ACLU Forces Anti-Religious Freedom Agenda on S.C. Schools

The American Civil Liberties Union, or ACLU, is launching inaccurate missives against religious freedom on school campuses again. The ACLU introduced a new campaign, dubbed “Religious Freedom Goes to School,” that insists public schools sho... »



Evangelical Ministers Call on Trump to Protect Religious Freedom

Activists will be holding signs with Christian women wearing head coverings to stand in solidarity with their Muslim neighbors and friends. Ministers ask that Mr. Trump clarify his position on a Muslim Database and ensure that no one is targeted or forced to register because of their religious beliefs. What: Prayer vigil and public witness […] »

In the prophetic picture, Israel’s freedom was not defined by…

In the prophetic picture, Israel’s freedom was not defined by their escape from Pharaoh’s rule, but by their possessing the Promise! An entire generation died on the wrong side of the promise because they continued to believe in “giants” which dwarfed them into grasshopper status in their own imagination! You’re not merely rescued from slavery only to continue to be p... »