This week I started a rereading of: Quest to restore…

This week I started a rereading of: Quest to restore God’s House, by Phillips. I think that I understand R.J. Spurling for he and my dad were much alike, intelligent but uneducated. Spurling strongly influenced by the aftermath of the civil war and the mountain culture. My dad strongly influenced by the great depression and the same mountain culture. Both limited in their interpretation of scripture to one verse or maybe a few verses at a time.
Yet Phillips has spent much of his life trying to go back to those early days. I believe that the devil would have us go backwards and the Lord through the Holy Ghost would have us go forward. I cannot find any place in church history, starting in Acts that I would want to go back too. The present and the future is scary but we are supposed to be people of faith and courage, we are to sprinkle salt and provide leaven for the here and now!

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