Does your god need the constants to be at a…

Does your god need the constants to be at a…

Does your god need the constants to be at a particular value in order to do what he wills? (As opposed to enforcing his will upon nature, whatever the value of the natural constants might be)

If he does, then he is not all powerful

If he does not, then the particular value that they have, is not only not evidence for his existence, but evidence of his none existence.
This because god could have enforced his will upon nature whatever the value that they might have. Being the case that there are millions of possibilities, and yet they are at the precise value that they need to be bring about our sort of universe.

Design is what we humans do because of our limitations. We have to work around nature, we are limited by it.

Are you able to imagine Jesus fermenting fruits as to produce wine?.
Of what use was the design (chemistry) when Jesus-presumably-transmuted water into wine?
What about biology when Lazarus was risen?
Of physics when he walked on water?.

What serves as evidence for your god, a man that is alive because he is healthy, or a man that like Lazarus, in spite of having spent 3 days dead lived again?.
Is it not logically inconsistent to regard the “design” of nature as evidence of your god, while at the same time, thinking of miracles (a brake in such design) in the same manner?.
And if both regular phenomena as well as irregular phenomena are suggestive of your god, is it not the case that neither could be since they render your god unfalsifiable?

(I am ware this argument does not apply to calvinists)

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