assume that if the electricity goes out, they can eat the food directly out of the can or have dried food that can be eaten.

3. Duct tape and plastic sheeting. The department of Homeland Security recently advised that each home (or office) have duct tape and plastic that can be placed around the doors or windows in the event of a sudden chemical attack. Checck out their web site for more detail at

4. Don’t forget any medications or other personal necessities you may need. If an attack is extended and the government calls for individuals to remain at home or in quarantine for several days, then have available every personal item you may need and don’t forget to have access to any medication that you may need. Basically, a person should prepare in the same manner as families who live in an area frequented by tornadoes or hurricanes.

Weeks after 9-11

Weeks after 9-11, we learned there were many testimonies of Christians from all denominations who were late getting to work at the World Trade Center. I personally spoke to individuals whose alarm clocks did not ring the morning of 9-11, making them late for work. Others missed the subway and others felt a “sixth sense” not to go into the city. The ultimate form of protection is the protective power of God and the inward leading of the Holy Spirit that reveals things to come and can help you not to be at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Jesus’ disciples never carried money or food with them on their journey. Toward the conclusion of his ministry, he told them to take a purse and “sell their garment and buy a sword” (Luke 22:36). The sword was not intended to physically assault people, as Peter attempted to do (John 10:18). The sword (of which there were two according to Luke 22:38), was intended as a weapon of protection in the event of danger.

Jesus knew he would be ascending to heaven shortly and the disciples needed to stand on their own and depend upon the coming comforter, the Holy Spirit!
Our ultimate protection is in Christ, but the proverb says it well:

“But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.” – Ezekiel 33:6

I have always said I would rather be prepared and nothing happen than for something to happen and not be prepared! I hope this article is a help to you and your family. Feel free to pass on the information. We all pray that we will remain safe from such terrible assaults on our nation. However, there is nothing wrong and it is not a lack of faith to be prepared in the event of a major assault from the enemy. All of my personal sources have said, “It is only a matter of time…”

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