The Daniel 8 War Between the West and Iran (Daniel…

The Daniel 8 War Between the West and Iran (Daniel…

The Daniel 8 War Between the West and Iran (Daniel 8:4-8, 15-22 and 11:2-4)

Paul MacDonald RN RMN MA Dipl

The Daniel 8 war between the Goat (the West) and the Ram of the East (Iran) is not historical.

The war that took place between Alexander and Darius, that took place in Irbil in Northern Iraq, but the war of Daniel 8, it takes place inside Iran, on the banks of the River Ulai in Susa, which is at the foot of Zagros Mountains in Iran (Daniel 8:2).

The war takes place AFTER the Ram (Iran) has pushed/butted towards the North, West and South in its own region, and AFTER it has become rich first (Daniel 8:4-7, 15-22 and 11:2).

Today we can see the rise of Iran and how it is expanding its influence into other parts of the Middle East, especially where Iraq and Lebanon are concerned.

The Prominent King in Daniel 8:21 is not Alexander, but is the first, or the Prominent King that will be leading this Battle (Daniel 8:21). He is also called the stubborn King that does as he pleases (Daniel 11:3), but as soon as he has become powerful, both he and his land will be cast to the four winds (Daniel 11:4 Daniel 8:8, and Daniel 8:22).

The Goat (West) rises up from the whole world to come against the Ram (Iran), it casts the Ram (Iran) down, so it doesn’t get up again (Daniel 8:5-7).

The two horns of the Ram represent Iraq and Iran. The shorter horn represents Iraq, and the longer represents Iran.

The Goat (West) is successful for a while only, before it finally collapses into 4 (Daniel 8:8, 22, 11:4).

Out of the four one will rise to crush the other 3 (Daniel 7:1-7), and out of this one comes the 10 Middle Eastern Kings, and the 11th who is the Assyrian Antichrist (Genesis 10, Psalms 83:6-8, Daniel 2:40, 7:25, 8:23 and Revelation 17:12-13).

Could the pushing and expansion of Iran now be the beginning of the West/East war as predicted in Daniel? The war that leads to eventual collapse of the West?

This collapse then gives way to the Rise of the 4th and Final Middle Eastern based Kingdom divided between Syria and Egypt out of which the Assyrian Antichrist will come. This is the Beast Kingdom, which one and same of the Iron Legged Kingdom of Daniel 2.

The Daniel 8 and 11 war between the West and Iran and collapse of the West is repeated again in Daniel 8:15-22, and 11:2-4).

The end in Daniel 8:17 is not the End end, but only the end of Western Rule, an end which is repeated Daniel 8:8, 22 and 11:4) and highlighted by fact of the Goat (the West) is going to be split up into 4 and then cast to the 4 Winds.

If this coming conflict is the Daniel 8 war, the conflict marks the beginning of the end of Rulership of the West, a Rulership which is already experiencing Political, Moral, Economical and Social decay.

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Paul MacDonald RN RMN MA Dipl ©
Israel Institute of Biblical Studies

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