save Jesus? ignore Easter?

save Jesus? ignore Easter?

Our friends over at The Resurgence responded to a recent Washington Post article which said that “Christians focus too much on the death and resurrection of Jesus and that we need to focus more on his ethical teachings.” Justin Holcomb did a masterful job of explaining why this idea is nonsensical.

Take a look at Justin’s work here.

The author of the WP article, Erik Reece, makes a very strange statement: “This is why I’m against Easter. It celebrates the death of Jesus nearly to the exclusion of his life.” This comes from a guy reared in a Christian home by godly parents (both his father and grandfather were Baptist ministers.)  So my question for Erik would have to be, “did you even pay attention at Easter?”

Easter does not focus solely, or even mostly on the death of Jesus. That’s what Good Friday is for. Easter is celebrating life! Jesus came back from death, He defeated the grave! Easter is victory!

While I respect the man and his right to an opinion, my heart goes out to guys like Erik. He was surrounded by the story but something or someone prevented him from grabbing the story.

I hope that those who hear the Easter message this year do grab it. It’s not just about the Cross, although that is the focal point of our salvation. Easter is life! Without the resurrection, we are all lost.