T.L. Osborn Dies at 89

T.L. Osborn was born December 23, 1923 to Charles Richard Osborn and Mary (Brown) on the family farm in Pocasset, Oklahoma. He stepped through the veil into eternity peacefully, at home surrounded by four generations of his beloved family on February 14th 2013 shortly after asking His Lord Jesus, “Take me home!” He was 89. Tommy married Daisy Marie Washburn on April 5, 1942 and together they carri... »

Mark E. Ridgeway, Kimberly, Ala.

Rev. Mark E. Ridgeway, an ordained bishop from Kimberly, Ala., passed away on January 25, 2023. The post Mark E. Ridgeway, Kimberly, Ala. appeared first on Church Of God. »

Kimberly Church of God members remain ‘rock solid’ in their faith despite tornado-ravaged building

KIMBERLY, Alabama – This Sunday, members of the Kimberly Church of God will worship outside under a tent — just like the founding members did more than 100 years ago in the exact same location. The church building was destroyed Monday night by storms and tornadoes that tore through central Alabama and heavily damaged the city of Kimberly. Portions of the church parking lot were covered... »

‘The louder the storm got, the louder our praying got’ said Kimberly tornado victim

Boren, her husband Randy, their 24-year-old nephew and their two young sons, ages 10 and 6, went to their safe room when the first alarms sounded. “We got word through social media that it was cancelled, so we went back upstairs and were watching the weather,” she said. About 10:20 p.m. the sirens started again. “Quite honestly, I had a bad feeling,” she said. They went bac... »

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