Tessa Jane: 4 months

While we were pregnant we received loads of advice from anyone and everyone, most of it welcomed with some of going in one ear and out the other. Some of the advice was excellent while some of it was “eh”. There was one phrase that we seemed to hear from almost everyone though: they grow so fast. I cannot believe how true that is. Our little Tessa Bean is 4 months now. FOUR MONTHS. Now you know why I haven’t posted in so long. We have a freaking 4 month old! And to further explain why this post may be a tad short – because this sweet little girl is now rolling over, squealing in the cutest voice ever, scooting around on all fours (not quite crawling), reaching for things, chewing on things, teething (we think), eating a few mushy things (food, that is), and making us fall more in love with her every day. And because no post is truly complete without a picture, here’s her 4 month old pic (along with all the nicknames we call our little bug!)