26 Nov 2023

Tropics to begin cooling down as end of hurricane season nears
There is less than a week in the 2023 hurricane season, but the National Hurricane Center (NHC) entered the weekend tracking two areas to watch – a cyclone in the Pacific and a disturbance in the Atlantic.

Central Plains hit with 4-8 inches of snow for treacherous Thanksgiving travel
…Winter weather alerts were in effect for more than 10 million people from Texas through Michigan. In addition to the snow, a mix of sleet and freezing rain was reported across the Texas Panhandle into northwestern Oklahoma and southern Kansas.

One Million More Jews Will Move To Israel, Israeli Official Predicts 
The Hamas plan, shared by other radical Islamic groups, to drive the Jews out of Israel is having an unintended effect, as rising anti-Semitism around the globe after the Hamas massacre of Israelis on October 7 is reportedly catalyzing Jews to consider moving to Israel.

Security sources give Hamas until midnight to release hostages
Israeli security sources have warned that if Hamas delays the release of the second group of hostages, Israel will resume ground operations in Gaza.

Woman Charged With Murder After Giving Gun to Her Mother With Dementia, Encouraging Her to Commit Suicide
An Oklahoma woman has been charged with murder after she gave a gun to her mother with dementia, who used it to commit suicide.

Desperate parents clutch children hooked to IVs on hospital floors as China’s mystery ‘pneumonia’ outbreak worsens
A MYSTERY pneumonia outbreak sweeping through China continues to get worse as desperate parents are clutching onto their children on hospital floors.

Biden Officially Attempts to Remove God from Thanksgiving with 2023 Proclamation
…While some president’s speeches may have been more devout than others over the years, Biden is the first president to delete God from his Thanksgiving proclamation altogether. In his proclamation, Biden declared, “This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for our Nation and the incredible soul of America.”

‘Shot Dead’ movie tells heartbreaking stories of youth who died after COVID vaccination
A new movie detailing the tragic stories of young Americans who died after receiving the experimental COVID-19 shots was released earlier this month on the anniversary of the death of an 18-year-old whose story is featured in the film.

Target Hires “Pride Strategist” Who Vows To “Make Trouble”
How charming…. Target just hired someone named Erik Thompson, also known as the Gay Cruella on Instagram (duh), who is Target’s new LGBTQIA+ (say that 10 times fast!) multicultural merchandising strategy and Pride businesses leader! Yes, really:

REVEALED: OpenAI staff warned its board about powerful artificial intelligence discovery that could ‘threaten humanity’ (it’s mean’t to) – before CEO Sam Altman was fired. ‘Discovery’? It’s all coming out of the underground bases and secret projects where this stuff was perfected long ago 
Open AI staff warned its board about a powerful AI breakthrough that could pose threats to humanity, before CEO Sam Altman was fired then later rehired.

Islamized UK: Jew-Hating Imam Incites Murder in Recent Sermon, ‘Kill Them in Numbers. And Do Not Leave Any of Them’ 
In leveraging the ongoing conflict, the Jami Mosque & Islamic Centre in Birmingham calls on the UK government to grant asylum to displaced Palestinians, a move critics assert is part of a broader strategy to exploit the situation, increase the Muslim population, and further Islamize the country.

US Official Sounds Alarm After Chinese ‘Pneumonia Outbreak Raises Serious Questions’
A U.S. official sounded the alarm over a “pneumonia outbreak” in northern China that reportedly sent a number of children to local hospitals.

Slovakia will not be entering into any international pandemic agreements with WHO, Prime Minister says
During a SMER party conference, Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico declared that his government will not sign the World Health Organisation’s Pandemic Treaty and SMER Members of Parliament will not ratify in parliament the Pandemic Treaty with the WHO because it is a project of greedy pharmaceutical companies.

Estonia notifies WHO that it rejects the Pandemic Treaty and amendments to International Health Regulations 
On 22 November, 11 Members of the Estonian Parliament wrote a letter to the World Health Organisation (“WHO”) to reject the proposed international agreement on pandemic prevention preparedness and response – also known as the “Pandemic Treaty” or “Pandemic Accord”.  The letter also rejects the amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) (“IHR”).

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