This Day, August 15, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L

This Day, August 15, In Jewish History by Mitchell A and Deb Levin Z"L

August 15

423: Honorious Flavius, the Western Roman Emperor who confiscated gold and silver which had been collected by the synagogues to be sent to Jerusalem and “defined Judaism as an unworthy superstition passed away today.

1096: The armies of the First Crusade set out from Europe to deliver Jerusalem from the occupying forces of Islamic Turks. Championed by Peter the Hermit in 1093, Pope Urban II had sanctioned the crusade at the Council of Clermont in 1095.

1286: As what the original and 21st tenants of the city might find as an act of usurpation, during the era of the Crusaders, Henry II was name King of Jerusalem succeeding his brother John I whose death he was rumored to have hastened with the use of poison.

1309: Knights of St. John, complete their conquest of Rhodes. Apparently the Knights treatment of the Jewish population was comparatively benign since many Sicilian conversos would move to the island because “they remembered the Knights’’ liberal policy towards the Jews or Rhodes.”

1418: Birthdate of Johannes Hinderbach, the Prince-Bishiop of Trent who created a blood libel when he blamed the Jews for the death of Simon of Trent.

1461: Trapezunt surrenders to the forces of Sultan Mehmet II marking the real end of the Byzantine Empire. The experience of the Jews of Anatolia had been uneven in the days of the Byzantine (Christian) Empire.  The Jews of Constantinople remained in place after the Islamic forces came to power under Mehmet II.

1488: In Cordoba, Christopher Columbus and his companion Beatriz Enriquez de Arena gave birth to the explorer’s second son Ferdinand Columbus

1534: Ignatius of Loyola and six classmates took initial vows that would lead to the creation of the Society of Jesus in September of 1540. In its early days, the Jesuits accepted Jewish converts and their descendants who were known as New Christians were admitted to the order.  After the death of Loyola, the Jesuits adopted the Spanish attitudes and refused to accept New Christians or their descendants as members.

1724: Birthdate of Hamburg, Germany native and convert to Christianity Aaron Isaacs, a merchant, landowner and supporter of the American Revolution who lived in Connecticut during the war, “helped found the Clinton academy and married Mary Hedges in 1750.

1753(15h of Av, 5513): Tu B’Av

1769: Birthdate of Napoleon Bonaparte.  Napoleon had profound effect on the Jews of Europe.  But if one asks, “Was Napoleon good for the Jews” the best answer might be, “It depends.”  For one version see

1776(30th of Av, 5536): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1784: In Gorizia, Rabbi Abraham Vita and his wife gave birth to Isaac Samuel Reggio an Austro-Italian scholar and rabbi.

1796: In what may have been the first attempt for a governmental entity to protect Kashrut in the United States, the Common Coincil suppressed the butcher license of Nicholas Smart, a non-Jew, for affixing Jewish seals to non-kosher meats.  Pg 246

1806: Rabbi Joseph David Sinzheim delivered a sermon in the synagogue of Paris in honor of the emperor's birthday that strengthened Napoleon's favorable opinion of the Jews, who received the imperial promise that their rights as French citizens would not be withdrawn.

1815 (9th of Av): Rabbi Joseph Isaac Horowitz, known as “The Chozeh” of Seer of Lublin author of Divrei Emet, passed away.

1815: In “Fryingpan Alley,” Elizabeth and Benjamin Fileman gave birth to Rachel Fileman

1818: In Alsace, France, Alexandre Aron and Charlotte Aron, the daughter of Asser Lion and Gitlé Loëw gave birth to Jérôme Aron-Duperret

1819: Birthdate of Joseph Jacob Goldmark, the Hungarian physician who came to the United States after the failed revolution of 1848 where he discovered red phosphorous and became the father-in-law of Louis Brandeis and Felix Adler.

1829: In “Leigh, Essex” Catherine Phillips and Laurence Lazarus gave birth to Benjamin Lazarus.

1829: Sara and Jacob Nunes Castello gave birth to Baruch Castello, the husband of Sophia Woolf.

1830: Birthdate of Henry Aaron Isaacs who became sheriff of London and was knighted in 1887 and was elected Lord Mayor of London two years later.

1831: In Bavaria, David Isaac Seligmann and Fanny Seligmann gave birth to Leopold Seligmann, the husband of Julia Levi.

1831: Birthdate of Leopold Morse, the native of Wachenheim, Germany who moved to the United States in 1849 where he opened a successful clothing store in Massachusetts and became so active in the Democratic Party that he served as a delegate to the National Convention and a member of the House Representatives.

1838: Lewis Nathan married Hannah Cohen at the New Synagogue.

1838(24th of Av, 5598): German businessman Moses Moser whose business associates included Moses Friedländer and Moritz Robert and who was a close personal friend of Heinrich Heine passed away today in Berlin.

1842: Charles Henry Churchill, the British Consul in Damascus whose area of responsibility included Palestine, delivered his formal proposal to Sir Moses Montefiore concerning the role of Jews in the Middle East.  A Zionist before Zionism existed, Churchill proposed “that the Jews of England conjointly with their brethren on the Continent of Europe should make an application to the British Government through the Earl of Aberdeen to accredit and send out a fit and proper person to reside in Syria for the sole and express purpose of superintending and watching over the interests of the Jews residing in that country.” Charles Churchill was the grandfather of Sir Winston Churchill.

1844: In Hungary, Aharon Rausher and his wife gave birth to future Chicago resident Celia Raucher Goldfinger, the wife of Charles Ignat Goldfinger with whom she had four children – Samuel, Catherine, Sallie and Lillye.

1849: Moss Davis and Jane Davis were married today at the Great Synagogue.

1849: Joseph Seligman and Babette Seligman gave birth to Helene Seligman who became Helene Spiegelberg when she married Emanuel Spiegelberg.

1854: M.H. Bresslau began serving as editor of The Jewish Chronicle (New Series) and Working Man's Friend" an Anglo-Jewish newspaper which he renamed “The Jewish Chronicle and Hebrew Observer."

1854: In Hesse, Levi Hoechster and Betty Hoechster gave birth to Max Hester.

1855(1st of Elul, 5615): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1855: Birthdate of Czech native and future Ohio resident William W. Pollack, the husband of Marrie Leder Pollak with whom he had eight children – Herman, Sophia, Eleanor, Robert, Olga, Edwin and Nelson

1855: Birthdate of Baden, Germany native Julius J. Dukas who came to New York at the age of 19 and eventually start a brush manufacturing company known as J. Dukas and Company while raising a daughter with his wife Sarah Hyman Dukas.

1857: Birthdate of Albert Ballin, the German-born businessman who served a general manager of the Hamburg America (Shipping) Line.

1858: In Montreal Abraham de Sola, the first chazzan Shearith Israel and Esther Joseph, “daughter of Henry Joseph, one of Canada’s earliest Jewish settlers” gave birth to “businessman, Zionist leader and author Clarence Isaac de Sola, the husband of Belle Maud Goldsmith with whom he had “two sons and two daughters.”

1859: In Baden Baden, Magdalena Madel and Leopold Dukas gave birth to Julius Juda Dukas, the husband of Sara Dukas and the father of Madeline Samuel

1859: In Russia, “Loeb and Cima (Davidow) Davidson gave birth to Benjamin Davidson, who arrived in Sioux City, IA with two dollars, began peddling “tinware,”  and later opened a dry goods store which was the foundation of Davidson Brother’s owned by Benjamin, David and Abraham Davidson which at one time was described as one of Iowa’s “leading department stores..”

1861: Ralph Disraeli, the brother of Benjamin Disraeli, and Katherine Trevor were married today in Middlesex, England.

1861: Austen Henry Layard, the archeologist who excavated Nimrud and Niniveh as described in Discoveries at Nineveh began serving as Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

1862: Philadelphians Corporal Lehman K. Strouse and Sergeant Albert Mers began serving in the 125th regimen.

1862: Philadelphian Private Joseph Levi began serving with Company G of the 129th Regiment.

1864: During the American Civil War, Isaac M. Abraham of Philadelphia who had been serving with the Union Army since November of 1861 was wounded while fighting near Deep Bottom Virginia as member of Company G of the Eighty-Fifth Regiment.

1865: The New York Times reported that "A letter in the Journal de Posen alleges that the official journals, not daring to support the accusations launched by the Moscow Gazette against the Polish nobility, imputing to them the recent fires in Lithuania, and, on the other hand, feeling it necessary to throw the blame upon somebody, represent the Jews as the authors of these disasters. According to the official journals, the Jews, having first insured their houses for a sum superior to their real value, themselves set fire to the buildings to pocket the difference. If this criminal calculation has been made in certain cases, the supposition of its existence cannot give an explanation of all the disasters of this nature that have lately taken place; for, although insurance against fire is much practiced in Lithuania and Ruthenia, it is to be seen only in the more important towns, while a great number of fires have broken out even in the smallest towns."

1867: Birthdate of Esther Lefkowitz who was buried alongside Sam, Shimon and Anna Lefkowitz at Mt. Hebron Cemetery in Flushing, NY

1868(27th of Av, 5628): Parashat Re’ey

1868(27th of Av, 5628): S.A. Bierfield was lynched by the K.K.K. in Franklin TN. This was the first such reported incident involving a Jew. “A masked mob of Ku Klux Klansmen broke into the dry goods store of S. A. Bierfield, a Russian Jew, in Franklin, Tennessee, and fatally shot both Bierfield and his Black clerk, Lawrence Bowman. The reason given by the lynchers was a false charge of Bierfield's implication in a murder a few days earlier. But as the New York Times reported about a week later, the real reason for the lynching was that Bierfield was "an intelligent advocate of the present reconstruction policy of Congress and a friend to the freedmen of his neighborhood, among whom--he being a merchant--he commanded quite a trade, and perhaps found it expedient to keep one from among their number in his employ." A Nashville newspaper account stated that Bierfield was "an active and prominent Republican, having considerable influence with the colored people. . . . Our informant says that was his only crime"

1869: Two days after he had passed away, Joshua Jacobs, the son of Isaac and Catherine Jacobs was buried today at the “Halfway (Queenborough) Jewish Cemetery” in Kent.

1870: Birthdate of Ukraine native Yitskhok Perkov the photographer and author who moved to London where he worked in the Yiddish theatre.

1871: Jacob Levi a German Jew swindled Alois Grieshaber out of $545 today using a form of the “pigeon drop.”  Grieshaber eventually discovered the swindle and went to the police.  Levi, who had become wealthy as a swindler, was tried, convicted and sent to Sing Sing Prison in 1872.

1871: In Lithuania, Mary Yaffe and Nathan Levin gave birth to Lippa Levin, the husband of Molly Miller and Charman of the Calumet Gate Zionist Organization who in 1925 began serving as Chairman of the Indiana State Zionist Organization.

1872: In New York City, Agusta Stern and Leo Goldmark gave birth to composer Rubin Goldmark.

1873: On his 42 birthday, Leopold Seligman and Julia Levi gave birth to Walter Seligman

1873: John J. Malloy, Chief of the Brooklyn Police, notified police in several “Western cities” to be on the lookout for Emil Lowenstein, a German Jewish barber who sometimes uses the alias of Livingston.  Lowenstein is wanted in connection with his part in the murder of John Weston.  The governor of New York has offered a $500 reward for his capture.  Police believe that Mrs. Weston was a confederate in the plan and that she planned to run off with Lowenstein once they had murdered Mr. Weston and taken his money.

1873: “England’s New Master of the Rolls,” an article published today reports on the announcement that Sir George Jessel will soon be serving as the new Master of the Rolls. The Master of the Rolls dates back to the 13th century and “is the second most senior judge in England and Wales, after the Lord Chief Justice”. When he assumes the office later this month, Jessel will be the first Jew to serve in this capacity. The Jewish Chronicle noted the irony of Jessel’s appointment.  At one time the Master of the Rolls was officially known as “the Guardian of the Converted Jews” but thanks to a changed in the Judicature Act such is no longer the case. Jessel was the son of a coral merchant named Zadok Aaron who graduated from the University College London because his religion kept him from attending either Oxford or Cambridge.

1874: Birthdate of Cincinnati, Ohio native  Rose  Fechheimer who ”like many other Rookwood artists, studied at the Cincinnati Art Academy, decorated pieces at Rookwood Pottery for ten years, between 1896 and 1906 and died in October, 1961 at Santa Monica, California.

1875: In Cincinnati, OH, Therese Gutmann and Joseph K. Fechheimer gave birth to artist Rose Fechheimer who passed away at Santa Monica, CA in 1961.

1877: The funeral of Rabbi J.J. Lyon took place at the 19th Street Synagogue today. Albert Cardozo, father of future Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo was one of the pallbearers.

1877: In Minsk, Russia, “Samuel and Leah (Mekler) Touroff gave birth to Nisson Touroff one of the founders of the Girls School in Jaffa before WW I and one of the founders of Hebrew Teachers College in Boston after WWI.

1878(1st of Elul, 5547): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1879: In Belarus, Zvi Mileikowsky and Liba Gitl Milikovsky gave birth to Rabbi Nathan Mileikowsky the father of historian Benzion Netanyahu and the grandfather of Yonatan Netanyahu of blessed memory (the Hero of Entebbe) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

1879: According to reports published today police still do not feel like they have the true story surrounding the shooting of Harris Levy, a 28 Polish Jew who worked as a night watchman for a workshop owned by Louis Soloman, a manufacturing tailor.  Levy claims he was shot by an unknown assailant.  The police think the wound was self-inflicted.  However, they cannot find any evidence that it was suicide and Soloman believes the story about the burglar since his workshop was robbed 5 or 6 weeks ago.

1879: Justice C.W. Chocrane found Adolph D. Pollack, a Jew from White Plains, NY, guilty of having sold merchandize on Sunday, in violation of the law.  Chochrane suspended the sentence because it was Pollack’s first offense, but warned the defendant not to open his store again on Sunday.

1879: It was reported today that Lord Salisbury, British Foreign Minister, feels that it is time for Romania to fulfill to honor its commitments to improve the situation of its Jews since the autonomy the country enjoys was conditional on these promises.

1880: It was reported today that Silesia has a population of 3,800,000 of which 47,000 are Jewish.

1881: It was reported today that M.J. Butler, the proprietor of the Manson House donated the use of the hotel’s dining room for the concert that had been held to raise funds for a cemetery in Long Branch, NJ, that will be open to all regardless of faith or financial status.

1881: “Jews in Germany” published today described the pervasive anti-Semitism in that country that stands in stark contrast to the theme of the “Nathan the Wise” which is a popular German theatrical production.

1881: In New York City, “Moses Siegman and Anna Solfrey gave birth to Arthur Siegman the owner of Arthur Siegman, Inc. “one of the largest manufacturers of men’s neckwear in New York, if not in the whole United States who married Beatrice Rosenzweig  of Brooklyn in 1912 and whose advice to young men in is “Work Hard, be steady, learn to love your business and make friends.”

1882(30th of Av, 5642): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1882: In Walla Walla Washington, “shopkeeper Jacques Bauer” and “modern language teacher Julie Bauer gave birth to Marion Bauer the composer and music critic who was the younger sister of fellow musician Emilie Bauer.

1882: “Mr. Cox’s Wild Eloquence” published today provided a summary of speech by Representative Samuel S. Cox that he delivered during the last session of Congress in which he “eloquently” reviewed “the atrocities perpetrated on the Jews of Russia” and concluded “with an appeal for help and sympathy from America” to help the Jews overcome their plight.

1883: Birthdate of Russian born Yiddish author and co-founder of the Sholem Aleichem Schools, Joshua Kaminsky who in November of 1937 “introduced the new Kinder Tsaytung (Children’s newspaper) with a “cover that features a buoyant impressionistic drawing by Nota Koslowsky” passed away today.

1883: An unnamed British Jew representing a London business firm was expelled from Russia today even though he was carrying a British Passport.

1883: Among those receiving funds from the Board of Estimate and Apportionment was the Hebrew Sheltering Guardian Society which got $1,896.85.

1884: “Doom of the Ghetto at Rome” published today described the crumbling condition of the former Jewish quarter.  Paul IV was the first Pope to move the Jews across the river into “somber Tower of Marcellus.  He was the same Pope who used to force the Jews to listen to annual sermons on Holy Cross Day in hopes that they would convert.

1884: Birthdate of Moses Garber, the Western Reserve trained physician who became “chief in Obstetrics at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Cleveland where “he was one of the directors of the city’s Hebrew School and as chairman of the Keren Hayesod Committee.

1885: In Kalamazoo, Michigan, “Hungarian-born Jewish storekeeper, Jacob Charles Ferber, and his Milwaukee, Wisconsin-born wife, Julia (Neumann) Ferber” gave birth to Pulitzer prize winning author Edna Ferber who works included Show Boat, Giant and Cimarron – big books that treated big topics.

1885: In Kovno, Hyman Jehuda Osinksy and Rachel Osinsky gave birth to Meshe David Osinsky who came to Britain in 1900 where he gained fame as Sir Montague Maurice Burton the founder of Burton London and Burton Menswear.

1886: In Wilno, Rabbo Zalman M. and Rebecca Shapiro gave birth to CCNY and Syracuse University graduate Abraham Shapiro, the husband of Minnie Pink who served as a the rabbi at Congregation in Shaary Torah in Canton, OH before accepting a pulpit in Utica, NY in 1920.

1886: Based on information that first appeared in the Hebrew Standard it was reported today that a young Jewish lady “refused to play at a game of kissing forfeits, giving as her reason the quotation ‘Let the men that sacrifice kiss the calves’ (Hosea, XII, 2)”

1887: It was reported today that Israel Lipski has been granted a reprieve from the hangman’s rope.

1887: Three days after he had passed away, seventy-two year old Philip Gowa, the husband of Juliette Gowa and father of Josephine Gowa was buried today at the “Balls Pond Road Jewish Cemetery.

1887(25th of Av, 5647): Sixty-seven year old Danish author Meïr Aron Goldschmidt whose works included A Jew, “the first novel to provide an” an insider’s “description of the Copenhagen Jewish milieu” passed away today.

1887:  Birthdate of novelist Edna Ferber.  Born in Michigan, Ferber wrote sweeping epics many of which became equally famous films.  Included in these are Showboat, Cimarron and Giant.   Ferber won the Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 1925 for the novel So Big.  She passed away in 1968.

1888: Congressman Ford’s Immigration Committee heard testimony today in New York from Daniel Harris a journeyman cigar maker who testified on the impact of foreigners on his business.  In the past two decades foreigners have gone from being 10 per cent of the cigar makers to being 90 percent.  Wages have gone from fifty dollars a week to twelve dollars a week.  He blames part of this one the arrival of thousands of Russian and Polish Jews many of whom have their tickets to the United States by charitable organizations.

1888: Birthdate of Girsh Yankelovich Brilliant who as Grigori Yakovlovich Sokolnikov became a leading Bolshevik who would be murdered by Stalin during the purges of the 1930’s/

1888: In Vienna Leopold Leopoldi (whose name was Kohn before he changed it) and his wife gave birth to Herman Leopoldi the Austrian composer and performer who survived Buchenwald.

1889: Birthdate of Jekuthiel Ginsburg, the native of Poland, who came to the United States in 1912, earned his degrees in Mathematics at Columbia and founded the Institute of Mathematics at Yeshiva University.

1888: Birthdate of Ukrainian-American Cantor Joshua Samuel Weisser.

1890: Jacob Levy was delivered to the City of London lunatic asylum, Stone, in Kent, as an insane person. Born in 1856, at Aldgate to Joseph and Caroline Levy, he was a butcher who was a suspect in the Jack the Ripper Cases.

1890: The Jewish Messenger reported that Mr. Lippman Levy has left New York and returned to Cincinnati, Ohio.

1890(29th of Av, 5650): Montagu Meyer Gluckstein, the German born husband of Betsey Gluckstein passed away today in London

1890: It was reported today that Mount Sinai Temple has elected Godfrey Taubenhaus as rabbi

1891: Congregants at the House of Miriam in Long Branch, NJ, donated approximately $165 in response to today’s appeal made by Rabbi William H. Karuskopf.

1891: In London, the lead article in the Daily News deals with “the question of the Jews of Russia.”

1891: “Russian Refugees” published today described the difficulties faced by the Jewish immigrants from Russia who had been sent to Hightstown, NJ by the Baron Hirsch Fund.  Wallach & Sons of New York opened a shirt factory there and agreed to hire them as workers.  However, none of them have any experience and do not like the work.  They have complained to Jesse Seligman about conditions, but Seligman has expressed the feeling that those who are complaining are a few malcontents who do not want to work.

1892: “Orthodox or Reform?” published today described main issue that will be dealt with when a “conclave of Rabbis gathers in New York in October.  The Reform have clashed with the Orthodox by adopting a resolution making performance of “the Abrahamic rite” (circumcision) optional for those wanting to convert to Judaism.  The change championed by the Reform movement grew out of the fact that the daughter of Rabbi Wise, their leader, had married her physician, Dr. Maloney, who was Catholic.  Maloney said he would convert but he would not submit to circumcision.  According to the Orthodox, it was at that point that Rabbi Wise decided that the “Abrahamic rite” was optional.

1892: Meyer Reinherz of the of the United Hebrew Charities appeared in the Essex Market Police Court as the complainant in the case again Edward Pollock, an Austro-Hungarian reporter who had written several articles about Ellis Island and the Jewish boarding houses

1892: “A Wedding of Midgets” published today described the courtship and marriage of Leopold Kahn and Lottie Naomi Swartwood.  The 48 inch tall Jewish comedian met the 49 inch tall love of his life in Philadelphia where he was performing with the American Lilliputian Company. They overcame the obstacle of religion when she agreed to convert before they married and took the name Naomi which she incorporated into her secular name.

1892: “Will Not Object to Crosses” published today described the decision of Russian Jews who are the members of the Erie Street Congregation in Cleveland, Ohio to rent a hall from the Young Men’s Christian Association for use during Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.  It was agreed that “inasmuch as the crosses were more than twenty feet above the hall…and there were no crosses in the decoration in the room itself” there was no reason not to rent the room which will provide the needed space for the upcoming High Holiday services.

1893: The police promise to keep Hester and Mulberry Streets clear of all peddlers and vendors, many of whom are Jewish, after having conducting a successful operation to remove all such obstacles.

1893: In Seattle, WA, “Viola (Cohen) Kahn, the daughter of a famous rabbi” and “successful businessman Julius Kahn gave birth to “Dorothy Kahn, the eldest of their three children” and a leading Social Worker during the 1930’s and 1940’s.

1894: One day after he had passed away sixty-seven year old Leah Cohen, “the widow of Woolf Cohen was buried at the “West Ham Jewish Cemetery.”

1894: Birthdate of New York song writer Harry Askt who began his career playing piano for such vaudeville performers as Al Jolson and who began his partnership with Irving Berlin while they were serving at Camp Upton during WW I.

1894: Birthdate of Louis B. Popkin the New York born journalist and public relations executive who was the editor of the American Hebrew and a board member of the Joint Distribution Committee, Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Fair Play for Palestine Radio League.

1895: While stopping at the Union Square Hotel Senor Segundo Alvarez, the Mayor of Havana blamed the troubles in Cuba on American adventures including Carlos Roloff, “a Polish Jew” who has gotten funding from “the cigar-makers of Key West” whom some “say has landed in Cuba with a thousand men, guns and ammunition and dynamite.

1896: In Prague, Martha and Otto Radnitz, the manager of a sugar refinery, gave birth to “Dr. Gerty Theresa Radnitz Cori was the first American woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology, in 1947, which was shared with her husband, Dr. Carl F. Cori, and Dr. B.A. Houssay of Argentina.” (As reported by Jewish Virtual Library)

1897: The New York Times published a lengthy favorable article about the Zionist cause led by Herzl and the upcoming congress to be held in Basel, Switzerland.

1897: It was reported today that Joseph Barondess has started a new labor organization in opposition to the Hebrew Trades and the Socialist Trade and Labor Alliance.

1897: “The Jewish State Idea” published today described the history of Jewish settlement in Palestine and the challenges facing the Zionists as they meet at Basle.

1897: “The Adaptiveness of the Jew” published today summarizes an article by Professor A.S. Isaacs that first appeared in the August issue of the North American Review in which he said that “critic of Judaism…must familiarize himself with the history of the Jew in every land” in which he has lived.  And then “he must account for that marvelous vitality…which has made the Jew at home whether” on the banks of the Vistula, the Thames or the Euphrates or “amid the orange groves of Sicily or the plains of Arabia.

1898: “Bad Water Kills Orphans” published today described the efforts to care for those at the Hebrew Orphan Asylum who have become ill during the latest outbreak of dysentery in the neighborhood which has been attributed to polluted city water.

1898: On this date Clara, Baroness von Hirsch signed the 15th and final codicil of her will.

1898: The fifteenth and final codicil for the will of Clara, Baroness von Hirsch, formerly Bischoffsheim, the widow of Baron Moritz von Hirsch which declares that her estate should be administered in Vienna under the terms of Austrian law is filed and attested to

1899: In Washington, DC, the Treasurer of the Dewey Home Fund received a letter and a contribution of ten dollars from Mrs. Lizzie A. Cohen, Treasurer of the Woman’s Democratic Club of Salt Lake City which did not surprise him since the Jews have “contributed liberally” to this cause from the beginning.

1899: As passions flare in France during the second court martial of Captain Dreyfus Bonapartists and Oreleanists held rallies and dinners during which they challenged the very existence of the French Republic. (These divisions are meaningless today.  In a nutshell, these were two right wing groups seeking to bring down the republican government and replace it with a monarch.  Of course, each group wanted their own candidate to fill the job.  The important thing to remember is that while Jews focus on the anti-Semitic aspect of the Dreyfus Affair, it really was part of a larger conflict between republicans and reactionaries.  The last act of this dreadful conflict would be played out at Vichy and Drancy four decades later)

1899: The Third Zionist Congress begins meeting in Basel.

1899: The American delegation at today’s Third Zionist Congress includes Professor Richard Gottheil of Columbia University and his wife, Miss Eva Leon, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Rabbi Marcus Jastrow of Philadelphia, Henrietta Szold of Baltimore and William Schurr of Chicago.

1899:” Would-Be Suicide Shaming” published today described the condition of Abraham Reinold who has been a patient at Georgetown Hospital ever since he tried to shoot himself while visiting Washington, DC. 

1900: In New Orleans, “the Hebrew congregation Somach Nochlin, organized to succor the needy, held a meeting” tonight “and decided to raise funds during coming holiday,” half of while go to the society’s relief fund and half of it will “be sent to the Central Committee in New York to aid in taking care of the Romanian refugees coming to” the United States.

1901: Birthdate of Manhattan native and NYU trained attorney Herman M. Albert, the Democratic Party leader who served as an Assemblyman and Bronx County Register.

1902: Birthdate of Iris Margaret Origo, an Anglo-Irish writer who helped to save Jewish children through the kindertransport including the painter Frank Helmut Auerbach.

1902: Birthdate of Jack S. Popick, the native of Kishinev who came to the United States in 1904, became a successful businessman who helped co-found the Graduate School Education at Yehsiva University and served on the board of the Jewish Family and Children Services.

1902: In Montreal, Clarence Isaac de Solla and Belle Maud de Sola gave birth to Raphael David de Sola, the grandson of Cantor Abraham de Sola.

1902: In the “Jewish Harlem Section” of New York City, Ruth Green, a widow whose husband died in a factory accident before the birth of her son, gave birth to Charlie Green who gained famed as World Bantamweight Champion Charlie Phil Rosenberg.

1903(22nd of Av, 5663): Parashat Eikev

1903: Birthdate of Wilma Shannon Warburg the wife of Frederick Marcus Warburg.

1903: Issac Berner, the Tukan, Courland born son of Harry and Rose Brenner, married Bessie Abrams of Boston after which founded the Tampa Bag Company and Palm Soap Company of Tampa while serving as a trustee of Congregation Rodeph Shalom in Tampa.

1904(4th of Elul, 5664): Fifty-nine year old Gustav Przibram, the son of Salomon and Marie Przibram and the husband of Charlotte Przibram passed away today in Switzerland.

1905: Birthdate of Philadelphia native and violinist Louis Pearlman, the “director of the Pearlman School of Music” and the “conductor of the Doylestown Symphony.”

1906: During a fight between Revolutionists and Police on Torgovia Street in Warsaw, “a Jewish merchant was killed by a stray bullet.

1907(5th of Elul, 5667): Seventy-six year old violinist and composer Joseph Joachim passed away.

1908: In Galicia, Joseph Weinberg, “a metal worker who operated a body and fender repair business after he came to Baltimore” and homemaker Sarah Weinberg gave birth to their second child Harry Weinberg the successful businessman and husband of the former Jeanette Gutman with whom he had one child, Morton and created the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, just one of his many charitable entities.

1909: It was reported today that Nathan Straus will be making a presentation to the International Medical Congress at its meeting in Budapest on “the necessity for pasteurization of milk to prevent the spread of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.”

1910: “Drops Dead in Synagogue” published today described the death of 70 year-old Israel Hamel who dropped dead while attending a special meeting a B’nai Jeshurun after having suffered “an epileptic fit.”

1910: The Marriage of a Star” translated and performed by Clara Lipman opened the Hackett Theatre todayl

1911: B’Nai Brith contributes $3,382 to Jews who have suffered during the fires that raged through Constantinople.

1911: The 10th Zionist Congress elects Professor Otto Warburg, Dr. Hantke, Dr. Shmaryahu Levin, Hahum Sokolow and Victor Jacobsohn as successors to David Wolffsohn

1912: Birthdate of Glasgow native and University of Glasgow trained metallurgical chemist Monty Finniston, the son of Robert Finniston whose “family were of Russian Jewish origin” who “became chairman of British Steel Corporation in 1973 and who was “knighted in the same year” after which he was known as Sir Harold Montague "Monty" Finniston.”

1913: In London, Abraham Jacobs and Sarah Jacobs, the daughter of Abraham Simcha (Simon) Flashtiq and Rebekah Flashtiq gave birth to Marie (Esther Miriam) Lewis

1914:  The Panama Canal opened to traffic.  The territory that made up the nation of Panama had been amputated from Columbia in a revolution supported, if not created, by the United States so that a canal could be built.  Panama has a very old Jewish community.  When the Canal opened there were about six hundred Jews, mostly Sephardic, living in Panama.  Panama is the only country, with the exception of Israel, to have elected two Jews as President.

1914: Birthdate of Brooklyn native Peretz Rosenbaum who gained fame as Paul Ryan “the creator of sleek graphic designs.” (As reported by Steven Heller)

1915(5th of Elul, 5675): Albert Bettelhein, journalist and author, convicted by a Georgia jury of murder, was lynched by an anti-Semitic mob.

1915(5th of Elul, 5675): In Frankfurt am Main 62 year old Karl Ferdinand Moritz Flesch passed away.

1915(5th of Elul, 5675): Ninety year old Sarah Blumenthal, who was living with her Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Shillon, her son-in-law and daughter and her granddaughter Fanny “was killed last night when she accidently “feel from a window of her room on the 5th floor of an apartment house at 34 West 116th Street.”

1915: Birthdate of Julie Fisherova, the wife of Salomon Fisher, who was deported from Prauge in 1941 to Lodz where she was murdered.

1915: Robert Moses married “Mary Louise Sims, of Dodgeville, Wisconsin, the granddaughter of the Reverend George Sims, a Methodist circuit rider.

1915: In Asbury Park, NJ, a crowd of more than 200 people heard several prominent rabbis say that “the very fate of the Jewish race in Continental Europe and Palestine depends in large measure on America’s response to the Old World’s entreaties” for financial aid.

1915: “An Inside View of Russia in War Time” published today provided a review of Russia and the Great War by Gregor Alexinsky

1915: “Russia’s Expulsion of Jews” published today described “the horrors wrought by a decree that forced 200,000” Jews to “leave the War Zone” with almost no warning.

1915: The original Broadway production of “The Blue Paradise” with music by Signmund Romberg and Edmund Eysler opened at the Casino Theatre.

1915: “Miss Theresa Dreyfus of New York, who has recently returned from Jerusalem” where she “said thousands of male Jews had allied to the Moslem war colors while their women and children remained at home in poverty and misery.”

1916: In the see-saw fighting in the Caucasus Mountains the Turks took back Mush and Bitlis from the Russians in the kind of miserable fighting that would help to bring on the Revolution in 1917.

1917(27th of Av, 5677): Eighty-two year old philanthropist Abraham Slimmer passed away today in Dubuque, IA.,_Abraham

1917: It was reported today that Samuel Gompers has been “denounced at a workingmen’s council.”

1917: It was reported today that Minister for Jewish Affairs in Ukraine Silverfarb is the first person to hold this unique position that he uses the penname “Basin.”

1918: Birthdate of Sanford Daniel Garelik, the first Jewish chief inspector of the New York Police Department.  Garelik graduated from the Police Academy in 1940 along with Gertrude Schimmel who became the first female and the first Jewish female deputy chief of police.

1918: As the effects of the Aimens offensive in which Sir John Monash played such a major part took effect, German long-range guns fired on Paris for the last time.

1919: Birthdate of Stanley Frazen, “a longtime film and television editor who was a member of the Army Air Forces' First Motion Picture Unit during World War II.”

1920: Today, Louis Lipsky, “one of the American delegates” who attended the World Zionist Conference in London “declared that that the British government had promised to aid in the development of” “Palestine as a Jewish homeland.”

1920: Twenty-six-year-old Nathan Daimont, the Gomel, Russia born son of Jacob and Sarah (Saubor) Demichorsky, who was a vice-commander of the American Legion of Newport, NH, a vice president of the New Hampshire Zionist Organization and a member of Congregation Agudath Achim in Newport, NH, married Libbie D. Esersky today in Brooklyn

1921: Birthdate of August Marian Kowalczyk, the Polish actor and director who “was the last survivor of a breakout from Auschwitz on June 10, 1942.”

1922: Birthdate of sculptor and printmaker Leonard Baskin.

1923: Specific recommendations for the improvement of conditions at Ellis Island, the principal gateway into America for European emigrants including millions of Eastern European Jews are contained in a report to the Foreign Secretary. Lord Curzon, from Sir Auckland Geddes. British Ambassador to the United States, made public here today.

1924(15th of Av, 5684): Tu B’Av

1924: In Brooklyn, Dr Henry and Celia Kresky gave birth to Edward Mordecai Kresky  “an investment banker who was an architect of the debit refinancing plan that saved New York City from bankruptcy in the 1970’s” (As reported by Paul Vitello.

1925: Dr. Henry Moscowitz, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the ORT Reconstruction Fund for aiding impoverished Jews in Southern Europe is scheduled to sail for Europe this morning where “he will spend several months in applying the fund to the needy and making a survey of the economic rehabilitation activities.”

1925: Charlie Chaplin in "The Gold Rush" opens with a gala performance at midnight.

1926: Birthdate of Sami Michael, the left wing native of Baghdad who in 1949 came to Israel where he became an author and the President of The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI).

1926: The Chevra Kadisha, at its last meeting here, decided to contribute a sum of 5,000 pesos to the Palestine campaign. At the same time, it decided to contribute a sum of 500 pesos to the Jewish Colonization work in Russia. (As reported by JTA)

1927: Rabbi B. Leon Hurwitz of the Bay Ridge Jewish Center was one of the speakers at the general conference on European Dictatorships at the Institute of Politics in Williamstown,  MA.

1928: In Rochester, NY Abraham and Hannah Glazer gave birth to their fifth child Malcolm Irving Glazer the CEO of First Allied Corporation who owned two football teams – Manchester United (soccer) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL)

1928: “The International Congress of Student Organizations” which opened today in Paris decided by a majority vote “not to take any action on the motion of delegation of British students to exclude the Romanian Students’ Federation from the organization because of their policy of anti-Semitic violence.”

1929(9th of Av, 5689): Tish'a B'Av observed on the day after the founding of “The Jewish Agency for Palestine” which was, in fact, “the de factor government of the Jews in the Yishuv.”

1929: Several hundred members of Joseph Klausner's Committee for the Western Wall, among them members of Vladimir Jabotinsky's Revisionist Zionism movement Betar youth organisation, under the leadership of Jeremiah Halpern, assembled at the Western Wall. They raised the Jewish national flag and sang the Hatikvah. The authorities had been notified of the march in advance and provided a heavy police escort in a bid to prevent any incidents.

1930: “The Arab daily paper Al Hayat, the organ of the extremists in the Arab Executive was indefinitely suspended today for publishing a speech of Zaki Pasha, the Egyptian Arab leader in which he said that the Arab murderers of the Jews of Hebron and Safed were heroes before whom the Arabs should bow down.

1931(2nd of Elul, 5691): Parashat Shoftim

1931: “Jewish orphanages in Poland and Latvia, caring for 10,000 parentless and homeless children were enabled to continue their work of sheltering and feeding them through aid of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee and TOX, the Europeans Health Society, Rabbi Jonah B. Wise chairman of the 1931 fund of the committee which is seeking $2,500,000 from American Jewry to carry on their program announced” today.

1931: With the exception of an attempt by about a score of Arab youths at Nablus to stage a demonstration by marching through the streets and beating tin cans, the entire country was normal today despite Arab plans to protest the government’s granting of sealed armories to outlying Jewish colonies.”

1932: Theatrical producer Morris Green who is represented by Bloomberg and Bloomberg filed a voluntary petition of bankruptcy today in United States District Court that showed his principle creditors to be the Shubert Theatrical Corporation, Lee Shubert and J.P. Warburg.

1933: In Prague, the Conference of the Women's International Zionist Organization (Wizo), attended by 103 delegates from 19 countries, came to a close after hearing that its membership is now 50,000; adopts budget of £47,000, and approves resolutions encouraging immigration into Palestine of German-Jewish youth, especially those of the middle classes, urging more certificates for girl immigrants, and equal rights for women.

1933: In New York City Romanian born Adele (née Israel), and Hungarian-born baker, Samuel Milgram gave birth to social psychologist Stanley Milgram.

1933: In Bucharest.—M. Pandrei, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Education, in an interview with the press, denies that the Government intends to establish a “numerus clauses” in the universities of Romania, and announces that owing to a lack of laboratory facilities, a general limitation of students is contemplated.

1934: Premiere of “Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back,” a comedic murder mystery with a script co-authored by Henry Lehman and music by Alfred Newman.

1934: Deadline, according to “Leroy Peterson, the New York poultry code supervisor for settling all disputes “with the live poultry industry” including issues pertaining to the proposed “rabbinical supervision of poultry markets.”

1935: “Alice Adams” produced by Pandro S. Berman with music by Max Steiner was released in the United States today by RKO.

1935:  Humorist Will Rogers and aviator Wiley Post were killed when their airplane crashed near Point Barrow, Alaska.  Rogers was one of the most popular celebrities of his time.  His radio shows, movies and columns were devoured by millions of Americans.  This son of the American Plains got his first big break when Flo Ziegfield featured him in the famous Zigfield Follies.  According to legend, he took away Will’s horse, left him with a rope and he wit that became his trademarks.

1936(27th of Av, 5696): Parashat Re’eh

1936: In Geneva, The World Jewish Congress adjourn tonight until 1938 after approving the recommendation of the nominations committee that included naming Federal Judge Julian W. Mack of New York as honorary president; “”Rabbi Stephen S. Wise as chairman of the executive committee; Louis Lipsky of New York as chairman of the council; and Louis Sturz who is chairman of the American Jewish Congress’s finance committee as treasurer.”

1937: In Tel Aviv, Amnon Drori, the son of Isaschar Dov (Bar-Drora) Drori (Freier) and Shulamit Drori (Bar-Drora) and Ella Drori, the daughter of Alexander Govorkovski and Ester Goverkovsky gave birth to General Amir Drori, the winner of the Medal of Courage and “the first director general of the Israel Antiquities Authority.” (Some sources show his birth at August 5)

1937: Sha’ar HaNeveg (which was renamed Kfar Szold) a new agricultural village east of Gedera was established. It was the 17th village to be settled in 1937.  Kfar Szold was only two hundred yards from the Syrian border.  In January, 1948, even before the state of Israel had been created, the Syrian army attacked the settlement in a determined effort to destroy it and kill the inhabitants.  Nine hundred Syrian soldiers attacked a settlement manned by fewer than hundred defenders.  After a spirited defense, the British army, for once, intervened on behalf of the Jews and the Syrians withdrew.

1937: Lord Melchett, Prof. L. Namier, H. Sacher, M. Ussishkin, Dr. S. Wise, Berl Katznelson, Dov Hos, Rabbi Berlin, Dr. Glickson, and Franz Bernstein joined the Advisory Commission, formed to assist the new Zionist Executive to negotiate the country’s partition under the Royal (Peel) Commission¹s scheme.

1937(8th of Elul, 5697): Solomon Wander, one of the first Jewish immigrants to form the Jewish community in Albany. New York passed away at the age of 71.

1937: The New York Times describes the growing tension in Palestine on the streets of Jerusalem and Haifa and the British response which includes the recommendation by a Royal Commission for "a surgical operation" on Palestine which will result in the creation of a Jewish State, an Arab State and a new British mandate over Jerusalem with a corridor to the sea.

1938: “The Gladiator” a comedy produced by David L. Loew with a script by Arthur Sheekman and music by Victor Young was released in the United States by Columbia Pictures.

1938: Birthdate of Lewis E. “Lew” Lehrman the founder of Rite Aid Drugstore and the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History who ran for Governor of New York in 1982 on the Republican ticket.

1938:  In San Francisco, CA, Anne A. and Irving G. Breyer gave birth to Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

1938: As Arab violence spirals to new levels of intensity, “six Jews were killed and two, both women, were seriously injured near Haifa this afternoon when a bus going to Mount Carmel was ambushed by Arabs while passing through a forest. It is believed several of those killed were Jewish special policemen.” A bomb was detonated on the road running between Herzliah and Raananh wounding some of the 25 workers in a truck bound for a local orange grove.  Several other acts of violence and sabotage took place including a bomb-throwing episode on the streets of Tel Aviv.

1938: Paul Ferdinand Strassmann, the Jewish born German gynecologist who became a Protestant, passed away.

1939: “The Wizard of Oz” the classical musical produced by Mervyn LeRoy with music by Harold Arlen and lyrics by Yip Harburg “both of whom won the Academy Award for Best original Song for ‘Over the Rainbow’ “had its Hollywood Premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

This is another example of Jews creating an icon of American popular culture.

1939(30th of Av, 5699): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1940: Baden, Germany native Julius J. Dukas, the founder of the brush making company that bears his name and for the for the last 35 years the “president of the Hebrew Free Loan Society” celebrated his 85th birthday today with his daughter and his wife, Sarah Hyman Dukas.

1941:  Heinrich Lohse, Reich commissioner for Eastern Territories of the Ostland (Eastern Europe) region, decrees that Jews must wear two yellow badges, one on the chest and one on the back; that Jews cannot own automobiles or radios; and that their presence in public places will be severely proscribed.

1941 A Jewish ghetto is established at Riga, Latvia.

1941: Last of the remaining 25,000 Jews in Kovno were removed to Viampole. Each is allotted three square feet of living space.

1941: Six hundred Jews are taken from Stawiski and shot in nearby woods.

1941: A massacre begins at Rokiskis that leaves 3,200 men, women and children, shot by the next evening.

1942(2nd of Elul, 5702): Parashat Shoftim

1942: On Shabbat, “the Germans entered the ghetto in the village of Zagrodski, ordering the Jews to leave their houses for a roll call” and then left to stand outside all day without any food or water.

1942: This evening, “a truck arrived at the ghetto in the village of Zagrodski. “The Jews were ordered on to it, and drove out of the ghetto. Those for whom there had been no room on the truck were ordered to run after it. For the rest of the tale of the ensuring slaughter read

1942: “Memoirs of a Liberal Lawyer” published today provides a review of City Lawyer: The Autobiography of a Law Practice by Arthur Garfield Hays.

1942: The Germans open Jawiszowice, a slave-labor camp located near Auschwitz.

1942: One thousand Belgian Jews, including 172 children, are deported to their deaths in the East.

1943: Nearly 1000 French Jews of Polish birth are deported to a slave-labor camp on Alderney, one of the British Channel Islands seized in 1940 by Germany, and are put to work building fortifications. Hundreds of the Jews die due to ill treatment and exhaustion

1944: “Operation Dragoon,” the Allied invasion of southern France in which former B-17 pilot Bruce Sundlin served as a bombardment spotter for the OSS, began today.

1944: “Children standing behind the ghetto fence in Lodz, Poland.”

1945:  V.J. Day – Victory over Japan Day is proclaimed by the Allies after having received official word of that the Japanese had indeed surrendered.

1945: Bess Myerson, who refused to change her name to something less Jewish and won the Miss New York beauty pageant based on her performance of music by Edvarg Grieg and George Gershwin as well as on her looks.

1946: “The American Jewish Committee announced today that delegation headed by Jacob Blaustein, chairman of the executive committee, was conferring in Paris with representatives of other Jewish groups to prepare a joint recommendation to the peace conference on treaty clauses relating to human rights.”

1947: Birthdate of Brooklyn native Allen H. Weisselberg, the “CFO the Trump Organization.”

 1947: With the end of the British rule of the Indian subcontinent, two new nations declared the independence.  One was Islamic Pakistan; the other was India which while heavily Hindu retained a large Islamic population.  India’s relations with Israel have been a mixed bag.  In the early days, under Nehru, the Indian government was anti-Israel, taking the lead, for example in denying it admittance to the Bandung Conference.  In more recent times, relations between the two states and their citizens have improved.

1947: Following today’s division of the Indian sub-continent into two states, Indian airlines responded to the Prime Minister Nehru’s request that they fly Hindus living in Pakistan to India.  Among those participating was Abie Nathan who was a co-pilot for one of the Indian airlines. 

1948(10th of Av, 5708): Tish’a B’Av observed since the 9th of Av fell on Shabbat

1948(10th of Av, 5708): As Israel fights for her independence Tish'a B'Av is observed today because the 9th of Av fell on Shabbat.

1948: Mitchell Flint, a WW II naval combat pilot who had planned to celebrate his graduation UC-Berkley by attending the Olympics in London but chose to fly for the IAF “out of concern for the plight of Holocaust survivors” flew his first two missions today – the first involving “a search for a last aircraft” and the second being an “attempted interception” of an enemy aircraft.

1948: In Iraq, a leading Jewish businessman, Shafiq Adas was hanged on trumped up charges of treason.  His body was mutilated by a crowd of on-lookers.

1948: American Michael “Mike” Flint joined Israel’s squadron 101.

1948: Two Israeli and two Arab soldiers were killed during a second unsuccessful Arab attack on the Mandelbaum House a key defensive point in Jerusalem.

1949(20th of Av, 5709): Fanny Binswanger Hoffman passed away. (As reported by Selma Weintraub, a past national president of the Women’s League for Conservative Judaism)

1950: In Indianapolis, Indiana, Anne and Wolf Rosenblum gave birth to Gail Sue Rosenblum who gained fame as Gaylen Ross “American actress, writer, producer and director” who produced the awarded “Killing Kasztner”

(For more see Gaylen Ross’s award winning documentary “Killing Kasztner: The Jew Who Dealt With Nazis”

1951: Prime Minister David Ben Gurion's plan to take control of the Zionist movement outside of Israel from political parties and transfer it to non-partisan regional organizations was attacked here today by delegates to the twenty-third World Zionist Congress.

1951(13th of Av, 5711): Pianist and composer Artur Schnabel passed away.

1951: The last inmates of Bergen-Belsen left the camp on their way to the United States. Bergen- Belsen was originally set up in 1943. Many of its inmates were Jewish prisoners who had dual citizenship with Latin American countries or entry permits to Palestine. A few hundred were used by the Germans for prisoner exchanges. Though not a death camp per se, over 51,000 people died there including Anne Frank.

1951: In Philadelphia, premiere of “His Kind of Woman” directed by Richard Fleischer

1952)24th of Av, 5712): Eighty-three year old Waynetown, Indiana, born Louis Landman, “the president and director of the Parmelee Transportation Company passed away today while visiting his son Roger Kahn and his wife.

1953: Seventy-seven year old Reinhold Quaatz the German right wing politician “who endorsed anti-Semitic policies” despite the fact that his mother was Jewish and avoided the Holocaust passed away today.

1954(16th of Av, 5714): Abram Pofcher, the son of Michael and Rose Nizel Pofcher and the husband of Mamie Pofcher  with whom he had five children passed away today after which he was buried in Suffolk Country, MA.

1955(27th of Av, 5715): Lucille Turak Ginzburg “beloved wife of Ralph Ginzburg passed away today.

1955: “A Kid for Two Farthing” a screen version of the novel by Wolf Mankowitz who wrote the screenplay with music by Benjamin Frankel and co-starring David Kossoff was released today in the United Kingdom.

1959(11th of Av, 5719): Shabbat Nachamu

1959: “In the summer of her freshman year of college Judith Sussman married John M. Blume which meant she was Judy Blume, the name under which she became an award winning auther.

1959: Today, Guggehiem awarding winning syndicated columnist Nathan Irving “Nat” Hentfoff “married his third wife, Margot Goodman, with whom he had two children: Nicholas and Thomas.

1959: As the Los Angeles Dodgers made a surprising run for the National League pennant ‘Larry Sherry walloped three hits, including his first home run, and pitched eight and two-thirds innings of scoreless relief ball today in leading the second place Los Angeles Dodgers to a 4-3 decision over the Cardinals.”

1960: It was reported today that “some quiet talk in the corridors of the U.N. here and in the Foreign Ministry in Buenos Aires may lead soon to restoration of full diplomatic relations between Israel and Argentina which had soured after “the two countries had clashed bitterly over the abduction of Adolf Eichmann.”

1961: “Marines, Let’s Go” a Korean War that President Kennedy did not like with music by Irving Getz was released today in the United States.

1961: Elections were held today for the fifth Knesset Ben-Gurion’s Mapai came in first with 34.7% of the vote which earned 42 seats.  Herut, led by Menachem Begin and Liberal  led by Peretz Bernstein tied for second with each getting a little more than 13% of the vote which translated into 17 seats for each party.

1961: “The Lawbreakers” with music by Johnny Mandel who wrote the theme for MASH (Suicide is Painless) and featuring Jay Adler as “Abe Hirsch” was released in Germany today.

1962(15th of Av, 5722) Tu B’Av

1962(15th of Av, 5722): Sixty-three year old Russian native David Jacob Sandweiss who came to the U.S. in 1909, earned a Medical Degree from the University of Michigan, practiced in Detroit where he raised his son Samuel with his wife Frieda.

1967(9th of Av, 5727): Tish’a B’Av

1968:  In Brooklyn, “Sandra (née Simons), who has worked as a professional singer, banker, travel and real estate agent, and Brian Messing, a sales executive for a costume jewelry packaging manufacturer” gave birth to actress Debra Messing who plays Grace, “the Jewish interior designer” on the television show Will and Grace.

1968: Funeral services are scheduledto be held today Charles Gottlieb, a partner in the firm of Gottlieb and Schiff who passed away “suddenly in Rome,”

1968: Peter Max appeared on the Tonight Show.

1969(1st of Elul, 5729): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1969(1st of Elul, 5729): Sixty-six year old movie producer William B. “Bill” Goetz, the husband of Edith Mayer, who was one of the founders of what is now 20th Century Fox and who had a stormy relationship with is father-in-law Louis B. Mayer passed away today,139459&hl=en

1969: The Woodstock Music and Art Fair, which became the iconoclastic hippie happening simply known as Woodstock, began today in Bethel, NY, at the farm of Jewish dairyman Max B. Yagur.

1970: “The Appointment” a drama directed by Sidney Lumet and written by James Salter (James Arnold Horowitz) was released today in Sweden.

1971(24th of Av, 5731): Eighty-year old Paul Lukas, the Budapest born Jew Pál Lukács, who won the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in the anti-fascist drama Watch on the Rhine passed away today in Morocco.

1971: A new paperback version of Tillie Olsen's classic short story collection Tell Me a Riddle was issued today.

1973: Black September, the Palestinian terror group, kills 3 and wounds 55 in Athens

1974(27th of Av, 5734): Seventy-eight year old prolific Russian born American Yiddish author Saul Saphire who was a graduate of Columbia University’s Teachers College and the husband of the former Bessie Rubin with whom he raised a son, William, passed away today in Miami Beach.

1974: “Once Upon a Scoundrel” a comedy starring Zero Mostel was released today.

1975: “Yakov Vinarov, a 21 year old engineering student who refused conscription into the army, was sentenced in Kiev to three years’ imprisonment for “evading military service”.

1976: It was reported today that “in preparation for the raid on Entebbe Airport, Israeli intelligence officers allegedly hypnotized several previously-released hostages” one of whom “was able to give helpful physical details of the airport” where the terrorists were holding their captives.

1976: The National Convention of Hadassah is scheduled to open today in Washington, DC.

1977: The Arabs in the administered territories and neighboring countries continued to dismiss the Israeli government’s decision to equalize the standard services on the West Bank and in Gaza as one more step toward annexation. Israeli opposition, the Alignment and the Democratic Movement for a Change, dismissed the plan, claiming that Israel could not afford to give residents of the administered territories services equal to those enjoyed by Israelis. The new prime minister, Menachem Begin called upon the Labor Opposition to support his government if and when Israel would be pressed to accept the PLO as a negotiating peace-talks partner.

1977(1st of Elul, 5737): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1977(1st of Elul, 5737): Ninety-one year old Upper Silesia native and multiply married art collector Hugo Perls who came to the United States in 1941, worked at the Perls Gallery founded by his Klaus and devoted himself to writing about philosophy passed away today.

1980: The World Conference on Records – Preserving our Heritage at which Malcom H. Stern spoke on “Jewish Families: Their Assimilation into North American Culture” came to a close today.

1980: “The Girl in the Book” by Primo Levi was published for the first time in La Stampa.

1982(26th of Av, 5742): Seventy-seven year old Minsk born American journalist, “Joseph TAishoff, the editor and co-founder of Broadcasting magazine passed away in Washington, DC

1983(6th of Elul, 5743): Seventy-six year old Brooklyn born Julius Yablok, the son of Lena and Louis Yablok and the husband of Miriam Yablok who played quarterback for Colgate University, coached St. Francis College and law partner of Mickey Marcus  passed away today in California. (There is some confusion since some sources report his demise as taking place on August 14)

1983(6th of Elul, 5743): Eighty-eight year old Benjamin V. Cohen a member of FDR’s “Brain Trust” who stayed on to work with Harry S. Truman passed away.  (As reported by Marjorie Hunter)

1984: A car bomb was discovered on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem and defused about 10 minutes before it was to have exploded. In the car were about 12 kilograms of explosives and another three kilograms of iron nails.

1984: “Buckaroo Banzai” a sci-fi film co-starring Ellen Barkin and Jeff Goldblum was released in the United States by 20th Century Fox.

1984: “The Woman in Red” a comedy directed by Gene Wilder who also wrote the script and starred in this film produced by Victor Drai which also featured performances by Charles Grodin and Gilda Radner opened today in the United States.

1985(28th of Av, 5745): Eighty-one year old Lester Cole, one of the founders of the Writers Guild of America and a member of the Communist Party who was among the ten writers sent to prison for failing to answer questions asked by a committee of the House of Representatives passed away today in California.

1986: “The Fly” a remake of an early version the sci-fi thriller directed by David Cronenberg with music by Howard Shore and starring Jeff Goldblum was released in the United States today 20th Century Fox.

1986: “Manhunter” a “crime thriller” directed by Michael Mann who also wrote the script was released in the United States today by De Laurentiis Entertainment Group.

1986: “Armed and Dangerous” a comedy produced Brian Grazer who co-authored the script along with Harold Ramis and co-starring Eugene Levy was released in the United States by Columbia Pictures.

1987: Today actress Jennifer Grey the daughter of actor Joel Grey and actress Jo Wilder Brower, both of whom are Jewish, “suffered severe whiplash in a car collision in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland, while vacationing with actor Matthew Broderick, who she had begun dating in semi-secrecy during the filming of Ferris Bueller's Day Off.”

1991(5th of Elul, 5751): Sixty-six-year-old Dr. Gerson D. Cohen the chancellor emeritus of the Jewish Theological Seminary, who in 1985 ordained the first female rabbi in Conservative Judaism” and husband of Naomi Cohen with whom he had two children, Jeremy and Judith, passed away today.

1992: Giorgio Perlasca, an Italian businessman who saved more than 3,000 Jews from deportation to Nazi concentration camps in World War II, passed away today at his home in Padua, Italy. He was 82 years old. Mr. Perlasca died of a heart attack, The Associated Press reported. Trapped in Budapest late in the war by the fall of the fascist Italian Government, Mr. Perlasca, a livestock trader, joined in a plan conceived by international relief workers and diplomats from neutral countries to save as many Jews as possible from the Nazis. When the Spanish diplomatic representative fled Budapest in November 1944, Mr. Perlasca, who had been a volunteer in Franco's army in the Spanish Civil War, persuaded Hungary to accept him as the Spanish representative, and in two months he issued travel documents to thousands of Jews to save them from deportation. In 1987 Mr. Perlasca, whose achievements had gone largely unnoticed, was made an honorary citizen of Israel and was honored by the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum there. In 1990 he received the Medal of Remembrance of the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. A tall, quiet man, Mr. Perlasca told The Jerusalem Post in 1987 that he had been motivated by neither religion nor politics. "I couldn't ignore it," he said. "I did what I had to do. I was lucky. I had friends among the Jews who were being killed by the Nazis. That gave me courage."

1993: TraveldoctorOnline commemorated “the 55th anniversary of the death of the Berlin gynecologist Prof. Paul Ferdinand Strassmann. In the first half of the 20th century, Strassmann was one of the leading specialists of plastic surgery of the female genital tract. Famous gynecologists and surgeons, e.g. the Mayo brothers, visited the Strassmann clinic in the Schumannstrasse with the aim of learn new surgical techniques. The present paper aims to outline particularly the life of Paul F. Strassmann but also his importance in the creation of modern gynecological surgery.”

1996(30th of Av, 5756): Rosh Chodesh Elul

1997: “Event Horizon” a sci-fi film co-starring Jason Isaacs with music by Michael Kamen was released in the United States today by Paramount Pictures.

1998: The curtain came down tonight on a three month revival of Neil Simon’s “Sweet Charity” at London’s Victoria Palace Theatre.

1998: A Broadway revival of “Ain’t Misbehavin’” a musical with a “book” co-authored by Murray Horwitz” opened today at the Ambassador Theatre “where it ran for 176 performances and eight previews.

1999: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Edward Albee: A Singular Journey: A Biography by Mel Gussow and Inside Picture Books by Ellen Handler Spitz.

2000(14th of Av, 5760): Eighty-year old Harry Kuniansky the native of Atlanta and star football player for the Georgia Bulldogs who earned a Purple Heart in WW II and formed Raco General Contractors in Marietta, Georgia, passed away today.

2001: It was reported today that “Romance and Ritual: Celebrating the Jewish Wedding” is scheduled to open on August 18 at the Skirball Cultural Center and Museum in Los Angeles.

2002(7th of Elul, 5762): Haim Yosef Zadok a native of Galicia who made Aliyah in 1935 and served as Jurist and political leader, passed away.

2003: Seven months after premiering at Sundance, “American Splendor” co-directed by Shari Spring Berman and her Italian husband Robert Pulcini who also co-authored the script was released today in the United States.

2003: Stan Lee voiced the character “Frank Elson” in the broadcast of an episode of “Spider Man” titled “mind games.”

2003: “In Doctor Writes ‘Epic Saga’ of Jews in Medicine,” Max Gross reviewed Jews and Medicine: An Epic Saga by Frank Heynick

2004: The Sunday New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish authors including Dark Voyage by Alan Furst and The Numbers Game: Baseball's Lifelong Fascination With Statistics by Alan Schwarz

2004: In “Past, Prologue and Paris” published today Alice Steinbach visits the world of the Camondo family and reminds us tenuous the fate of even the most powerful Jews can be.

2005: Deadline for Israeli citizens living in Gaza to accept government compensation packages as part of the voluntary evacuation plan.

2005: The evacuation of Gaza “under Major General Dan Harel of the Southern Command” began at 8 a.m. when “a convoy of security forces entered Neve Deakalim.”

2005:  Haaretz reported that the Israeli Defense Forces unit that is responsible for finding the remains of missing soldiers discovered the burial site of eight soldiers who died during the War of Independence.  The missing eight died in fighting on May 13, 1948 near Kibbutz Nahshon. Their remains have been re-interred in cemeteries on Mount Herzl and Rosh Pina.

2006: The Sony BMG Masterworks label released Jay "Bluejay" Greenberg’s first CD. It includes his Symphony no. 5

2006(21st of Av, 5766): Myriam Fefer, a Jewish businesswoman, was brutally murdered in her home in Lima Peru.

2007(1st of Elul, 5767: Rosh Chodesh Elul; First Day of the month of Elul.  Psalm 27 will be recited from this date through Shemini Atzeres.  Shofar is blown daily at Shacharit except on Shabbat through the penultimate day of the month of Elul.

2007: Yad Vashem posthumously honored a Romanian reserve officer who blocked the deportation of Romanian Jews to Nazi death camps during World War II. Theodor Criveanu joined the Righteous Among the Nations group of non-Jews who rescued Jews from the Nazis. His son, Willie Criveanu, accepted the award on his behalf. Yad Vashem said it could not estimate how many Jews he saved. Criveanu married the daughter of one of the Jews he saved. He died in Romania in 1988.

2008: At the Israel Museum an exhibition entitled “Swords into Plowshares: The Isaiah Scroll and Its Message of Peace” comes to an end.

2008: Bais Chana Jewish Women's Weekend Retreat opens in St. Paul, Minnesota

2008: A Kassam rocket was launched into Israel from the Gaza Strip in the afternoon. The rocket hit an open field in the western Negev. No casualties or damage were reported.

2008: In a letter published today in Corriere della Sera, former Italian President Francesco Cossiga described a "secret 'non-belligerence pact' between the Italian state and Palestinian resistance organizations, including terrorist groups" such as the PFLP.

2008: Jody Wagner announces her candidacy for Lt. Gov. on the Republican ticket in the state of Virginia.

2008(14th of Av, 5768): Ninety-one year record producer Jerry Wexler who coined the term “rhythm and blues” passed away today. (As reported by Patricia Sullivan)

2009: The 92nd Street Y sponsors Israeli Folk Dance: Summer Marathon 2009.

2009: In Jerusalem, Amit Erez hits the stage at Hama'abada, playing an acoustic show which blends folk and indie style music, influenced by musicians such as Nick Drake and Elliot Smith on the one hand, and Shalom Hanoch on the other. Erez performs songs from his new album, including "Last Night When I Tried to Sleep" and "I Felt the Ocean on my Fingertips."

2009: As part of the activities designed to welcome Rabbi Todd Thalblum and his family to Cedar Rapids, Temple Judah celebrates a special outdoor Havdalah service at Woodpecker Lodge.

2009: A revival “How Now Dow Jones” with a book by Max Shulman, music by Elmer Bernstein and lyrics by Carolyn Leigh opens at the New York International Fringe Festival.

2009: According to a report broadcast today on Voice of Israel government radio wealthy foreign Arabs have bought up hundreds of dunams of land in the Galilee, land, which was owned privately and which was zoned for agricultural use, was sold due to economic hardship.

2010: Defense Minister Ehud Barak gave his approval today for the purchase of the fifth-generation F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) by the Israeli Air Force from the US.

2010: The Washington Post featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Denial: A Memoir of Terror By Jessica Stern

2010: The Los Angeles Times featured reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Red Hook Road by Ayelet Waldman and Quantum: Eisenstein, Bohr and the Great Debate About the Nature of Reality by Manjit Kumar.  [Editor’s note – The only person I know who is smart enough to understand this is Dr. Joe Rosen, so if you have questions write to him not to me.]

2011: The 31st International Conference on Jewish Genealogy (sponsored by the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington) and the Washington Division of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library are scheduled to offer a free talk on "What’s Your Story? An Introduction to Genealogy and Family History"

2011: Hutzot Hayotzer, the popular international arts and crafts fair that has become a Jerusalemite ritual, is scheduled to open today.

2011(15th of Av, 5771): Tu B’Av- Jewish Saidie Hawkins Day

2011: A marble statue of Hercules dating back to the second century C.E.has been found in an archeological dig in northern Israel, Israel's Antiquities Authority announced today.

2011: The Israel Medical Association said in a discussion at the High Court today that it would be willing to hold mediated talks on points of contention with the Ministry of Finance, so long as certain conditions are upheld.

2011: A column entitled “No Loss For Words” published in today’s Sports Illustrated provides a portrait of Marv Levy, the coach who took the Bills to four Super Bowl, and a review of his soon to be published first novel, Between the Lines.

2011: The documentary “Gloria: In Her Own Words” about the life and times of Gloria Steinem premiered on HBO. (As reported by Jewish Women’s Archives)

2012: The brit of “Baby Boy Sann” the son of Debbie and Ron Sann is scheduled to take place at Adas Israel in Washington, DC

2012: In Boston, MA, Congregation Beth Elohim is scheduled to sponsor an evening of “Jewish Meditation.

2012: Cantor Regina Heit is scheduled to lead the Learn and Lunch at Temple Emanuel in Denver, CO.

2012: Members of Israel’s national soccer team apologized today for laughing during a lecture the day before on the murder of Hungarian Jewry by the Nazis. Some players tittered during a talk in Budapest, one day before the team’s friendly match against Hungary, the Sport Channel reported today

2012: Egg, milk and chicken prices are expected to rise by up to 17 percent by the end of this year, the Agriculture Ministry forecast today. A study conducted by the ministry’s Research, Economy and Strategy Division said the price increases can be attributed mainly to the prolonged drought in the US, which has triggered a rise in the cost of agricultural commodities.

2012(27th of Av, 5772): Sixty-eight year old “David M. Lederman, who led the team of scientists that developed the first fully implantable artificial heart — which, although it had limited success, prompted further advances in the treatment of late-stage heart disease” passed away today (As reported by Dennis Hevesi)

2013: Israeli jazz guitarist Assaf Kehati and his trio are scheduled to perform at the Bar Next Door in New York City.

2013: Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, two of the Jewish members of “Kiss”  “became a part of the ownership group that created the LA Kiss Arena Football League team, which plays their home games at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California.”

2013: Oakland A’s first baseman Nate Freiman had four hits today including a homer and a double.

2013: “Soul Doctor,” a musical based on the life of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach opened tonight at the Circle in the Square in New York City.

2013: “An archeological team headed by Dr. Alexander Fantalkin of Tel Aviv university has announced the discovery of one of the largest construction projects in the entire Mediterranean basin: a system of fortifications from the 8th century BCE, as well as coins, weights and parts of buildings from the Hellenistic period, have all been found in the archeological dig Tel Ashdod Yam – where the harbor of the philistine city of Ashdod used to be. The site is about 3 miles south of today’s thriving Israeli city of Ashdod.’ (As reported by Yori Yanover)

2013: Documents linked to Oskar Schindler, the German industrialist known for his efforts to save Jews from World War Two concentration camps, were sold at auction for more than $122,000, a New Hampshire auction house said today.

2013: Hebrew University is ranked first in Israel and 59th globally, according to the 2013 Academic Ranking of World Universities released today. (As reported by Lahav Harkov)

2014: Today is the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington’s deadline for raising funds to save the original portions of the synagogue mural on 415 M Street, NW in Washington, D.C.

2014: Mark Ethan Toporek is scheduled to lead a talk on “Gender Benders” following a screening of “Liberace” at the 92nd Street Y.

2014: In London, The Tricyel Theatre and the UK Jewish Film Festival issued a joint statement saying that the Tricycle’s initial decision to refuse to host the festival “because of the event’s Israeli’s government funding “provoked considerable public upset” and that the theater has “invited back the UK Jewish Film Festival on the same terms as in previous years with no restrictions on funding from the Embassy of Israel in London.” (As reported by JTA)

2014: “After nearly two years of campaigning, millions of dollars spent and one tropical storm that delayed voting in this easternmost corner of Hawaii for nearly a week, Senator Brian Schatz won the Democratic nomination for his seat today defeating his challenger, Representative Colleen Hanabusa, by fewer than 1,800 votes — less than 1 percent of the total cast -- bringing one of the longest and most acrimonious primary contests in the state’s history to an apparent end.” (As reported Ian Lovett)

2014: “Israeli-American athlete Donald Sanford, the husband of Israeli baskeball player Danielle Deke., made some Israeli history todayy when he won a bronze medal in the 400 meter dash in the European Athletics Championships in Zurich, Switzerland – the first running medal for Israel in the history of the championships.” (Times Of Israel)

2014: Even as the cease fire seems to be holding for another day, Israel's Davis Cup tie against Argentina originally scheduled for Tel Aviv next month has been moved to Florida, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) said today.

2014: In Zurich, American-Israeli sprinter Donald Sanford won the bronze medal in the 400 metres sprint at the European Athletic Championships which “he dedicated to the IDF.”

2014: Nate Freimans “61-game errorless streak, the seventh-longest first baseman errorless streak in Oakland history” came to an end today.

2015(30th of Av, 5774): Rosh Chodesh Elul

2015: Tenth anniversary of the Israeli evacuation from Gaza. 

2015: A sixteen year old Palestinian stabbed a border police officer who was “conducting a routine security check…at the Beita Junction.”

2015: The friends, family and fans of Gaylen Ross “American actress, writer, producer and director” who produced the awarded “Killing Kasztner” are scheduled to join in celebrating a “milestone birthday.”

(For more see Gaylen Ross’s award winning documentary “Killing Kasztner: The Jew Who Dealt With Nazis”

2015: One hundred thirtieth anniversary of the birth of Edna Ferber.

2015: The 2015 MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence Exhibit featuring the works of Israeli illustrator Keren Katz is scheduled to come to an end today.

2015: “A Decade Later, Many Israelis see Gaza Pullout as a big Mistake” published today described the reaction to a move that was supposed to put end to violence in Gaza which was attributed to the presence of Jewish settlements.

2015: The Havdalah Bike Ride, a six mile event is scheduled to depart from the park across from the Historic 6th & I Synagogue this evening followed by a community Havdalah service.

2015: At the Concordia Library in Oregon, Jeannie Opdyke Smith is scheduled to speak about her mother, the late Irene Opdyke who was a brave and inspiring figure who received international recognition for her life-saving actions during the Holocaust when working for a high ranking German official.

2016: “Scapegoat,” a short film by Gal Haklay and Shulamit Tager, won first prize in the original design category at the 13th annual Animation Block Party Awards, Bezalel announced today. (Reported by JTA)

2016: “Hanna’s Journey” is scheduled to be shown as part of The Hampton Synagogue Film Series.

2016: “The Israeli orchestra, conducted by Zubin Mehta, performed today at the National Grand Theater during celebrations of the 109th anniversary of the Lima Philharmonic Society at which Peru’s President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, whose father was a Jewish refugee, conducted Israel’s Philharmonic Orchestra during the playing of the Peruvian national anthem

2016:  On what is a double header for the celebration of women of Jewish letters celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Edna Ferber and the birth of Gaylen Ross.

2017 In partnership with Confucius Institute U.S. Center, the Jewish Historical of Greater Washington is scheduled to host a concert featuring Robyn Helzner who “served as Cantor for the United Jewish Congregation of Hong Kong and officiated at the first modern bar mitzvah celebrated in Beijing” followed by a viewing of “the exhibition Jewish Refugees in Shanghai on loan from the Shanghai Jewish Refugee Museum.

2017: “Israeli Mizrahi pop singer-songwriter and composer Moshe Peretz is scheduled to host 31 year old singer and songwriter Nathan Goshen at the Jerusalem Arts and Crafts Fair.

2018: In Jerusalem, Beit Avi Chai is scheduled to host “David” a children’s play about the king and the future mother of Solomon

2018: The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington is scheduled to host “a concert with Robyn Helzner to celebrate Jewish culture and history in China through lively stories, photos, video and music.”

2019: At the Chabad Center for Jewish Life in Little Rock, AR, The Upshernish for Binyamin Kramer, the son of Rabbi Yosef and Mushka Kramer is scheduled to take place this evening.

2019: In North Carolina, the Wilmington Jewish Film Festival is scheduled to host a screening of “The Spy Behind Homeplate.”

2019: In Palo Alto, CA, the West Coast Chapter of the ZOA is scheduled to host “Morton A. Klein, National President of the ZOA” who will deliver “a special lecture on Israel and the clear and present danger of anti-Semitism in America.

2019: JW3 is scheduled to host the last two London screenings of “Ask Dr. Ruth.”

2020(25th of Av, 5780): Parashat Re’eh

2020: The president of The National September 11 Memorial & Museum’s thanked former Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Lower Manhattan Development Corp “for their assistance in offsetting the increased costs associated with the health and safety considerations around 9/11 the tribute this year, and the technical support of so many that will enable the Tribute to be a continuing source of comfort to families and an inspiration to the world going forward.”

2021: Today “over 33 of Israel's brightest young talents in classical music are scheduled play a concert in Tel Aviv following a unique two-week masterclass taught to them by 11 award-winning instructors from Israel, the United States and South Korea.” (As reported by Yulia Karra)

2021: In Atlanta, the Breman is scheduled to present “Perla Batalla: In The House of Cohen,” a musical tribute to the works of Leonard Cohen.

2021: Peninsula JCC and Shalem are scheduled to offer a redwood forest hike punctuated with yoga poses, periods of silence, breathing and meditation in preparation for High Holidays, led by yoga teachers.

2021: The National Library of Israel is scheduled to host a conversation between Haim Watzman “the leading Israeli translator of Hebrew non-fiction into English” and Akin Ajayi, a British-Nigerian-Israeli writer, co-founder of the Tel Aviv Review of Books.

2021: In Columbus, OH, Tifereth Israel is scheduled to host its annual Picnic and Kickball Tournament complete with a chance to dunk Rabbis Braver and Skolnik in a dunk tank.

2021: The New York Times features reviews of books by Jewish authors and/or of special interest to Jewish readers including Hanna Halperin’s debut novel Something Wild, The Cult of We: WeWork, Adam Neumann, and the Great Startup Delusion by Eliot Brown and Maureen Farrel and Three Days at Camp David: How a Secret Meeting in 1971 Transformed the Global Economy by Jeffrey E. Garten

 2021: The Kehila Kedosha Janina Synagogue and Museum is scheduled to present the Greek Jewish Block Party.

2022: The Eden Tamir Music Center is scheduled to host a special concert in memory of Professor Alexander Tamir, the founder and director of the Eden Tamir Music in commemoration of the third year of his passing.

2022: The Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History is scheduled to host the first session, only of the National Educators Institute which will cover “The Art and Science of Teaching Jewish History in America.”

2022: The Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute and Leo Baeck Institute are scheduled to present “Family History Today: Finding Overlooked Clues in German Records - Live on Zoom”

2022: The Alliance for Jewish Theatre is scheduled to host “JxGen: Next Generation Series.

2022: At the S.F. JCC Culinary historian and chef Michael W. Twitty is scheduled to talk about his new book “Koshersoul: The Faith and Food Journey of an African American Jew” and Black Jewish identity lived/expressed through food. In conversation with educator Jhos Singer. Presented by JCCSF in partnership with Omnivore Books. Registration required.

2022: Chabad S.F. is scheduled to host “Waking Up to Life, “a gratitude seminar from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute that explores Torah and positive psychology.

2023: In New Orleans, Gates of Prayer is scheduled to hold its board meeting.

2023 The Oshman Family JCC is scheduled host Zaki Cooper, former assistant press secretary to Queen Elizabeth II, as he “discusses the historic and modern-day relationships between the royal family, the U.K. Jewish community and U.S. presidents.”

2023: Lockdown University is scheduled to host a lecture by Jeremy Rosen on “Crazy Jewish Mystics: Mysticism Starts with a Mist and Ends in a Schism: Why Do We Take Them Seriously?”

2023(28th of Av): Yahrzeit of Larry Rosenstein, husband of Judy Rosenstein Z”L, and father of Danny, David and Joel – gone too soon but never forgotten.