Theology of the New Testament

Theology of the New Testament

Theology of the New Testament [BIBL 338]: The class is offered as a fast track orientation to New Testament theology as part of Lee University’s Division of Adult Learning. It is a completely online 7-week course (June 6, 2017 – August 14, 2017).

Description: An exegetical, historical study of the theology of the New Testament with special attention given to Pauline, Johannine, Petrine, and Jewish-Christian formulations of theology.

Audience: This class is for:

  • Young ministers or mentors of young ministers, who need a solid doctrinal foundation for New Testament theology and ministry
  • Bible students who need the extra 3-hour summer credit to go toward their active program curriculum
  • Pastors who need of additional 20-week series to use in Wednesday family training hour or Bible study sessions for the remaining of the year 

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